Jack Frost RP

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  1. I watched Rise of the Guardians the other day and now I'm craving an RP with Jack Frost. ^.^

    So here's what I'm looking for: someone to play Jack Frost from the movie Rise of the Guardians.

    I would like for it to be a romance/fantasy thing. Jack Frost and the other Guardians still have their jobs in the human world, but then there's an alternative world where magical spirits, not all of them necessarily Guardians but beings that are said to be myths like mermaids and elves and things like that, that the Guardians go to visit sometimes. Jack Frost goes there and runs into a magical girl that likes to travel through the different worlds to explore; she can control fire and I may have her control something else, but for right now she just controls fire and she has a best friend who's a talking dragon that travels with her everywhere.

    Alternative RP: Jack Frost and my main character are actually just teenagers that go to school together and end up liking each other. This can be a 'go with the flow' rp that has romance/high school/ slice of life/ modern in it. ^.^

    All in all: I really just want to have a Jack Frost RP.

    So, if I have any takers that know what I'm talking about when I say Rise of the Guardians Jack Frost, leave a message here or you can PM me. ^.^