FANFICTION Jack Shade: Iwaku's Tragic Figure

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  1. Despite his mottled history, Jack Shade is renowned as one of the great heroes of the Iwaku era. He was initially Asmodeus's right-hand man, a zealous fanatic who helped bring the A.R.C. to dominance. But Jack Shade became a rogue element after Asmodeus abandoned him in a key battle of the Cult Wars. Forming his own faction, Jack Shade skirmished with the other cults and sold his soul to inherit arcane powers. Eventually he secured a contract with the ISAF with a huge sum of gold and with their support fought his way to a confrontation with Asmodeus on Temple Island.

    Here he used his arcane powers to beat the angel in combat and make him renounce his evil ways. Jack Shade reminded Asmodeus of his responsibility to Iwaku and the dream of a golden paradise. So it was that Asmodeus and Jack Shade were reunited as joint-commanders of the ARC. But it did not last. As Rory's forces began to win ground, Asmodeus and Lycan called for a truce, but Jack Shade refused to yield. For the sake of political advantage, Asmodeus conspired with Rory to remove the radical elements from their respective armies. Asmodeus tricked Jack Shade into an ambush that got him killed, thus preserving the peace between the two Princes.