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    Don't slip and fall, now, little inspector, for a false move could be your last...
    Jack will come, and only you can stop him!

    Status: Open and Accepting Applications!
    Rating: PG-13 - Contains mention of murder, prostitution, some blood and dead bodies of fictional origins.
    While the events have roots in the mysteries surrounding Jack the Ripper, only London as a city along with Whitechapel and other districts will be real, along with the Victorian Era as a whole.
    First Stop; The Overview!

    On the night of May 6th, 1888, in the Saint-Jude Hospital in Oxford, a peculiar event took place in the morgue. That peculiar event was only noticed the following morning, however, and the various doctors present promptly called on the scene, the matter pressing for it's morbid and frightening nature; a body was gone and the guard on duty that night laid half eaten on the paved floor, a trail of blood resembling bare feet leading out of the dissection table and to a wall where the simple name Jack was written in the crimson liquid.

    The missing corpse, or monster as some of the less stoically minded finders whispered between them, was one of unknown origin, having been found strangely intact yet dead two days prior in Whitechapel. Most of the fact and evidence found that night also were lost or destroyed in the panic of the poor doctors, and that will cause you quite a bit of an headache.

    Why? Ah, have you forgot? You are a newly minted constable of London, after all, and your first district just happens to be Whitechapel... where said corpse was found. It is thus your and your fellow policemen's job to uncover the mystery, find the corpse and take the perpetrator of both the grave-robbing and murder to Justice.

    Good luck... you'll need it, for in a few months all hell will break loose upon your district should you fail.

    Second Stop; What you need to know...

    You will start this tale as a new cop, in a lousy one room lodging in Whitechapel that you will have to pay for every night with some of your salary, the later you will receive every fortnight as the amount of eight shillings, this small stipend needing to be buffered with bonuses gained by doing tasks for your local constabulary and by solving small cases. You will start with barely enough to feed and house yourself, I won't lie, but with hard work and a quick mind you will gain ranks in no time. Speaking of ranks, the following will be the ranks you can gain during the roleplay:

    Police Constable
    Chief Inspector

    Work well and you may even survive the coming storm...

    The second part of this section is how each day will unfold: Each day, from 6 AM to 8 PM, you will be free to do as you please, from working on cases to sleeping to even make a life for yourself, your time separated in individual hours that you can spend as you will, though you must sleep at least eight hours during that time and eat at least one hour, reducing you healthy time to five hours. When 8 PM strike, it will be time for you to take on the uniform and do your duties, with things getting from boring and safe to dangerous and frightening depending on the digital dice you will throw at that time, the ten sided dice getting more and more dangerous and potentially rewarding the higher it falls.

    After each such shift, you will give out a report to your superior and, depending on how you do,be given more cases to solve as you will. Be aware that your first priority is survival, followed only second by Jack's case.

    Now, for those who are a little more sociable, you can share you case with others in order to complete them faster or with greater ease than you would normally, the downside being of course a downed pay, though only a quarter of your solving bonus will be removed from your payroll, so it is still a very advantageous option.

    Finally, every IC hour, or round if you prefer, will be summarized by me before the next one commence, giving out consequences of failures and rewards of success. Fell free to get creative and explore, while in daylight, thing are far more safe!

    Third Stop; The Rules

    First of all, you mist avoid making Gary Stus, and must portray your character believably as a young constable of Victorian London.

    No Godmodding or Metagaming, please! That means you only act upon IC discoveries and knowledge and only control your character!

    Be civil in the OOC, and be present at lot, even if you can't post in the IC for a while.

    Everyone must post for a Round to finish, the time limit for posting being three days after the Round started.

    Only male characters, please, yet you can certainly be female in real life!

    Final Stop; Character Generation

    Please fill out this form and post it below when you are finished:



    Greatest Strength:
    Greatest Weakness:

    Brief Biography:

    There you go, I hope to see you soon!
  2. Sounds really cool! I'll try to get my CS up tonight.
  3. Sounds interesting, but is this still active?
  4. ^^^If this is still active, I would love to make a character, although I will be absent for quite some time (about 2 1/2 weeks) starting Sunday, if that affects anything.
  5. The OOC is brand new, they just made it, so I assume it's still open
  6. Thank you. :)

  7. Speaking of, I will try to get it up soon. I've been very busy lately.
  8. Urgh, sorry for my long absence, I'm back now, and you are all to join if you're still interested.
  9. I'm still very interested! I'll get my CS up soon! I've just been busy, and as I've been telling everyone, I'll be on and off until my move is over with, which is at the end of the month. I will get my CS up either today or tomorrow, I just wanted to let you about my inability to be on sometimes.
  10. I am also still interested, however I will not be able to post my CS for another few weeks, as I will be out of the country. I hope it is ok if I reserve a spot to fill when I return! :)
  11. Name: William Arthur Morrison

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: William is quiet and reserved. He pays very close attention to detail and can be a perfectionist, at times. He likes to think things through before doing them.
    Greatest Strength: His intelligence and wit.
    Greatest Weakness: His reservation prevents him from taking a 'leap of faith', so to speak.

    Brief Biography: Born to a middle class family, he lived a fairly happy life. He received a good education, and was going to become a scholar, before deciding to go against his parents' wishes. He became a constable, putting his intellect to use in society rather than keeping his nose stuck in a book at a college.
  12. Just a few more days! I am still reserving a spot, but sadly cannot make a CS for a few more days as I am restricted to my mobile while I am away from my computer. I promise I will make one as soon as possible though!
  13. Name: Alexander R. Tremain

    Age: 24


    Alexander R. Tremain (open)


    Alexander is a very clean-cut man, and is overall very good looking. He has short brown hair and dark grey eyes, and has a short beard and moustache. He is usually seen, when he is not in uniform, in a suit and tie, the ties differing every time he is seen in public. He also carries around a leather satchel that totes his laptop, notebooks, and pens.

    Personality: Alexander is an overall nice guy to co-workers and family. He is very outgoing and social, making many friends and colleagues at work and almost anywhere he goes, as his wife is a well-known business woman who is invited to many functions around London. As a result, Alexander has many connections with various groups of people and has grown to be very friendly. However, he is sometimes self-centered and cocky, as his looks and his wife's status, as well as his new job as a constable, have caused him to adopt an "I'm better than everyone else" attitude, even if he doesn't show it.

    Greatest Strength: He is very outgoing and has great connections with the higher-class members of London society, as his wife is very well-known. He is also a smooth talker, which makes him great at getting information from suspects.

    Greatest Weakness: He uses his his strengths to his advantage, which makes him very cocky and disagreeable with anyone he deems of a lower standard than he. This can cause him to be seen as closed-minded and rude to anyone who doesn't really know him.

    Brief Biography:
    Alexander was born into an aristocratic family in London, and he grew up into a life of privilege and grandeour. As he grew up, he was very awkward in looks but was always friendly and social in school, which caused him to make lots of friends despite his exterior. As he grew to adulthood, he settled better into his looks and got married to a woman he met in college named Catherine Woods. Around the time he got married to Catherine, he applied for a job as a constable in Whitechapel, where the couple had settled down in order to better care for his parents, who had fallen ill. Coincidentally, the company Catherine was employed to created an office there as well, and the couple prospered in the town and made many friends.

    Hope he is ok! :)
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  14. Is this dead? I see Daigneault is listed as a guest now, so he can't post...