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    High in the deep mountians of the north, long before the time of human inhabitants, there sat a cave undisturbed by the violent natural world. This cave and rhe sureounding lands were home to a few tribes of very special felines, winged felines, all desceded from a single spontanuous mutant of feline blood. The three tribes that share the territory surrounding the peaks all carry the hallowed blood of the oringal winged cat called WindJumper in their veins. Over hundreds of years and through generations of various warriors and leaders, Windjumper's cave dwelling tribe called Jaggedtribe has developed a very tight structure of rank and position including a leader, Rushigwind, a second in command, RavenTail , and numerous warriors all protecting the others in the tribe. In the recent years however, the rouge tribe the KillDeer gained power and have begun terrorized their hunting grounds, attempting to overrun the length of their territory. The age old fued between the tribes has finally reached its breaking point, the war to end all wars was upon the horizen at last and Jaggedtribe must decide to fight for their home and risk everything, or leave the only home they've ever known.

    Will the Jaggedtribe cats rise as Victors over the lands of their ancestors or fall victim to the rugged claws of the KillDeer?

    The Tribes

    Jaggedtribe : Being the original organized winged tribe, they hold themselves to a higher standard than other cats in the valley, they are the "pure bloods" so to speak. Long ago, WindJumper left his mother who had abandoned him in the woods due to his winged condition, and sought shelter in a cave high in the mountains, away from other cats that would harm him. He was not the only winged cat born that season but he was the first and the only one who was smart enough to leave. Finding a female mate awhile later he began his own family and all his six kits were winged as he was. Vowing to protect his family he raised and trained them to fight and protect their cave for outsiders and to protect themselves from other cats who could be threars. After many years his family grew and grew their hunting territory expanded and they became a formidable tribe, all winged and able to fly better than some of the birds in the skies due to their extensive training. Windjumper's mother had long ago returned to her tribe and continued having kits, the winged mutation continued and thus, the other winged tribes were born and bred for years.

    Jaggedtribe is now the largest and strongest tribe, most concerned with the he elaborate and harsh training of young cats as warriors designed to protect the tribe and the caves whereabouts. This tribe strives on their close knitt ties with eachother and the family like environment that flows through all the cats living here. Their hunting territory includes the mountians peaks as well as the oak forest below their cave. They normally prey on rabbits, birds, and the ocassional possum.This tribe is lead by senior warrior Rushigwind who is described as a greyish tawny Tom with creamy wings and a solem glare.

    OakKnoll: It is sometimes speculated that this was the tribe Windjumper's mother basically created as she continued to breed despite the winged problem. Despite the rumors, this is the second largest tribe in the valley and by far the most unique because of their interesring adaptation. The felines in this group do have wings yes, but none can fly more than twenty feet or so before tiring and falling from the sky. Due to their ancestors being afraid to teach their young to use their wings, their wings never developed properly and left them nearly flightless down the bloodline. Now, these cats have developed amazing skills in hunting by leaping into the air, using what little flight they do have to their ultimate advantage.

    This tribe resides west of the Jaggedtribe mountains and occupies the grasslands that carpet the valley here. They also have a small sliver of oak forest stolen long ago from Jaggedtribe in an ancient battle. They prey normally on mice, birds, and rabbits. The leader of this tribe is called WinterSong and is described as a small brown she cat with tigerish stripes.

    PineBramble: The PineBramble tribe is only known for their shadowy nature, tending to only be active at night and under the cover of storms. This tribe is home to the notoriously bad tempered GreenPaw, the brother of Jaggedtribe's leader Rushigwind and he tends to rage into battle first and ask questions later. While this tribe is fully equipped with flight feathers they stick to the tree tops, leaping from bough to bough with ease and silence. Their history is cloudy but it is rumored they originated from a sibling of WindJumper whose name has been long forgotten from the old stories and legends, but no cat knows for sure.

    The territory of this tribe consists of the pine forest that coves the mountain peaks just north of Jaggedtribe across the valley directly. They prey mostly on birds but have been known to take down large rats nesting in their southern borders. Most of these felines are dark pelted with black or dark grey wings, to help them hide in the night sky.

    The Rouge

    KillDeer: This is a rough group of traitors and exiles that has banded together over the years under the reign of BloodLust, known murderer of innocents and bloodthirsty she cat. BloodLust emerged about five years ago from an unknown land and came to power in the KillDeer only after she killed the previous leader whose name is not known. Once in power she began to gain more followers through scare tactics and blackmail, now terrorizing the tribes and their lands by purging food and kits. Infamous for stealing kits to be raised by her own "tribe", BloodLust has become the common enemy among the tribes. However, recently rumors have begun to cause panic that she and her now sizable army of exiles are planning the overthrow the tribes.

    Grouping together and living somewhere in the peaks near the PineBramble tribe, these cats prey on other cats mostly along with the very
    occasional vulture. BloodLust is described as a cat of pitch black with blood red eyes, though not many who have seen her, (unless they are of the KillDeer group), have come back to their own tribes alive to describe her.

    We will mostly be focused on playing Jaggedtribe cats, however you may have other cats in other tribes but you must stay committed to playing both sides. I will only be posting the ranks for Jaggedtribe and the major Ranks for the other tribes. I play Rushingwind, BloodLust, as well as Racingleaf the warrior. If you would like to play one of the other tribe leaders feel free but this is first come first serve.


    ● standard Iwaku rules

    ● you cannot kill a cat in battle unless you have permission

    ● please do not have too much intertribe drama, you can have more than one cat in different tribes but don't start too much drama on purpose please :)

    ● If you get a mate, get a room

    ● Have fun and stay on the plot line, you know, war and stuff.

    Jaggedtribe Ranks:

    Leader: Rushigwind (played by me)

    Second: RavenTail (played by: )

    Warriors : - Racingleaf (played by me)
    Medicine cat:

    Oakknoll ranks:

    Leader: WinterSong (played by: )
    Second: Dovetail (played by: )

    PineBramble ranks:

    Leader: GreenPaw (played by: )
    Second: Hawkwing (played by: )

    KillDeer ranks:

    BloodLust (played by me)
    Second: Yellowclaw (played by: )


    Age: (up to 16 years)
    Major skills (hunting, fighting, flight, etc)
    Mate (if any):

    The link to the IC will be posted after a few people join but sign ups will remain open.
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  2. Name: Rushigwind

    Age: 11

    Gender: Male

    Position: Tribe Leader

    Major skill (hunting, fighting, flight): Rushigwind was one of the strongest warriors back in his fighting days but his skills now include negotiations and battle strategy.

    Personality: Being a leader of an entire tribe he is forced to be very strong headed and strong willed, it takes quite a bit to break him. He cares deeply for his tribe and tends to think of them before himself causing him harm at times. He enjoys a good bathe on the sun rocks outside the cave and dislikes negativity among his warriors.

    Mate (if any): His mate OwlScreech passed away recently due to age and eye disease

    Apperence: Winged-cat-white.jpg

    Other: Secretly he is related to the enemy tribe leader as her brother but no one knows that until it comes out in battle.

    Name: Racingleaf

    Age: 3

    Gender: Female

    Position: warrior

    Major skill (hunting, fighting, flight): her skill is speed while flying

    Personality: Racingleaf is adventurous and tends to get into trouble due to her curiosity. She is a fierce fighter and holds strongly to her friends and fellow warriors. She enjoys a good sparring, claws sheathed or not, and dislikes crows, they freak her out.

    Mate (if any): none as of yet but she is currently fast approaching prime maturity for mothering kits

    Apperence: winged_cat_by_fullfire_alchemist-d349mzh.jpg

    Other: her favorite time to fly is at night.

    Name: BloodLust

    Age: 8

    Gender: Female

    Position: KillDeer leader

    Major skills (hunting, fighting, flight, etc): exceptional hunter

    Personality: mercy is a word not found in her vocabulary, that should just about sum her up.

    Bio: BloodLust was bred in the fires of hell, well that's what everyone says about her. Very little is known about her and even the cats in her tribe don't know much about her. At this point, they are too afraid to ask but BloodLust is rumored to have come from the east from a failed tribe started long ago by the ancestors. Some say she herself was the cat who slaughtered them all and then wandered until she came upon this fetid valley of new souls to reap, however, this is all speculation....

    Mate (if any): Her second in command claims to mate with her, however his shaky paws every time she speaks seem to say otherwise.


    Other: n/a
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  3. Just suggesting, I think this thread should be in the fandom roleplays, considered its set in the world of a book series
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