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    Everyone knows the story of Pandora's Box. A girl named Pandora was given the box that contained all the evil of the world by the Gods and accidentally opened it, releasing it into Earth. But there was one place that it was never touched by, that no one knew about but the purest of humans and guardians, even though it is larger then New York City. The island of Junsuina. Just like any other place, but happy and without darkness.
    But, a secret evil human discovered the place and have the information to the demons. The demons found a way into the land and are committing crimes everywhere. Most look human, so the humans have no clue. But the guardians can see their aura, and the dark soul it comes from. So, good or evil? Who will win?

    Protect one human(please put name) or all?:


    Personal Guardian?:

    Name: Adrian/Alex/Akon
    Looks: (in order) [​IMG]
    Type: Witch demon/ Normal demon/ Cat demon
    Teammates: They're all each other's teammates
    Powers: Adrian uses black magic/ Alex can use fire and has super speed and strength/ Akon can turn into a black leopard and a black cat and has mind control
    Weapon(s): Staff/ Axe/ Sword which retracts into knife
  2. I'd like to join as either a human or guardian. Can you just clarify the roles of these?
  3. Uhm, here:
    Guardians: Guardians are angels for the gods who protect the humans who still have a pure heart from demons who want to turn them evil. They are arch enemies with demons.
    Humans: Humans are either evil or good depending on which side they are on. Demons can take a Guardian's humans, but Guardians can rarely ever take a Demon's. To a demon, humans are more of a play toy or a food source, depending on what type of demon.
    Demons: Demons are evil spirits which were released from Pandora's Box. They search the world, making it darker and darker the more area they cover. They make chaos wherever they go and usually kill humans.
  4. I'm interested in joining with a demon character, but I'm wondering; Are there specific types of demons that you have in mind, or is it free range to come up with?
  5. Free range. I love letting people be creative so, yeah. :3

  6. Name: Aurora Winchester (She tends to say a different last name every time she's asked though)
    Gender: Female
    (Drawing via myself)
    Her hair is a very dark brown color, almost black. Her eyes dark as well, but visibly tinted green in light. Her complexion is olive. She prefers darker earth tones when it comes to makeup and clothes, and is very accustom to steam-punk fashion.

    Type: She's a type of Bajang, which is a vampiric demon
    Teammates: In cat-like nature she's a loner. But she does like to partner up with others for particularly big projects
    Powers: She can take the form of different kinds of cats. Also she's very good at sweet talking people into doing horrible things, which is more of a learned skill than a power I guess
    Weapon(s): She's an expert in poisons and decent with an axe, in the rare occasions she gets to use one
  7. Cool, accepted.
  8. Alrighty. Can I join with a human and guardian?
  9. Sure, that'd be perfect.
  10. Name: Gazardiel
    Gender: Male
    Creature: Elf
    Protect one human(please put name) or all?:
    Powers: Generally fire power. Can add flame to his weapons, and create walls of fire.
    Weapon(s): Usually bow and arrow

    Name: Claire Hastings
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Personal Guardian?: Gazardiel

    Appearance: [​IMG]
  11. Oh, by creatures, it means kind of like 'type' with the demons. Like, you could be just an ordinary angel, or you could be an elf, or a fairy, or even things like werewolves.
    so, just edit that and I'll start the RP soon..
  12. No problem. All edited.
  13. So much powerplay xD If they escape with her, they'll get to be reunited again, right?
  14. Huh? Yeah of course! Err, sorry, I'll ease up a bit, not many RPS are going right now so yeah, sorry....
  15. I was thinking Aurora would get Claire the hell out of there and sorta just leave her stranded or alone. That way everyone's had an encounter but it doesn't really end with a real result. Just knowledge of each other existence.
  16. No worries. As long as you don't randomly kill off my peeps, I don't mind a bit of powerplay.

    Your idea sounds good, particularly as I've got to go to bed in a second xD
  17. Is this open?
  18. Yeah, it's still open.