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  1. I thought it would be fun to showcase my art as well...So, thanks to spoiler tags, I will be doing so with one swift(ish) post. I mostly do digital art, but I do a lot of writing and some occasional photography and traditional art as well. I'll post just bits of everything. If you want to see more, go to my deviantART account, which is Juneberry-chan. Everything here is links...So that it won't take too much space.

    COMICS - made in ComiPo; I do the writing for it and the placement and whatnot~ Models and such are from the program and others.
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    Alien Irony - Color; Ongoing
    One Leaf Clover - Black and White; One-Shot; Complete

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    Person with Boxes
    Person Drawing
    Ana Gram - Phi Brain
    Harvest Moon - Musical Stumps
    Snow Maiden
    Plugged In
    Rune Factory of the East - Fan Art of Akira Takizawa (Eden of the East), mixed with the idea of him being a hero in Rune Factory.
    Smiley Avatar, Devil Smiley Avatar and Angel Smiley Avatar

    Guess! (seriously, guess what it is and tell me, if you'd like~)
    Squirrel 1
    Cieling Shadow
    Squirrel 2
    Lucky Tree

    Mermaid Shop
    Poyo and Nyanko-sensei
    An Angel Walks Away
    Farlana Sketch?
    Stupid Chair Doodle
    Underwater Doodle

    ComiPo Snips
    Watermelon Joke (I'm allergic to watermelon, so...)
    Waifu Meter Response
    Crunchy Life
    Two Who Hate Valentines (includes character from my ComiPo friend's comic Horizon Gakuen; Right to left as always from me...)
    Choco For Manson (Sequel to "Two Who Hate Valentines" above)
    Alien Irony V-Day Card: Farlana (Also made some others, including Flutter, Sayaku, Razen, Vesela and Walter...You won't understand them as easily if you haven't read my ComiPo Comic, Alien Irony, though.)

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    Poetry and Lyrics
    Golden Temptress

    100 Themes: Complicated
    WARNING, READ AT OWN RISK: This is a SMUT fan-fiction of a friend's comic and is full of highly sensitive content. DO NOT READ if you are under 18. And even if you are over 18, read at your own risk. This has scarred people.
  2. Your art is very cute! I love the "Cute Spheres" a lot and the Plugged In image reminds me of Chii from Chobits (I never really watched this anime much) which is pretty cool. :D Keep up the good work, :3
  3. Hehe, the cute spheres is fan art of two separate shows- one is a supernatural anime (Nyanko-sensei is a youkai that takes the form of a lucky cat most of the time. I can't draw his normal form) and the other is just a cute little piece of heaven (Poyo.). Somehow, I just thought it fit. I LOVE drawing Poyo though! :3 Actually, both of them are fun...But Poyo makes everything cute >>;

    Plugged In involves my OC Calama- it was to help me get used to drawing her more, and working on angles and such. If you wanna see a picture that makes you think of Chii, I'll show you my OC Linear. She has the same hair style generally. She makes me giggle more though.
  4. Well keep it up, you've got great progress and by all means, post away =D!
  5. Will do. I'll draw some new stuff later and add it~ Been working on stuff. Including simple avatar thingies- so far I have three with a smiley-ish theme. o3o
  6. Exceeeellllleeeeennnnttttt~ /evil laugh ensues.
  7. I posted the smiley avatars and one other thing under digital art. Seriously, I had to after reading your post. Because one of the smiley ones is an awkward devil thing o3o
  8. LOL I love the devil one. It's like he's talking, "YES MY PRECIOUSSSSSSS! YESSSSS!"
  9. It was fun to make them, albeit simple and easy :3 I am working on some simple valentine's cards in ComiPo right now because I was inspired by another person who uses it. Will be fun, and a great way to start working with some new panel styles I downloaded that someone made <3
  10. Sounds pretty freakin spiffy.
  11. The new panels are spiffy, though sometimes a bit tricky~ Posted the V-Day cards as well as two V-Day related comics (related) that include my friend's comic character~ :D