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[FONT=Caveat, cursive]Finally, you've graduated high school, and you're ready for even MORE schooling. You move to a bustling city where you enroll into a prestigious college: Emory Li College. Only the extraordinary are accepted. However, the curriculum isn't the only extraordinary thing at Emory Li. Strange accidents have been occurring around town, and no one can seem to explain them. Witnesses have reported sightings of supernatural beings with unknown identities. Some describe these beings as malicious and deadly, while others are described as 'heroes.' Nonetheless, you should focus on your studies. All you have to worry about is college..Right?[/FONT]
[FONT=Handlee, cursive]Basically, there are super-humans in the city, and no one knows who they are. For now, at least. You're a college student with strange powers, and you attempt to investigate what has been going on. You'll have to balance your student life in the day and super life in the night. Little do you know, the answers you're looking for are closer than you think.[/FONT]
You guys know the rules obvi.
1. Samuel/Soo-Yun
2. Natsumi/Mykata
3. Yeong-su/Yeongmin/Jace
4. Lucian

name: answer
meaning: answer
nicknames: answer

age: answer
date of birth: answer
zodiac: answer

gender: answer
pronouns: answer
sexual orientation: answer
romantic orientation: answer

brief appearance: answer
height: answer
weight: answer
faceclaim: answer

brief personality: answer
mbti: answer

headcanons: answers
- aesthetics, playlist, etc

powers: answers
weaknesses: answers

college major: answer
extracurricular: answer
grade average: answer
dorm #: answer

other: answer

BY INVITATION ONLY ↽яєтι¢єит⇀ ⌈яσℓєρℓαу⌋

fancypost by contrast
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name: Sook Soo-Yun
Lotus Flower
nicknames: Yun-ie, Yun-ah

age: 19
date of birth: July 8th
zodiac: Cancer

gender: Female
She, Her
sexual orientation: Heterosexual
romantic orientation: Hetero-romantic

brief appearance: Soo-Yun is a slender girl with long, thick hair and dark, almond eyes. She has long legs and clear skin with an ivory tone. Her lips are a rosy pink and frame a cute, pearly smile. She keeps her appearance well-kept, though it doesn't take much effort to do so. Her nails are long and healthy, and she has one cartilage piercing and two lobe piercings on the left ear, and three cartilage and two lobe piercings on the right. Her bellybutton is pierced, and she has a small tattoo on the inside of her right ring finger of a simple flower sketch.
height: 5'7
weight: 121 lbs.
faceclaim: Taeyeon

brief personality: She is typically a loner, though she does enjoy occasionally teasing someone from time to time. She flaunts her confidence only to mask insecurities she has. She doesn't usually trust anyone, so a lot of things build up inside of her. This leads her to be overly sensitive which she often expresses through anger or isolation. However, she has a secret soft spot and an artistically romantic side that few have seen.
mbti: The Doer/ The Composer

- Hugs her pillow when she sleeps
-Cries when she's frustrated
-Enjoys painting and reading
-Literally picasso
-Loves tea and warm soups
-Smells like lavender and cinnamon tea
-Highkey tsundere dork
-Hates math with a passion
-Will love you forever if you give her sweets
-Shy but awesome dancer
-Surprisingly cozy coffee shop in a dark alley aesthetic
-Secretly loves goofballs
-Eyes glow green when emotional
-Uneasy with paranormal horror movies
-Terrified of big dogs but kinda wishes she wasn't cause dogs are adorable???

powers:Shadow Manipulation-
-She can manipulate a shadow-like substance to her will, whether it be to make her victim mad with hallucinations or to physically harm her victims with an inky, 3-D shadow substance.
-She also transforms into a shadow creature at will.
-Her eyes flicker with green flakes in her human form when using her powers.
-Her shadow form is highly agile and quick.
-She is able to transport short distances for herself and others by consuming the target in shadows, but this majorly exhausts her. Thus, she has only used it once when she almost got crushed by a mountain slide during a hiking trip. She only teleported a few feet away and fainted. She was unconscious for a few hours afterwards.
-Being in her creature form for a long time exhausts her.
-She has a low immune system due to mental issues caused by voices from the shadows.
-The voices tend to talk to her only when she gets emotional or uses her powers too much.
-Too many shadows, aka crowded places, often make her feel overwhelmed.
-She has vivid nightmares.
-Fire or any sort of heat/light magic easily harms her shadow form.
-She hates anything bitter.

college major: Photography; Minor in General Arts
extracurricular: Yearbook Club
grade average: A- to B+...Except in math
dorm #: 2


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chaotic neutral
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Favorite Genres
modern, fantasy, sci-fi, slice of life
Genre You DON'T Like
furry, horror

name: mykyta hansol tereshchenko
meaning: greek for winner or victor
nicknames: call him anything except mykyta and he'll set you on fire

age: nineteen
date of birth: april nineteenth
zodiac: aries

gender: cisgender
pronouns: masculine
sexual orientation: pansexual
romantic orientation: grayromantic

brief appearance: everything about mykyta's appearance is sharp. from the dramatic curve of his eyebrows to the dark coals of his eyes, you will find no warmth or softness there. his hair is an inky black which turns stunningly iridescent in the sun like an oil spill. naturally it is straight but curls when wet and it typically hangs across his forehead in a fringed undercut.

although his frame appears relatively average when hidden by clothes, his body is corded with strong, lean muscle. his arms are defined and his shoulders broad, though they lack the extreme bulk of a bodybuilder. he is the proud owner of what can be referred to as "washboard abs" and thighs strong enough to break watermelons.

with skin naturally falling in the warmer tone, mykyta does well in the sun and rarely burns. his skin is a masterpiece of scars, healing wounds, burns, and bruises as he frequently gets into fights or acquires them through small accidents. his most notable scar is the one which cuts through the left side of his lower lip, where he had busted it open in elementary school and had to receive a good number of stitches.
height: six feet
weight: one hundred and seventy pounds
faceclaim: ironjagang on instagram (deactivated)

brief personality: mykyta doesn't get along very well with most people. he's abrasive and rude, seeming to lack a filter that keeps out things he shouldn't say. he is brutally honest to the point of hurting people and yet he doesn't care. however mykyta is a fierce protector of the people he cares about, even if he never outwardly expresses his concern for them. he is naturally a very aggressive person who tends to instigate arguments and get himself in trouble, always being able to find something to argue about.

mykyta has strong beliefs and although he seems like a bad person, his sense of morals is in the right place. it takes either a lifetime of friendship or insane intuition to see how his desire for justice and wrongs to be made right play out in a favorable way. his method of getting things done doesn't reflect his intentions quite as well as if he took a different approach, but the result is almost always desirable, even if it had a questionable way of becoming.

from his work ethic and studying habits, mykyta doesn't seem like a smart nor responsible person. however he proves himself to be incredibly intelligent and adept, though he doesn't care to show it. his intelligence isn't something he flaunts around, making a name for himself from. he isn't as responsible as he likely should be, but he is hardworking and puts his all into close to anything he does. as a passionate person, it is hard for him to not put one hundred percent into something and it shows when he grows irritated with people who don't put their all into their work.
mbti: istp-a

- his dad's side is ukrainian!!
- looks more like his mom, tho, who is korean
- can and will smite you
- half his vocabulary is different forms of the word "fuck"
- he is the product of years of different martial arts training
- can never be taken by surprise
- you can count on one hand how many times he's smiled
- horror/thriller movies are his shit
- bad study habits
- tends to forget about plans (if he even makes them)
- over half of his wardrobe is black
- tough love
- making out w him is insane
- if you're not scared of him at least once there's probs something wrong w you
- eats hot cheetos w chopsticks
- lowkey a genius
- he is a hot mess tbh
- his phone is always either almost dead, charging, or dead
- leaves everyone on read, no need to feel special
- he will win every game you play
- the most likely to get a drunk tattoo
- has actually never drank alcohol before
- also the most likely to pierce his nipples ngl
- take your shoes off at the door pls
- fluent in english, korean, ukrainian, and russian
- intense fear of bugs, he'll kill on sight
- his body temp naturally runs a bit warmer
- super strong stomach

powers: mykyta possesses the power of blue fire manipulation. this fire is far hotter and more intense than ordinary orange fire. he can conjure it from the palms of his hands and create weapons or servants from it, as well as wreak havoc by catching flammable objects on fire. this ability in turn makes mykyta immune to any sort of flame, whether it be ordinary fire or blue fire like his own power.
weaknesses: his ability actually begins to burn his body when he overuses the power, the longer he overuses the worse the burns. water is naturally a major weakness, though it takes longer to put out than if he was simply a fire manipulator. after something catches on fire, there is no way for him to "control" it and put the fire out without using normal methods. his body often overheats after an extended period of use, causing vertigo, nausea, and lightheadedness on top of increased levels of sweating.

college major: chemical engineering
extracurricular: none
grade average: mainly b's sprinkled with a's or c's
dorm room: three

other: ily tala
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class 1a. tape boy
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Genre You DON'T Like

name: samael 'malvolio ' visser
meaning: samael - venom of god
nicknames: sam. pretty much just that.

age: nineteen
date of birth: december twenty eight
zodiac: capricorn

gender: male
pronouns: he/his/him
sexual orientation: panromantic
romantic orientation: homosexual

brief appearance: sam is a very scrawny looking boy and such a body does not give his power justice. his body has moments where it looks solid, while other times he looks like a plank of wood. his eyes are constantly plagued with deep eye bags, either from lack of sleep or just by his very nature. you will never not see him without something in his hands, whether that be a bug of some sort of something to fidget with. sam has very sleek brown hair which he likes to make look stylish, however sometimes he will show up to class with barely brushed hair. he has surprisingly white teeth lol.
height: 5'9
weight: pretty underweight
faceclaim: dane dehann

brief personality: god where do we begin? sam is well... greedy. he has a bad habit of becoming attached to materialistic things and blames it on his bugs need for sustenance. his sarcastic is built upon many many days of feeling tired and totally being done with every bodies shit. he has never been very dependent on people, only ever finding solace surrounded by his moths and the people who try to cure him of his many many diseases. the only thing to rival his sarcasm is his intellect and incredibly dark humour. after being separated from people during his times strapped to a hospital bed, the kid has become introverted and blunt, sometimes forgetting that people have feelings too, not only insects. depending on his state of mine and physical health, he can be very unstable, often snapping at others or barely registering what some have said or done. his constant frustration makes him somebody to be careful of. he isn't an angry person by nature, but rather he doesn't know how to calm himself down once he has started. that volatile nature of his is only ever noticeable whenever he's sick or just after a battle.

his outlook on the world has made him confused and skeptical about the human race. this prompting him to act as an outsider, laughing to himself whenever something goes wrong for somebody. is he a hero? is he a villain? he isn't sure, but it sure does feel good to have people owing you for acting like a good guy every once in a while.
mbti: INTJ

- from the netherlands
- my favourite fall vegetable is a DICK
- has a little accent, you can hear it in some words
- 'stop throwing up maggots sam'
- will cry if you step on a bug
- meet his pet spider abbadon
- has broken his phone a total of 5 times.
- 'im sorrrry, is the mozzarella stick GLUTEN FREE'
- his whole life is a missio playlist
- tsks if he hears an idea he’s uncool with
- an ex addict
- 'oh my god do you hear that... its you finally being quiet good job'
- there will always be a glint in his eyes
- pretty graceful despite his build
- very fidgety
- dogs scare him
- black hoodie and beanie aesthetic
- a huge ravenclaw
- help him
- huge example of the sins of sloth or greed
- eyes are a mix of blue and green
- probably real volatile, don’t trust him
- favourite movies are the matrix, evil dead and handsome devil
- left the netherlands without permission from his doctors or father
- thinks his dad is a jerk but really his dad is worried about his kid
- exchange student prob
- can vomit up bugs and its not nice.
- really really loves sugar. will have so many spoons of sugar in his tea.
- will literally drink sugar water. needs it for his buggie boys.
- lovessss warm days
- you should see his slug tricks!
- has killed enough people by mistake that wow. its hard to hide his work.
- he has only ever killed those people who dared to piss him off
- plus he can't keep his hands to himself, which is bad since you know.
- poison handz!!
- bug spray him to death please

powers: essentially, he is the embodiment of pestilence. except for the fact that he has utter control over bugs. he wished it were the more pretty insects he could hang around with, but over time he has gained a connection with insects such as moths, roaches, beetles and the like. sam can create swarms of locus's and various other bugs. he has an immunity to certain poisons and can use said poisons to his advantage, having the ability to touch another person and infect them with plague or things alike to spider venom. His alter ego goes by the name of ‘the horde’ as a result of this.
weaknesses: sam is never truly without a sickness plaguing his body. sure, he is immune to a lot, but the common cold and even unknown diseases infect him every few months. he has attempted to be vaccinated many times, but it has never worked for long. he has a fragile immune system as a result. he cannot handle intense cold yet thrives on heat. his body can become very fragile during the winter, causing him to wear many many layers and protective gear. he also cannot swim or battle one on one for a long amount of time.

college major: bio-medicine degree
extracurricular: playing the cello, but he hasn't shown up to a lot of lessons
grade average: a's and b+s. but he has been slacking lately.
dorm #: wherever for now lol

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name: jonghyun 'jace' lee
meaning: jace means 'a healing'
nicknames: goes by jace only

age: nineteen y/o
date of birth: july 01
zodiac: cancer

gender: cisgender male
pronouns: he/him
sexual orientation: homosexual
romantic orientation: homoromantic

brief appearance: he's got charmingly sharp eyes, accentuated by blue coloured lenses (yes, they're prescription, he uses them to see) or black round glasses if he's feeling lazy, as well as heavy lids. he'll sometimes wear eyeshadow, 'cause a boy's gotta feel pretty sometimes. his skin is clear and on the pale side, and his face is generally quite... catlike, with a nice jawline and high cheekbones. his nose bridge is high too, and straight. his lips are on the thinner side, but turn up at the corners like a cat's.

the colour of his hair is quite wild, to say the least. he's quite a fan of dying his hair weird and wonderful colours, though he's settled on this magenta-indigo combination for the time being. his hair isn't that damaged despite everything, and still manages to look quite shiny at times. it's styled very simply, put off to the side.

maybe he's a little short, and maybe he's a little weak... but don't let it fool you, try not to underestimate him (he hates that). he's very agile, and being lithe helps a lot. he's a lot sturdier than he looks; his body just doesn't do a good job of showing it.
height: 173cm (5′8ft)
weight: lower end of average
faceclaim: choi san

brief personality: this boy is seriously annoying, and pretty much acts like he's better than you just because he gets good grades and makes his mommy proud. he's extraordinarily flirty as well, and has a new boyfriend every other month. how does he balance school work, extracurriculars, superhuman shenanigans and relationships? well, that's his secret. despite seeming very insufferable in general, you can't hate him because once you get to know him, you realise that he has quite a sweet side, and he works really hard for what he has. he'll give you his notes if you ask nicely, and help you with any homework if it means he can procrastinate on his own. really, he just likes attention, good or bad, and being annoying usually gets him a bit of that.

as a student, he's got an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and reads up on the most random things for absolutely no other reason than to know it. he's a quick thinker, unbothered by getting put on the spot, and you'll never see him get rattled by the prospect of a speech. this also means that he's good at getting his ideas together, and wrapping them up beautifully. he's got natural charisma, a way of words which makes him sound confident and engaging. this trait is also helpful for his schoolwork. he never really finds it hard to start, write, and finish assignments set to him.

he sometimes comes off as argumentative; he likes to be correct, and if he's not, it can be very discouraging for him. along with this, he often seems insensitive because he forgets to think with his heart along with his mind, meaning that he might say things very bluntly which hurts or offends the other person. in other words, sometimes he's a bit of a dick. but he'll always apologise for his wrongs, even if it takes a few days. or weeks.
mbti: entp, the debater

- born and raised in south korea
- uses weird substitutes for swear words
- actually such a hopeless romantic
- loves art but his parents led him into engineering
- the worst roommate ever 'cause he's so messy
- not really a fan of animals, never has been
- finds the cat/dog debate really weird
- the type to have 100+ unread emails and texts
- doesn't really celebrate any holidays

powers: telepathy; the power to receive and transmit information through the mind. he sees other peoples' thoughts as images in his mind, and through physical contact, has the ability to manipulate thoughts and emotions and cause hallucinations. very occasionally, he will be able to make his thoughts take on a physical form.
weaknesses: if he's not in a good mood, or he's sick, he won't be able to use his powers. they give him migraines (along with the side effects), even with moderate use, and with extended use, he has a hard time separating the emotions of others with his own, often ending in mental breakdowns. his powers are also short range and don't really provide him with physical protection, so if he's against someone who can fight long distance, he's very much in trouble.

college major: bio-medical engineering
extracurricular: football, debating
grade average: straight a student (for now)
dorm #: surprise me!
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new babe.jpg

name: natsumi ryoko
meaning: japanese meaning of summer beauty
nicknames: nat, sumi, ryo, ko. basically you could call her anything

age: eighteen
date of birth: january eleventh
zodiac: capricorn

gender: female
pronouns: feminine
sexual orientation: bisexual
romantic orientation: panromantic

brief appearance: answer
height: five foot six
weight: a hundred and thirty eight
faceclaim: Jun Hyo-seong

brief personality: answer
mbti: intj

headcanons: answers
- aesthetics, playlist, etc

powers: natsumi has the ability to manipulate ice. training from a young age, she has mastered her control over this form of water, but she cannot control water in it's pure liquid form. she can control a little bit of snow, but mainly uses it to soften blows or when she's thrown. with her master over her ability, she is able to create large towers of ice in an instant, freeze people in place, or create weapons of pure ice. this ability makes her immune to any other forms of water.

weaknesses: obviously, fire is natsumi's biggest weakness. the larger the flame, the harder it is for her to create any snow or ice. not really a weakness, but because of her immunity to water, any water that touches her skin flows off as if she's a lamented piece of paper. the hair atop of her head will get wet but water will not stick to her bare skin. although, the biggest weakness, to her, is her own ability. for if she continues to use her ice for a long period of time her own body will start to freeze. visible signs of the cold will form on her arms and legs, almost literally coating her own body in ice. due to this, her body is almost always literally freezing and makes her anemic, dizzy, skin will begin to turn blue, and her muscle's will stiffen to the point that she is unable to move.
college major: psychology
extracurricular: volleyball and ballet
grade average: straight a's and would probably cry if she got anything lower
dorm #: three please(so we can make todoroki a thing)

other: blep

Sonderous Jay

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new babe.jpg
name: oh yeongmin
meaning: 榮 (yeong) "glory, honor; flourish, prosper" and 敏 (min) "fast, quick, clever, smart" .​
nicknames: if you can think of one, use it.​

age: twenty​
date of birth: september 12th​
zodiac: virgo​

gender: female​
pronouns: she/her​
sexual orientation: heterosexual​
romantic orientation: biromantic​

brief appearance: yeongmin stands just slightly shorter than her brother with her slim, yet toned frame. Her hair, though originally black has been dyed a reddish-purple colour. Her eyes are a brown (though likes to wear coloured contacts ((wow how quirky and original))).​
height: 5'8"
weight: just below the average.​
faceclaim: kim minji from dreamcatcher​

brief personality: idfk.​

- likes food.​
- spends a lot of time reading.​
- wow how quirky and original​
- her brother is oh yeongsu.​
- will gladly spend more time with her brother than literally anyone else.​
- i don't know why​
- they just get along i guess​
- bffls​
- it's funny tho cause they sometimes hate each other​
- it just be like that sometimes, when you have a quirky twin

- does not like oranges
- quirky.
- wow how quirky and original
- long hours in the library with coffee until 2am​
- "today we're reading pride and prejudice..."​
- "i made my agenda by time, for next week"​
- brings her iPad to class to take notes on​
- AirPods™​

powers: ability to heal
weaknesses: too quirky​

college major: biochemistry​
extracurricular: debate club, chemistry club, student government.
grade average: straight a's​
dorm #: idfk.​

other: wow how quirky and original​


class 1a. five pee-pee man
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Oh Yeong-Su​
name: oh yeong-su
meaning: eternal, long lifespan
nicknames: who knows

age: twenty
date of birth: September 12th
zodiac: virgo

gender: male
pronouns: he/him
sexual orientation: pansexual
romantic orientation: demiromantic

brief appearance: everything about yeongsu is unwavering. from that crooked, friendly grin to the way he carries himself, it seems impossible to change him in any way, shape, or form. However, that is just at the surface. Once you begin to analyze the man, you start to notice small things about him. Like the fact that his hair isn't black at all, but a dark brown. That his seemingly dark colored eyes shine to be a dazzling chestnut brown when the light hits them juuuust right.
height: 6'0"
weight: 179lbs
faceclaim: nam joo hyuk

brief personality: That's a great question. At this point, Yeong-Su doesn't even know. It changes by that day. But doesn't all of ours? Who are we to say who or what we are? Who are any of us to define what we can and cannot be. No one. Only you can write your own future and only you are preventing it from happening. Instead of asking yourself "how is it going to happen," ask yourself "when is it going to happen?" Just. Do It.
mbti: infp, the meditator

- the lovable asshole no one asked for and yet he's here
- he can be your angle or your debil
- very good at adapting his personality to others
- the giggle at a funeral
- you can breathe and he'd make a joke about it
- woooooow does this boy have a lot of underlying issues though
- one depressed Ouija board
- drowns his loneliness in the company of others
- has to take a shit ton of sleeping pills for a nap
- almost always has his airpods in
- the music helps drown out the screaming souls begging for help
- identity crisis who???
- trust and commitment issues
- lowkey out of touch with reality but that's ok
- "lmao you dead bro???"
- is living out his dreams as an artist
- still scared he made the wrong choice by following them
- thinks he should've joined his sis in medical school sometimes
- would sell you for approximately one corn chip
- "sorry I don't speak broke"
- literally ate ramen for the past month
- how is he actually alive
- the sound of muffled crying can always be heard in the men's shower room on Wednesday nights
- ohhhh his twin sis is oh yeong-min
- would die in an instant for her
- would also bang on her window at 3am screaming about pencils
- also spends the night to just. cry. at the foot of her bed because he ran out of sleeping pills and the demons won't shut up
- their parrot may or may not have been resurrected shhhhh
- we all still love him
- has a sixth sense
- he can sense when yeongmin is about to do some dumb shit
- "but-" "don't you fucking DARE"

powers: human ouija board. this boy can see and communicate with the dead. depending on how strong of a spirit they are, he can even touch them at times. when partnered with his twin's ability, he can coax a soul back into its repaired body and revive the corpse. however, this takes a lot of effort and strain to keep up with, therefore is never used.
weaknesses: lmao, can you imagine??? there's literally no off button to his ability. he is constantly listening to the cries and screams of the dead at all hours of the day. It takes a severe mental toll on this bby boy.

college major: fine/studio art
extracurricular: photography and debate
grade average: somehow a straight a student. please don't ask him, he doesn't know either.
dorm #: whatever you'd like hun ;u;
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Genre You DON'T Like

name: lucian lovelace
meaning: lucian- LIGHT!. lovelace - 'uncontrolled or unrestrained'
nicknames: luci, lazy etc.

age: eighteen
date of birth: november 26th
zodiac: s

gender: male
pronouns: he/his/him
sexual orientation: panromantic
romantic orientation: pansexual

brief appearance: lucian's hair is extremely well defined thanks to the constant care he gives to it. he has watched his far share of 'queer eye' episodes to know that it doesn't matter if hes a guy, he can still take care of his appearance and not feel guilty about it. however, thanks to his ability, his eyebrows are a little bit singed and he has these little burns around his fingers from all the times he's accidetnally burnt himself with his eyes. regretably, you cannot see his purple eyes thanks to him always wearing dark glasses to reflect his lasers. that being said, he is not afraid to wear the craziest of glasses. despite not having a lot of money to his name, he still has clout glasses and gucci specs on his person. either he will wear those, or he will wear purple lenses to bring out his 'purple personality'. his face is covered in little freckles that blend into his tanned skin tone. on his teeth he wears clear braces on his top teeth, something that he's learnt not to hide since it's so natural at this point. he is not very muscular, however he does have little biceps and pecs. lucian is a pretty boy by default, yet his fashion sense sometimes clashes with that title given how many different styles he likes to try out. he likes to dress like an 'e boy' on ocassion or will sport hawiian style shirts. then there are days where he only wears hoodies. it allllll depends on his happy go lucky mood.
height: 5'10
weight: average
faceclaim: simonas pham

brief personality: lucian lovelace has this 'omnipresent' energy and intuition about him, constantly having the potential to be a source of inspiration and illumination. With no realeffort, he can adapt to any situation he enters, and energy seems to flow through him without him being aware of it. When he is aware of his outstanding personality, Luci tries to blend with his environment, feeling conspicuous, alien, and out-of-place. around friends and family he is a passionate lover. this extends to even platonic love. despite how happy he can seem, lucian doesn't know how to take criticism and sometimes feels hurt if it is something that attacks his various interests. so in order to avoid being told his actions are questionable, lucian likes to think before he acts. he likes to challenge himself, but knows exactly when to stop. since he knows way too memes for his own good, lucian is constantly spouting random quotes or referring to people as 'dawg' or 'dude'. if anything, he can be seen as a classic 'skater boi' with the way he talks. however he can also sound very logical and knows exactly what words to use when talking about things he loves. overral, he just loves speaking his mind and making jokes whenever possible.

- the biggest meme
- wears the weirdest glasses to keep his lasers in check. CLOUT AND GUCCI.
- 'weeeeeeeeeeeeeee are the champions'
- honestly the best god damn hero ever
- wants everybody to be happy
- his bestie in the whole wide world is a little ouija boy
- he's big scared of swimming

- 'dawg'
- 'duddddeeee'
- he's lithuanian.
- could always go for a subwayTM
- he has a service dog named Bailey the Labrador and shes great.
- but he doesn't take her everywhere at college. he mostly has her to appear like he is just a 'blind' student.
- has a sony. screw your apple and samsung products
- his fav fictional superhero is the hulk and plastic man
- he's always going to try hit cans with his lazer beems.
- 'heckin'
- whud up, i'm jared, 19, and i never fucking learnt how to read'
- 'do you think pigeons have feelings?'
- follow his instagram for photos of random buildings
- look at his bff's art.
- such art. very clean. much impress.
- 'blades are for skating. ya dingus'
- 'whats a nice place like you doing in a girl like this?'
- 'this guys got the right idea! he wore the brown pants today'
- deadpool who?
- classic superhero alliteration
- 'i'm already tracer~'
- fortnite dances? orange justice? flossing???? yes.
- 'sam can suck my dick, cockroach looking ass'

powers: lasers. the boy has laser eyeballs. think of it like cyclops from x men, only he isn't too serious about hiding it. the lasers that come from his eyes are this gorgeous purple, but despite how amazing those light streams are to look at, they burn his eyes like a bitch. those lasers can burn through a lot of materials, this even stemming to various metals. his precision still needs work given his age, but he can still fire at objects without trouble. other than his laser vision, he can also see heat signatures from behind his glasses. this makes his semi blindness easier to deal with.
weaknesses: you should see his eyes after he uses his laser vision for long periods of time. it isn't pretty. he manages to irritate his eyes to the point where he can't properly see for a couple of days. given his need for dark
polarized glasses, he has to live without his vision. for a time before he understood his power, he constantly burnt walls down and even people, so this made the need to hide these projectiles more dire. he isn't as strong as the average person like himself, but he knows how to hold his ground.

college major: nuclear physics degree
extracurricular: service dog training!
grade average: b's and c's for now.
dorm #: whoever will have him tbh. prob lives alone he's relatively new

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