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    Rise of The Guardians
    Jack Frost x OC

    Hello there!
    I am DJae, and I would love to invite you on an adventure!

    I have been craving a Jack Frost x OC rp for so long, and I decided, why not ask the wonderful people of Iwaku?
    I am looking for multiple partners.

    I would like to use my OC characters, each are different, depending on which plot is chosen~

    1. Taking place a year after the movie, a young teen is lost while camping in the woods. Winter has set in and she was under prepared. The townsfolk did not suspect anything, as they had been informed that she would be gone for several weeks. The first night, she went to sleep under her makeshift tent, a tarp held up by tied-together poles, or sticks, and a fire. She woke up to a frost and the fire was out. She was extremely cold and hungry, but knew a fire was of most importance. As she got out of her sleeping bag and tent, she muttered softly to herself, "Look at this, Jack Frost must have visited.." she knelt down, picking up some wood with little white crystals, frost, on it.

    2. Taking place directly after the movie, it is winter and Christmas has just passed. A teen is driving to school when her car slips on some ice, sending her into a frozen lake. She is sent to the hospital, and though they manage to keep her alive, she is always physically cold, an outcast because of her pale skin. Her dark hair is now a light blonde, green eyes fearful at every corner. One night she is plagued by terrible dreams and wakes up, panicked, leaving her house. She wanders around a little before she notices something move past an alley and a small cold wind blowing into her face. She relaxed a little. "Jack Frost nipping at your nose..." she sung softly to herself, remembering the song her mother used to sing to her during the Winter.

    3. Every new year comes new challenges. 3 years after the movie takes place, another villain comes in to steal the children's cheer. They call him 'Teraya'. He steals the children's cheer and happiness in a similiar way to the way Pitch did...only instead of nightmares, he brings their fears to the day. If they were afraid of spiders, he would create a small spider. The more scares he got, the more power he received. With a new, stronger villain comes a new hero, right? This time, the hero comes more in a...smaller form. Halloween. She is new to the whole helping thing, liking more to scare people, but at the same time she keeps it on a lower level, scaring them, then comforting them. She is surprised when the face in the moons calls her to a northerly route, towards the north pole. She's halfway there when she runs into Teraya. Unsure what to do, she backs away from him, calling out for help.

    Those are the plots I have for now! More are to come!
    I would prefer to be the OC, looking for willing people to play Jack Frost <3
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  2. Im interested in a couple number 2 and 3
  3. Thanks for the interest! I'll pm you ^~^
  4. I will do three
  5. Hi! I will do 1 please x3
  6. 1st off, does the banner cost money?
    2nd, can you give details?
  7. @Nerdy Chick Awesome! I'll pm you!~ ^~^

    @NeonMasterz ~ I'll pm you and we can discuss your questions ^~^ I hope I can answer them!
  8. I'd like to do 2 please ^_^
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