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  1. [​IMG]

    genre romantic f a n t a s y

    status accepting players

    creator s a k u r a

    inspired by Swii-tee

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  2. [​IMG]
    the ρℓσт

    Only fairytales often speak of other worlds, existences parallel to our own, coexisting with us in perfect harmony. Not everyone is convinced these are only fairytales. From Narnia's closet to Harry Potter's platform three quarters, each child dreams of another world, a place where they can roam free, imagine the possibilities of magic and wonderful beings that aren't quite human. Today, you will realize that the possibility to make those dreams come true, is your hands.​

    It was just an average sunny morning, the same as always, when you awoke to the sound of your alarm clock ringing. Before you could reach out and hit the snooze, you realized, something was different. The bed you were sleeping in, the ceiling above your head, everything was a bit...changed.

    You rise from sleep, confused and bedazzled by your new room. It's very small, cramped with just a bed, a desk and a small closet. A few other things per your personality decor it, but it's very, very different from your room back home.​

    Exploring the rooms outside your's, you find yourself in a boarding house for international students, in a city called Mvenia, on the continent of Elsador, in a world.. of magic. You begin to find a way to a cafe, where you speak to some people and they laugh at you.​

    "Another one of the droplets," they call you, saying that you fell with the rain like a dream to the place where you heart truly wanted to be. A world of magic, of wonderful dreams and fantastical adventures. But there is a catch, a very, very, lethal catch. Your expiration date.​

    Like a gallon of milk or a piece of chocolate, you're due to expire. Within a year, if you cannot fulfill the requirements of passage to Elsador, you will lose your memories and die. If you do fulfill the requirements, you will be given a choice: to continue living in Elsador and lose all memory of your other life, or to return to your world, with the notion that everything that occurred here, was merely a passing dream, but nonetheless, a dream come true.

    The requirement is.. to fall in love with your soul-mate.

    Of course, now you're wondering who your soul-mate will be. Well, if we knew, we'd tell you. And if you knew, you'd fall in love with them, of course! So good luck! We hope that you will find the one!​

    Oh and there's one last thing that you should know: when a dreamer falls in love with someone from Elsador, the alternate world, terrible, terrible things will begin to happen. The law of the worlds forbids two souls to connect beyond the borders of time. You must cross this law in order to save your skin, but beware, not all dreams are happy ones.​

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  3. [​IMG]

    about the characters

    There are three types of characters you can play in this roleplay~

    [1] The Dreamer

    The dreamer is an individual who was chosen from the modern world and thrown into a chaotic new existence in Elsador. The dreamer has to fulfill the requirement of falling in love within a year or face a tragic death, one that won't be remembered in either of their worlds. Each dreamer is destined a soulmate, chosen upon their awakening in Elsador.​

    [2] The Elsadorian

    The Elsadorian is an individual who has lived all of his or her life in Mvenia or the neighboring cities of Elsador. Their world is one of technological advances equivalent to our modern world as well as the inclusion of magic, which is practiced by almost everyone. The average person can only conjure up a glass of water, for example, every day, but talented young people as well as those with magic in their bloodlines can do much more. Magic laws state that if an Elsadorian falls in love with a Dreamer, terrible events will begin to unfold to destroy their romance.

    [3] The Guardian

    The Guardians are individuals who have sworn to protect the laws of alternating universes. A dreamer will rarely know that the person they are meeting is a guardian, only Elsadorians with high-levels of magic can recognize them. A guardian's duty is to sway a dreamer's heart away from seeking their Elsadorian soulmate because of the laws. Guardians are immortal, they remain at the age at which they are. There are rumors that guardians are sometimes dreamers who fell in love with their guardians, but no one has proved these yet.​
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  4. [​IMG]
    special occurrences

    There are four special cases in which the laws of the alternate universes can be changed. They are the following, by legend and have never been proven.

    [-] The Dreamer's Token
    If a dreamer can withstand the first three challenges presented by the terrible events of the law, they may be able to find the dreamer's token, a very special, small ring. The ring can only be used once. When it contact with a person of the opposite gender, it will glow to indicate that they are the true soul-mate or remain dull to indicate that they are not.​

    [-] The Elsadorian's Tear
    If, during the trials of the terrible events, the Elsadorian cries true tears for their true soulmate, the laws will bend to send the soulmate to their original world, leaving Elsador. The Elsadorian chooses to give them this choice, the dreamer cannot reverse the decision.​

    [-] The Guardian's Love

    Rarely, a guardian may fall in love with a dreamer. Most often, dreamers fall in love with guardians are die after their year period is over. In both of these cases, the Guardian is offered the power to condemn or pardon. If the dreamer is love with them, they can have them die right away, but they must tell the dreamer and kill them with their own hands. If they are in love with the dreamer, they can return them back to their own world, but the dreamer must agree.​

    [-] The Dreamer's Dreams

    In very rare cases, dreamers have shown to have returned to Elsador. We have yet no information on how. Often times these dreamers were sent away, against their will, by their soul-mates. They return with no memory of the said person.

  5. [​IMG]

    character sheets

    [ Dreamers ]

    The Cyber C h i c kxxxxThe Silver T o n g u exxxThe Lonely W o l f
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    xxxxThe MysteriousxxxxxxxxThe Cry b a b yxxxxxxxxxThe F a l s e Princess

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    HaloxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe R e a l i s t
    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    The W a n d e r e rxxxxThe Wicked R a b b i txxxThe Arch a n g e l

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    xxxxxThe Red F o xxxxxxxxxxxThe K i dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe Unbanshee
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Little Blue F i r exxxxxxxxxcccThe E r r a t i c a lxxxtweddle dee&tweddle dum
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    The Flower P e t a lxoxThe Heartb r e a k e r oxoxThe Acid Rain
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Infinite HarvesterxxxxxxxThe Hawk
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Dreamer Profile Sheet (open)

    [color=#8DCFF0](Character Name)[/color]
    [color=#BADCE3]I am ( age ) years old[/color]
    [color=#8DCFF0](good personality trait)[/color] || [color=#BADCE3](bad personality trait)[/color] || [color=#8DCFF0](good personality trait)[/color]
    [color=#BADCE3]They call me [/color][color=#8DCFF0]( some kind of title like The Troublemaker, the Spoiled Brat, etc)[/color]
    [color=#8DCFF0]My life is (interesting/boring/tiring/etc)[/color][color=#BADCE3] because (brief bio)[/color]
    [color=#BADCE3]My soulmate is[/color] someone who is[color=#8DCFF0] (personality trait)[/color]

    Elsadorian Profile Sheet (open)

    [color=#8DCFF0](Character Name)[/color]
    [color=#BADCE3]I am ( age ) years old[/color]
    [color=#8DCFF0](good personality trait)[/color] || [color=#BADCE3](bad personality trait)[/color] || [color=#8DCFF0](good personality trait)[/color]
    [color=#BADCE3]They call me [/color][color=#8DCFF0]( some kind of title like The Troublemaker, the Spoiled Brat, etc)[/color]
    [color=#8DCFF0]My life is (interesting/boring/tiring/etc)[/color][color=#BADCE3] because (brief bio)[/color]
    [color=#8DCFF0]My magic is called (pyrokinesis/telepathy/etc)[/color]

    Guardians Profile Sheet (open)

    [color=#8DCFF0](Character Name)[/color
    [color=#BADCE3]I have been a guardian for ( amount of years) [/color]
    [color=#8DCFF0](good personality trait)[/color] || [color=#BADCE3](bad personality trait)[/color] || [color=#8DCFF0](good personality trait)[/color]
    [color=#BADCE3]They call me [/color][color=#8DCFF0]( some kind of title like The Troublemaker, the Spoiled Brat, etc)[/color]
    [color=#8DCFF0]I think dreamers are (stupid/interesting/foolish/etc)[/color][color=#BADCE3] because (past experience with dreamers)[/color]

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  6. [​IMG]
    announcements & updates

    ○○○ this roleplay was inspired by [MENTION=5303]Swii-Tee[/MENTION] :)
    & That's my first ever good-looking graphic ever to be seen on Iwaku up there, too! Yay!

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  7. Guardian:

    Show Spoiler

    Morgan Flora

    I have been a guardian for 10 years, it’s been so long so it could be 20.

    As the flower, I am kind and gentle. || I can lose my temper easily, I’m not sure why… || I enjoy a good laugh now and then.

    They call me The Flower Petal.

    I think dreamers are adorable. because after watching over them for so long, I’ve seen what they would do for the ones they love. They would stop at nothing for them, and I wish to have something like that. Oh how I sometimes wish I could be a dreamer.


    Show Spoiler

    Jewel Anderson

    I am 20 years old

    I care about everyone who cares about me. Probably even too much. || My love for technology sometimes gets the best of me. So please don’t take it personally if I ignore you… Please? || If you need to talk to me, I’ll listen. Somebody needs to listen to what others have to say.

    They call me The Cyber Chick.

    My life is colorful and beautiful. because when I was a young girl, I learned to create are on paper. As I grew older, my skills grew so much better than paper wasn’t enough. My father purchased a computer for me when I was 15, and ever since I’ve been able to make my own colorful worlds in cyber space. Now I own a tablet for drawing on the go and my laptop. I never go anywhere without them.

    My soul mate is someone who is just as colorful in spirit as my art. When I look at them, I want to be able to see a work of art. A masterpiece not worthy for human eyes, yet they will be all mine.
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    *Goes to make a character... or two...*
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  9. Oh golly...this is interesting. Im tempted to make a character ._.
    I believe I will.
  10. DREAMER:

    Show Spoiler

    • Akali Zepher
    • I am 18 years old
    • Im a very loyal person, and will stick by the side of those who I care deeply for. || I tend to push those who want to get close to me away. Honestly? The fact that someone wants to be my friend, or possibly more, terrifies me. It takes a lot for me to trust someone. || If someone happens to get close to me, I tend to be a very fierce companion. Protective, and caring. I always keep an eye out for those who matter.
    • They call me The Lonely Wolf
    • My life is lonely and stressful because I was born to a very poor single mother. If order to care for me, she often had to work one to two jobs simultaneously. She would often be very tired, and stressed out when coming home to a house that could very barely pass as livable. She became sick after awhile, and soon after passed on. Secretly, I have been working two jobs, and living on my own in that same, little house. Its stressful raising oneself with little to no funds on minimum wage employment. This is the reason why I do not make friends, and I dont bother to try. I am a loner because it makes it easier for me to live, and continue to survive.
    • My soulmate is someone who is Able to get into my icy heart with the warmth of their own. They must be the one who is not afraid to tame the wolf. The one who will melt her heart, and warm her soul with compassion , and caring.
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  11. One question! Might be a stupid one but...are the inhabitants of Elsador contain only a human race? Or are there other types of races?
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  12. ok um i guess i can just make a cahracter and hope this works ok um
    • Name: Nikolas Lux
    • Age: 17
    • Heh droplets; I don't even want to know how they even come here let alone bother; I hear they have to find their soul mate to not even die. Sure I met some; interesting sure; worth talking to; eh if I'm bored. But come on; finding their love one just to live? Whats the point they should just have some fun and get out of my way !!
    • Personality: The kind of guy who just wants to have fun; abuse his magical talents; and spits on cute lovey dovey couples!! Sure hes a bit smarter and better at magic than the average Elsadorian but who has to say he has to be the good guy? He loves to just have one night stands and is sure not to settle down. Hes the kind who usually does not have many friends with his kind of attitude and his way of tricking people into getting what he wants... and he sure loves to pull little tricks and pranks on the droplets to mess with them. Why you may ask? Well who knows maybe his soul mate will pull him out of it.
    • He can be sometimes known as the Wicked Rabbit for his sexual desires but his cold harsh attitude towards droplets and women who just won't understand the meaning of "this was just some fun not a serious relationship doll"
    • My soulmate pft if I even have one would proabably be someone I find attractive of course, knows how to take a joke, and get me to see that maybe droplets aren't so bad heh
    • My Magic is Called Thorned Roses
    *sorry um i never roleplayed before i hope this is ok DX
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  13. I think its ok to make two right so uhhh here i go again..
    • Name: Felicity Rayne
    • I think its been a long time since I been a Guardian. I could never keep count. I love the water and I am usually an upbeat person!! I just love to randomly sing and dance and spin around even though its a bit odd. I don't get angry quite often but i play it off and just keep on going. I love my job. Wreaking havoc on the love of the droplets. Well its not my fault they have to face the tragedies. I have always love doing them. So many have I destroyed this so called romance between our residents of this beloved world and those droplets. Its quite amusing on their faces like oh noooo were not going to be together and im going to die!!
    • I am called the Acid Rain
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  14. [​IMG]
    Tori Vesper

    I am 22 years old

    I'm quite charming, or so I've been told. || However, I am very rarely ever honest with people. || But I genuinely enjoy being around others.

    They call me Silver Tongue

    My life hasn't always been easy.I was born a bastard child, so my relationship with my parents hasn't been great. That's fine though, as I've never been short of friends and acquaintances. Other than a blip in my childhood, I'm fairly ordinary. I've had partners, but I wouldn't say I've ever been in love.

    My soulmate is someone who isn't taken by my flashy exterior. Someone who sees the monster I really am inside and isn't afraid to be closer.

    Saori Avalon

    I am 20 years old

    I am good natured and friendly. || I am somewhat untrusting of others, keeping them at a distance. || But if you ever need to vent, or if you seek adive, i will always do my best to be there.

    They call me The Wanderer

    My life is always changing because I am always on the move. I'm never in one place for very long, always needing to travel. So I'm always meeting new people, finding new and exotic places, and experiencing all there is in Elsador.

    My magic is called Energy Weaving.
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  15. Other types of races are open since the lands are magical! Good question! :)
  16. Mathias Vokradovenskiv.png
    Mathias Vokradovenskiv
    I am 20 years old
    My dreams are the second-most powerful trait of which I possess: able to lucidly position myself in whichever environment that I desire, controlling the subjects within my sane-faded dream. || However, I often tend to my schizophrenic self: confused in the matter of consequential decisions that I, myself, must enforce upon the actions that I take. || Amongst all, I feel that my love is strong. I can patiently withstand a continuum of worthy-less potentials to assure my confidence that I will one day find my true soul mate.
    They call me The Mysterious
    My life is challenging because I am constantly given conversations by my truth-believed reflection. These voices in my head test my knowledge: more or less the choices I provide.
    My soul mate is someone to be willing to present the curious suspicions, not secrete the lies. Nonetheless, she must truly love me as much as I do love her.
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  17. [MENTION=4177]Mayumi[/MENTION], your photo doesn't work :[
  18. [MENTION=5331]vampdevil[/MENTION], [MENTION=5332]h_F13_XF13X_F13_h[/MENTION] could you find images for your characters please? :)
  19. [​IMG]
    Lucas Fallon
    I have been a guardian for almost seventeen years.
    Friendly || Conniving || Energetic
    They call me The Heartbreaker
    I think dreamers are foolish because I can easily make them fall in love with me and send them away. I wish that they wouldn't play with the laws of the worlds so that the Guardians wouldn't have to chase after them all the time. I think that the laws of love are a mockery of the Guardians.
  20. [MENTION=13]Sakura[/MENTION]

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