Jae's MxM Plots!

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  1. Jae here, I've come to drop off a few plots that have been floating around my head since I had came up with them a couple of days ago. Plus I also have a few plots I have been dying to do. I'll probably add more later as well.

    Coffee Machine-
    YC and MC are both at the hospital with sick children. They happen to meet at the coffee machine in the waiting room to only find that they were at the hospital for nearly the
    same reasons. After talking some, they leave. YC and MC meet at the coffee shop every night for several weeks and slowly get to know eachother as well as like eachother.

    Many things could happen in this plot. It was also wasn't really described well, it was just something I had come up with during class. Roles could be switched.

    Satanic Love-
    What happens when a satanist gets sent to the local Catholic church and meets the innocent Alter boy? Will he attempt to corrupt the Alter boys innocence? Will he win t
    he Alter boy's love?

    This one isn't real good. We can discuss details. I'd most prefer to play the Alter boy if thats alright.

    The Marriage Project-
    You walk into class one morning to hear the teacher explaining about a project, a project where you have to pretend to be married to one of your fellow students. Throughout the year there are obstacles thrown at you to see how you would react in certain situations. What if you were partnered with someone you absolutely hate?

    Details could be discussed in pm. This is one of my favorite plots.

    I'll add more later. For now, this is all there is.

    Before I go, I'll leave a few more things for you to read.

    -Write at least one paragraph per post.
    -Post often (at least a few times per week).
    -Talk to me! If you have concerns about the roleplay, tell me!
    -Thats really all I can think fo right now.

  2. Coffee Machine

    I think there's something there that can work. Let me know!