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name: Jackal Dawson Taylor's

nicknames: dawny, son, or sonny, jack, jacky, jake only with his close friends, does he ever let you call him those names

age: .27

gender: Male

eye color: light green

hair color: Dark brown

personality: he is polite, in his kinda way, he is collected most of the time, he is bipolar, moody, when you get to know him and his back round, he will become somewhat kind, but mostly possessive, protective and caring

likes: .smoking, drinking, his close friends, the beach, the club, being a mafia leader at such a young age, being feared

dislikes: . , cheaters, girls and guys who talk all that or talk to much

quote: .“People lose teeth talking like that. If you want to hang around, you’ll be polite.”

other information: ( i am thinking of making him the new russian mafia boss, everyone fears him. BUT, he meets a girl (you) she is scared, but she doesnt show it, sometimes she just wants to smack his smart mouth, or teach him to be respectful. so i guess what im looking for is a girl for Jackal that isnt...tough but at the same time inst too soft, so like in the middle. and the plot i was thinking of is. he comes to the united states to make himself known there to, and when he goes to this club, he meets the girl, and he doesnt tell her that he's the mafia boss, until she has fallen in love with his hot headed ness cockiness and flirtyness)
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