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  1. There is a tale, the tale of an immortal master who is known by many names. 'The Master who never was', 'Jack the Ripper', 'Jack the Giant Slayer', 'Jack Frost', 'Jack-o-Lantern', and many more. He has appeared in many eras, in many shapes, in many tales...

    But for now, he is known as 'The Master of None'. He is extremely skilled at many professions, but he has never truly mastered them all to their true peak, no matter how long he has lived, no matter how much his body has mutated...

    But, what is The Master of None without students to pass his skills onto?

    Today, he has chosen to pass on a few of his titles to his students

    Jack Frost, the title given to one who has authority over ice and cold.
    Jack-o-Lantern, the title given to the one who controls the flames and demons of hell.
    Jack the Ripper, the title given to the one imbued with stealth and the power of assasination.
    Jack Kent, the title given to the one imbued with the ability to trick, to fool.

    These students have been selected by the Master of None to be Masters in professions he could never truly master.


    So, basically, I have it all here. But now I need to select between two different ideas.

    • These four Jacks have learnt as much as they can from the Master of None. As such, they must venture on a journey together/seperately to reach peaks in their individual skills that not even he could reach, even learning skills not even he could learn.

      If seperately, different threads will be created for each character

      If together, we're all together!
    • The four Jacks are still training under the Master of None. As they do, they will continue to lead their regular civilian lives while training. From time to time, they will battle supernaturals and criminals and all that stuff. If possible, Idea 1 could be a sequel.
  2. Gosh love all of your ideas.... I personally don't mind between both ideas but I do like the idea of all of us being together. If we went with Idea 1 and we all went in separate paths would it be something like a jump in role play where people can come and RP with the characters?

    Or would there be more characters other than the five stated characters you have at the moment (the four Jacks and the Master of None).

    Also a little question would they all be males then~? the four jacks that is
  3. Id be interested in either one!:D
  4. Yes, there will be more characters than the five stated. NPCs, player Antagonists, allies and such. If we went with idea 1, there will be four or more 'True Masters' along the way who will teach our Jacks more skills.

    I was thinking 2 males and 2 females.
  5. Oh okay that sounds good to me~! I really do like the idea~

    Oh could I reserve a female spot if that is possible~?
  6. Very well then, which Jack?

    Well, first three reserves only, after that I'll take the fourth unreserved Jack and we can see how it rolls.
  7. Hmmmm....... *looks at the four* I am debating against Jack Frost and Jack Kent... *thinks for a little more* I will take Jack Kent I will make a female for Jack Kent *nods head* would that be alright~?
  8. Jack o'Kent. Alright then.
  9. *nods head* yeppie yep~ ^^ Uhm... Will there be a character sheet after we decide the plot we are going to go with and everything~?
  10. Yes, there will be character sheets.
  11. awesome~ Well I am going to go to bed now so good night~ I will be back tomorrow~ Hopefully unless this cold I feel that is coming on will take over and I won't be able to do anything.... *sighs and yawns softly* well good night~
  12. Jack-O-Lantern please :D
  13. So the remaining reserves left are Jack the Ripper and Jack Frost.

    But for now, here's the outline for each idea.

    Idea 1 is a journey across many lands to learn more, after finally learning what you can from the Master of None. After learning from someone else, you learn from yourself and truly overcome your limits, all that stuff.

    Idea 2, we're all still students of the Master of None. Through odd entrances that the Four Jacks can conjure while in alleys or in the secrecy of their rooms or something, to enter the Master of None's abode, where they will train, either seperately, or together. Sometimes, the Master of None will give them missions, and at other times, supernatural attacks will appear here and there.
  14. *bites lip* I really do like both~ But I might go for idea 2 just so that we can explore the characters more and kind of learn with them~ ^^
  15. Hmmm... I'm thinking of making this soon.

    In a few hours, maybe 4 to 5 hours, I'll check again for any updates on this thread before I make the OoC.
  16. Really~!? YAY~!! *jumps around excitedly* I am actually super excited for this~ I am not sure why but I have had a ton of different character ideas for this girl~ <3 I can't wait~
  17. Oh my. I slept past said time, and there's still no extra feedback. I guess I'll make the thread later with my female Ripper.
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  18. I'm in love with the 2nd idea.
  19. tell me when it is up~
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