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  1. (It's a little outdated, since it was during a time where I was out of practice, but here~)

    "Totally lame..."

    Jabs practically dragged himself up the sidewalk and towards the school. When he felt the wind chill, he flipped the hood over his head. He knew that this would be.... boring once again for him, what day wasn't? He hadn't had fun in over two days! That's a lot of mental strain to put on a guy like Jabs. He tried every cure too. Prick on the teacher's stool. Nothing. Stealing that pack of gun. Nothing. Giving a black eye to that dick Eric in front of all his scumbagish friends. Nothing. Jabs dramatically clenches his chest as if he was in pain, groaning in frustration. "If these keeps up I'm going to flat out die!" He growls to himself. The kid just had to think up something, and quickly... maybe after school he would... I don't know... steal another pack of gum...​
  2. Alison was pacing down the street and into the school building, slightly adjusting her messenger bag on her side. Inside contained her books and a laptop she used sometimes to cover up some of her actual actions. Being an android, she uses her computer to cover up access to information that she actually just uses her own access to said information, and generally stores it for reference and such. Logically, she usually just follows instructions in school and doesn't go astray often, she usually is persistent with school work. On the top of her head was her extra gear, looking like neko ears most of the time, she usually had them fold in during classes and such but they occasionally glitch out, as with others of her systems. Though, it usually wasn't that bad, mostly subtle and easily fixable and easy to cover.
  3. Jabs forced himself through the doors of the building, his glare continuing forward as he brushes past everyone. He knew that it would be another... boring... day at school today. The kid had to think of something that could SOMEHOW make today fun!... and when he couldn't he stopped walking. Jabs couldn't go on any longer with out the thrill of something interesting, so with clenched fists he turned around and began to walk towards the front doors. He'd find something fun yet, something like a movie or something... in this concentration he accidentally ran into Alison. Jabs blinked, he swore that he had never seen her before. "Um, sorry." Jabs apologized, before walking past her and towards the front doors.
  4. Nearing the school doors, Alison ended up being bumped by another person. Slightly startled by the action, Alison backed up a bit, slightly shaking her head. Refocusing, she looked at Jabs, who then swiftly apologized. "Ehhh..." She replied, her voice slightly screwed up an slightly mechanical for a bit. She shook her head a bit, then re-calibrating for conversation. "Eh, I'm sorry myself. Can you just watch it?" She asked, her voice returning to normal. She looked around, hoping that nothing would screw up in the next few seconds, her being startled may have caused minor glitches.
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  5. Jabs just shook his head. "Yeah whatever." With a scoff he dug his hands in his pockets and turned towards the door again... or one of them. The other he used to cover his mouth. In a strange way, he feared of catching whatever Alison had. She sounded like she had a sore throat or something, and the thought of getting it himself sounded awfully... boring. It meant another day of doing nothing. It was best that he stayed away from whoever this girl was.

    (It isn't much, but it's something. :S)
  6. "Hm..." Alison muttered to herself as Jabs left her. She wasn't quite sure if he had caught on to what she had accidentally done, but for safety she made it her goal to try and find out of he was in any way suspicious. She had one thing in mind, attempt to watch over him to see if he had any clue. Classes may have been starting soon, and Alison thought that the boy may be in one of her classes, though if necessary she would edit her schedule for an extra class or two. Alison walked in the school doors, preparing for whatever might happen next
  7. Jabs stretched a bit, a faint yawn escaping out of him as he looks around. This would be the day that Jabs would find his cure, he just knew it! He had a knack for knowing stuff like this. While walking towards the sidewalk, he had already begun to plan out what he would do. What he had so far, was seeing a movie... with sneaked in snacks! Best plan yet!... er, maybe not, but it was better than nothing! He began to brainstorm something similarly devious to snack sneaking as he walked away from the school.
  8. "Hm?" Alison muttered to herself as she noticed Jabs leaving the school. Why was he leaving? Alison's new goal was simple, try and understand him. Either way, she would need to to see if her cover was still up, but he was interesting enough, time to find out what exactly's going on. Possibilities popped up, and she wasn't quite sure of what exactly was going on, but she made it so that her goal was to find what his intentions were. She then started to follow from afar.
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