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  1. Post ze characters here!
  2. ...this is my new Figment site, me thinks.
  3. 8 minutes in, no issues. I can actually see the text now. I feel like this could be nice... I'm about to go explore some o.o
  4. Okay I snooped some more and there's a thing about stuff you've "watched" which im guessing just means things you want to keep an eye on and receive notifications from (I could be wrong). And Clan basically just means group, but more fancy~
    The chat archive is as hopelessly random as any chat on any site. Aaaaaand there's blogs.
    Plus everyone here is really welcoming, it warms my old lady heart~ (Jk)

    Not much info I'm afraid, but I'm as clueless as anybody -shrug-
  5. Hey, this is Elizabeth A. Terry from Figment. I've been on the site since 2015 so I might be able to answer some of your questions.
  6. Hopefully this weekend I can find some time to explore this place... It seems all of this has decided to happen litterally on my busiest week. God damn, this sucks...

    Hope you guys can figure stuff out, I'll be in and out tomorrow. The only problem I have with the layout is it kinda looks like the head-bar is too big. Seems to suffocate the rest.

  7. Goodnight Legate.
  8. @Legate Oh that's over critical, it's not something that matters. We're not here to review it y'know.

    Anyway, g'night, I'm gonna hit the hay too cuz it's 4 am for me T_T
  9. Well, I knew I was getting side track, but I did not think I would end up missing the whole day.

    Still, as it stands I can tell you that I am up this late, and so I wont be online in the morning. I do got some school work to do tomorrow, but we should still be able to get some rping done.

    Anyways.....the main reason I got online was I had some ideas.

    I think we did something up these lines before. But anyways, I was thinking we shift-away from the romance to change things up from the usual romance-focus we tend to do. To do an RP where the rp is about our main characters interacting with each other.

    What I had in mind at the moment, was something like my character would be a male King, and your character could be a Knight, his daughter thus a princess, a homeless girl that runs into the right person, or something else. But anyways, the rp would be like them supporting each other (including romance) So then we could have some minor secondary characters such as my second one being your main character's love interest. The best example would be your main being the princess, so she would go to her father for advice on romance things to win over her love interest, or how to deal with things such as a friend needing help but she was not sure what to do.

    Past that, the King using his political power, could help his friend/solder accomplish some things by backing them, and we could get into actual political, or war, or anything else.

    The setting could be med-evil, current times, or future times...although I think I personally lean more towards the future times.

    A really good example, and thinking about it, I may had base my idea off this example without realizing it. But Code Geass. Our characters could be like Lelouch as the Emperor, and Suzaku as his Knight of Zero. With how they need each other, or have pros/cons that help each other, but without being soulmates. They both had other love interests. They still however were the ultimate tag-team against their enemies.

    Hmm...in fact, it may be interesting to make this RP a Code Geass RP but with our alternations due to our characters being made by us, and not existing characters.

    Although I should point out my overall idea can be used in more than one setting/rp. This was just me going with the King-role. But the actual idea was making the romance secondary, and making this happen by our main characters not being a couple. Yet using second characters or npcs so there still could be some romance, and possible smut scenes if we wish.

    Another idea I had, but not sure if its any good or not. But was something like us doing this rp in the Group here, and making any sex/scenes happen in PM. Past that, if you can edit my post, or I can edit your post...maybe try to make the entire RP one thread that we keep editing to add our posts to.... the main point being the rp focus on ...I guess developing our characters more personality wise, and focusing on an actual good story like a TV show.

    If it was on a Group thread here, then unlike our pm rps that will eventually get deleted, we would hopefully have a long/interesting past rp here to look back on. On the other hand...not sure if doing this all in one post is really that different to bother with, and it may be simpler to just go ahead and make this another PM rp. Or see if the graveyard is filled up enough since the last rp we sent there to do a big rp on the forum.
  10. Harmony flick the bird off of her, “Disgusting.”
  11. The crow corrected itself and flew to Melody's crib."You're still mad."
  12. Melody peaked at the crow and closed her eyes.

    “I don’t know how you expect me not to be.” Harmony growl.
  13. "I don't expect you to because I'm still upset."
  14. A lot of this has been overwhelming me it's crazy. I had been there for seven years and the thought never had crossed my mind that fig could end or if it did I would not be on it at that point. But here we are.

    All day I have been reading through everyone's posts and threads and have barely have said anything because I hadn't had anything interesting to contribute. But I feel like everyone is doing their best and I have been looking though most of everyone's suggestions. Just on first glance so far I like this one but I want to do more exploring.
  15. Astaroth nuzzled Melody before flying back to Harmony's shoulder.
  16. Harmony disappeared, leaving the crow behind.
  17. Astaroth sighed and teleported after her.
  18. Ever since you left me, Jack, I've had to support myself by other means! You''l RUE this day! RUE IT!

    *Dumps in the kerosene and lights it on fire!*
  19. *shoots Darkness and kicks him into the tigers, then roundhouses Myrn*

    *Backflips like a Jedi out of the tiger pool and faces Diana again!*

  20. I had an idea for a character that could work in that rp. I may have to tweak her some thouhg. But essentually shes a beloved royal, loved by all aspects of her kingdom from the poor all the way to the wealthy nobles.

    I dont know about keeping it in one post. But doing this rp in here with the sex being in PM may be interesting and sort of force us to keep to that ^^