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    • J.T.T.C - Journey Through The Cosmos


      It's 2115, and Earth thrives. After having survived an almost catastrophic alien invasion 20 years ago, humanity is once again standing full on their height, however, this time with less than half of their previous population. Now, with only 4 billion of people to feed and accommodate, the odds are at our favor; there's education for everybody, no one is starving, the homes are big and confortable, the bridge between rich and poor is almost inexistent, and technology is advancing at a speed never seen before. Space travel, teleportation, even time travel is now possible. Humans with psionic abilities are starting to emerge, as well as humans with extrordinary physical resistance. We aren't just Homo Sapiens anymore, we are more. But will this more be enough for what is to come? Will it be enough to face old ghosts? Will it be enough to survive once again?


      Population: 4,432,164,975

      J.T.T.C. Earth was divided in four big districts after The Invasion in November of 2095. They were...

      The 4 Districts (open)
      The 4 Districts (open)

      New Earth

      New Earth is the central capital of 2115 Earth. Its the richest city and the that takes care of all of the political matters.


      Aria is the city of technology. It's where the launchments of spaceships occur.

      Feuer City


      Feuer City is the city with the military strenght. It is responsible for the defense of the planet Earth and its citizens.



      Atlantis is the largest trade-market district. Aliens of all around come to the district to trade their products.

      The Cosmos

      Milky Way Galaxy

      The Milky Way Galaxy is known by its humanoids creatures, and diversified types of life. The most prosperous civilizations are: Humans, Valir and Norgi.

      Main planets:
      The Triangle

      Earth (open)


      Main species: Humans
      Total Population: 4,432,164,975

      VAL (open)


      Main Species: Valir
      Population: 842,654,157

      Arion (open)


      Main species: Norgi
      Population: 2,135,985,487

      Andromeda Galaxy

      Andromeda Galaxy used to be full of life and all kinds of races, however, in the past millenia, the Kraylors have been tearing up every planet that they encounter, decimating whole civilizations and slaving the survivors. Nowadays, Andromeda is controlled by the Kraylors.
      Main planet:

      Cordia IV (open)


      Main species: Kraylor
      Population: 12,165,489,214



      Humans (open)

      Humans are known by their intelligence and adaptable abilities. And even though they are starting to show traces of super-human skills, their talent remain at the field of technology, the Valir being the only race that exceeds them at it. The human army is made up of humans and androids, both well trained and deadly. Humans can live up to 156 years.
      It's said that humans are a mix between the Valir and Norgi, however, there are no concrete evidences.

      Valir (open)

      Known for their beauty and intelligence, the Valir are a human-like race, being almost identical to them. They tend to replace parts of their body with machines, resembling the human Cyborg. Their technology has come so far, that they managed to become almost immortal, they don't even have sex anymore, all of the babies are generated by the Mother Machine, that's why their population is so low, babies are only generated when there is necessity.
      The Valir made immortality possible because of an energy that pulses inside their planet, this energy is what gives life to everything on VAL. By creating wires and connecting themselves to a "energy battery", they constantly "charge" themselves, thus extending their life time.

      Norgi (open)

      The Norgi are known for their psionic and magical abilities. They value nature more than anything else, so it is true to say that they don't really appreciate their neighbours who replace their forests with high tech buildings. They don't really like to fight, but this doesn't mean that they won't if necessary. The Norgi are a ancient people of Milky Way, and perhaps one of the strongest.

      The Kraylors (open)


      The Kraylors are a lousy race, their only purpose being destroy anything that moves. They already conquered a big part of Andromeda and still aren't satisfied. They were the responsibles for the 2095 Invasion that almost decimated the humans. The Kraylors do not talk, but they can communicate telepathically. They do not feel and act almost like machines. No one knows where they came from, some say they came from the deepest part of Andromeda, others say they are machines and were created by someone far more powerful. The only known truth is, they are dangerous.



      It's been 2 decades since The Invasion on Earth, an incident that shook the Milky Way community. Everything seems okay, nothing has happened, no attack, no invasion. Nothing. Until now. Scientints of VAL have detected anomalies at the edge of the Andromeda Galaxy, and after hours of readings, Kraylor's activity were confirmed. However, no one knows what kind of activity that is, all they know it's that's big. Really, really big. So, they created a team made up of the bests from the bests, a team whose mission was to investigate whatever the Kraylors were plotting.

      And you, you are part of this team. You are one of the lucky -- or unlucky -- beings that have been picked for your skillset, whatever that is. And now, with your team, you are all going to travel all the way to Andromeda Galaxy, you are going to travel through dangerous worlds, survive deadly black holes, dance between gigantics asteroids. And maybe, maybe, come back alive.

      Welcome aboard.


    • No overpowered character and no overpowered posting.
    • Posting must be at least one paragraph, and at least once three days, if you won't be able to post for a week or more, do let me know.
    • All Iwaku rules apply.
    • Romance is okay. But if things start getting a little too hot, please fade to black.
    • Have fun!


    Character Sheet:

    Age: [All ages apply]
    Race: [Human, Valir or Norgi. If you want, you can create another race, but their planet has to be on Milky Way. Also, I'll want a little text about their race and planet, something little.]
    Occupation:: [Soldier? Mage? Scientist? Whatever, use your imagination.]
    Appearance: [All pictures fit: Anime, Concept Art, Realistic, etc.]
    Extra(s): [Theme Music? Extra info? Etc.]



    1- Paris King - Customize

    Hey huys! So, I just wanted to say that the information about the 4 Districts are not that important because this RP will be mostly in the Universe. Also, the Kraylors won't be a playable race, unless you have something interesting in mind. If you do, PM me and we'll talk.
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  1. ((W.I.P.))

    ((This is so long and cliche and I'm so sorry))
    Paris King


    works part-time as a mechanic


    Paris is smart and he knows it. He’s great in school and he’s great at thinking under pressure. His confidence isn’t something he tries to hide, which often causes people to assume him to be cold and arrogant (an assumption not too far off). It’s not the impression that he likes to give, though.

    While he may excel academically, his social skills are severely lacking. He grew up being praised, getting told how he was somehow better than everyone else. And, well, when you’re told that on a daily basis growing up, it’s easy to start to believe it. It was easy for him to develop the mindset that he was better than everyone else. Add that to being locked away in a room studying most of his life and you’ve got yourself one socially inept Valir.

    He’s blunt. Brutally blunt. He’s not afraid to tell someone exactly what he thinks, and that isn’t exactly a good thing. It doesn't take much to piss him off; he isn’t exactly even tempered. In general, he’s just an overall rude and inconsiderate guy.

    Recently, Paris has realized he’s tired of his repetitive, boring life. Recently, he’s realized that he wants to try this whole “friend” thing, but it’s hard to make friends when you’re someone as unpleasant as Paris King. Paris knows that he isn't perfect. He knows that he might have a few minor ((HAH. minor)) personality flaws. This is something he’s trying to fix, but it’s a hard task to take on when your first impulse is to hide behind bitter sarcasm and snarky remarks.

    Paris acts tough and fearless, but he’s not really. He just wants to carve his own path in life. He craves adventure, he craves change, and deep down he craves companionship.

    Ever since he could remember, Paris had always felt pressured to succeed in life. He was born into the King family; a successful family full of brilliant minds. His parents, Xan and Kim King, were esteemed engineers who were known for their new and innovative ideas. It was “only natural” that their son would grow up to be just as bright.

    Paris grew up trying to meet the high expectations both of his parents and society. He tried hard in school. When a lot of other kids his age were out playing with one another, Paris would be inside his room studying for the next test. When he was invited to go out places with his friends, it was always “I can’t, I have to study” or “I’m busy with homework”. This caused a lot of people to think of Paris as an antisocial dick, not that they would say that to his face. . Paris pushed himself. He took on the hardest classes and the hardest assignments. His parents were always encouraging Paris to take on big challenges, expecting nothing but good grades. They wanted their son to grow up to be successful.

    Paris’s parents were never mean. Sure, they were strict, but they were always encouraging him and wanted the best for him. However, they never realized how much pressure they were putting on him, and Paris would never tell them. He was desperate to prove himself; desperate to meet their expectations.

    Paris was smart; he was full of potential. His hard work payed off, and he excelled in school. Paris was often praised for his brilliance, which encouraged him to work even harder. He craved the attention. As time went on, Paris started to become overly proud in his knowledge. This caused him became even more distant from his peers. By now, most of his classmates thought of him as cocky, standoffish, or both. Paris tried not to notice, and he kept trying his best in school. He came to have a mindset that he didn’t need them, that he was better than them.

    Paris usually got special treatment because of how well he did and school, and it certainly helped that he was the son of Xan and Kim King. Paris’s peers noticed this. and some started to talk behind his back. Some started to say things like “he only gets special treatment because he is from the King family” and “he’s just riding on his parent’s name”. Paris pretended not to hear them; he pretended it didn’t bother him. He knew that he was better than them, anyway. He stayed focused on his school work, trying not to let their taunts bother him. After all, he had expectations to meet. As long as he could meet those expectations, he would be happy, or, at least. thats what he thought.

    Then... Paris started to realize that he wasn’t happy. He had been living up to his parent’s expectations, but… he wasn’t enjoying himself at all. He thought that if he could please his parents, then that would be all he needed, but he had been wrong. His parents were certainly happy, but did that matter more than his own happiness?

    It hit Paris with a sudden realization that no, it didn’t. He realized that he had been wasting his life on school and what his parents wanted, but he never asked himself what he wanted. He had been living his life for others instead of himself, and he was tired of it. He was tired of it all. It had finally occurred to him that he had control of his own life; that he could do whatever he wanted. He was tired of doing whatever he was told. There was so much more to life that he had been missing out on. Paris was ready to carve his own path in life.

    The thing was, Paris had no idea what he wanted to do. He never thought about it. He could be an engineer, but he didn’t want to follow his parents. He felt… rebellious. And then, the offer to join the mission to figure out what the Kraylors were planning came along, and Paris had been asked to join the team. They could use someone with a brain like him. This would be Paris’s big break. His chance to go on an adventure; to live life the way it’s supposed to be lived. An offer that Paris couldn’t possibly refuse.

    One of the main reasons why Paris was invited to “the team” is because of his family name. This makes Paris a bit angry, but he really wanted to take the opportunity. If he were to mention his name, a lot of people would surely recognize his parents (and of course people would think that they're the only reason why he got to join), but that’s not it. Paris is also a very promising student, and he is determined to prove that could be a great asset to the team; to prove that he doesn’t need his parent’s name to make a difference.

    Extra(s): Even though Paris didn’t want to be an engineer, he loves robots. Paris has a mechanical left arm and right eye. ((and maybe NEW THINGS TO COME maybe))
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  2. Can I play two characters?
  3. @GreatWest Thank you! Will we be seeing your character soon?
  4. This seems pretty cool. I was wondering if I could make my character an AI in a mechanical body. Kind of like an android, but it's a lot more obvious that this wasn't meant to emulate human behavior but instead complete it's job. Maybe it's the crew's designated AI or something.
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