Jack of All Trades, Master of None Hiya =D

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  1. "Rise and rise again until lambs become Lions."~ Russell Crowe Robin Hood

    Ohaio~ Im Jack or in this case "Wolfsin"

    Let me begin with this simple explanation.

    I like to use that quote specifically as a basic standpoint to describe myself, and how I live my life. Never give up, what is better to describe a survivor and in this case a survivor of a dead end group traversing the great beyond to your lovely site. Honestly thats just it, I come from a dead end group, a group of people that care less for the aspect of writing that I truly love and more for the interwoven drama and little pissing contests they enjoy having. I personally like to believe that I am above that both in maturity and texture of course. Anyways enough doting on myself; I just want to end this with saying I am really REALLY looking forward to meeting new people on here, to having a new group, new people with open minds, and showing off some really epic ideas, because well.. I like to believe im creative as all hell.. (Brushes off shoulder >.>) No big deal... XD I really can't wait to interact and meet new people and really take in every last bit of writing atmosphere this place can provide. Lastly of course.

    Thank you so much for having me
    Special thanks to~ Celestialis for inviting me personally.

    Jack Shepard =)
  2. Yesss! ^.^
    Welcome! I'm super stoked that you joined. We can start our roleplay here :D
    Won't it be aawweessoommee?
  3. Hello there and welcome to Iwaku, creature drawn here by Celesti!
    I know a teensy bit about you already, and I hope that you enjoy yourself here!
    Since we're laid out with lots more sections and all of that, if you need help, please do ask.
    Community 101, in the toolbar, and Community Hub in the forms are both fantastic places to look if you're feeling confused.

    Have fun and happy playing~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.