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  1. Heyo everybody. I am the Jackalope, the local lunatic with antlers, and I'm on my crazy-rare hunt for a regular rp partner. I am an animation student in a busy-as-all-get-out school, so for me my roleplay schedule is a whole lot of "hurry up and wait", and as I am off for the entire summer, I have a helluva lot of "wait" on my hands...so I'm pretty easily bored. This will not last forever though. Once summer ends I will be back to my school schedule and I will not be able to reply as often.

    I am an experienced rper, been doing this since I was barely ten ( if that ) and I'm 23 now, so I want rpers who are either equally as experienced, or who can write well and fluently. I'm a goofball at heart and am extremely casual and laidback, but if I don't like your writing style I'm sorry, but we won't get along.

    I'm interested in a hugely wide variety of things that changes with the weather, so while I want a long-term partner, I want one who is also flexible to changing things up and going a different route should it turn out that be necessary. Flexibility is a selling point, folk!

    When I am excited and engaged in a roleplay, I reply exceptionally fast. I'm a bit out of practice these days (never have the time during the school months) but once I get back into the swing of things I type and think at very high speeds and I want a partner who can and will reply at least once a day. Obviously I understand busy-ness and having things to do, but if you're going to be MIA for three weeks every other week, then you should look elsewhere.

    At the same time, however, if you're going to get mad at me when the quarter starts again and I can't reply as often, we'll have to part ways. Its fine with me if you want to just rp over the summer, but I get attached to good rpers and if you're up to it I'll still talk and reply as often as I'm able. :] A good rp partnership is a friendship and my best rp partners are still friends, even if we don't rp anymore.

    Speaking of that...I'm looking for a partner who is talkative and easy to work with and who will talk with me OOC to work out plots and spur-of-the-moment "what if a DINOSAUR jumped out?!" moments. I love those moments. Hell, the best thing about a roleplay is the spontaneous-ness, but I want to agree on the big things. If you're interested in cplay that also makes you more awesome. My boys need exercise and cplay is a quick, fun way to play around when you're too tired or just not up to the big replies. ( Plus its fun and derpy and that's awesome )


    Once again, I'm interested in pretty much everything. There is a guarantee that I'll find something I like about virtually every type of rp you can think of, but I prefer grittier things that are dirty and hard-edged as a general rule. Apocolypses, steampunks, pirates, murderers, cops who have too much on their plates and not enough of it is donuts, yada yada. I'm not a fan of straight up "this is real life" shtuff, because I live in real life. If I wanted to relive my highschool years I'd just hit myself in the head with a shovel to lower my IQ and beat up on the quarter back. Just like old times.

    What I won't do, however, is fandoms. You have to be pretty damn cool for me to consider a fandom of any sort, and even then I do not play canon characters. It is a rule of mine and I won't do it. I also won't rp with canon characters, so sorry. I will, however, build on a world and I enjoy fitting characters into canon universes. Sorta. Depends on the fandom.


    If you are incredibly cool, you might can convince me to open that up, but as a general rule, if it is romance I prefer two dudes. Honestly though, I want WAY more plot than sexy-times and in fact, good luck getting me to do sexy-times. I roleplay for the plot and because my boys want to play. They each have their own personalities, limits, and preferences, but even my biggest manwhore gets a fade to black 99.999999% of the time, because I'm not here to cybersex, babes. If it goes there it goes there, but I will not plan a romance or a sex scene. ;]

    On that note, to make it nice and clear, I almost always play boys. It takes a lot of power to get me onto a female character, and they tend to have less-reasonable personalities. Regarding personalities, my boys are always strong willed. I do not do "uke" types (as in the weak submissives) and I don't like them all that much either. My boys will fight tooth and nail and have personal strength in different ways, and of the dozens I have, only one is interested in the "notice me senpai" types, and he's a complete piece of crap who should be slapped and not snogged.


    Again, that doesn't mean immediate sexy times and porno music playing in the background, but it does mean I curse like a sailor (and some of my boys are worse) and I don't shy away from violence or gore. I can and will limit these if you have issues or are wary of it, but I personally won't hesitate from rough subjects or graphic detail so you need to tell me if you're not okay with that. Some of my boys are friendly, but some of them are not and I need to know if that's going to bother you, okay? :] No pressure and no "oh so you're not HARD CORE HUH?" shit involved. I want to know what you're comfortable with! :D


    If you're in the least bit interested, gimme a message. I'm open and try to be easy to talk with, so I'd love to hear from anyone who might wanna give my grumpy butt a try.

    For all my fall backs I come equipped with an army of complex characters and intricate personalities and I'd love to share them with you. Plus a messenger bag stuffed with world building experience and creature concepts so... -waggles them-

    Oh and for those who want to see my work before you get into it with me (lord knows I prefer to know a writing style before I get too excited) just sent me a pm and I'll send you something pre-written, or if you're cool (or ask for it) something more specific and spontaneous. Thanks for the read, y'all. ;]

    The Jackalope
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  2. I laughed so much reading this post, your quest of looking for a partner quite intrigues me, as well as I absolutely love your writing style(I decided to be a little nosy and look through some of your older RP posts). I'd like to have a shot at this, it looks like it will be a lot of fun with that personality of yours. I don't have quite as much experience, but I have been writing and roleplaying since about 11 years old. If you want a sample post in advance or something to determine if you like how I write or not I can provide that as well.

    Side Note: I wanted to go into animation for a long time, but I think I'm just going to take up computer science for my major, since I code a lot and love to be typing no matter what I'm doing. Curious if it would be more worthwhile to take that into video game design with animation and graphics etc?
  3. Sending a pm your way. ;]
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