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  1. Plot (open)

    So many years living in this nightmare.....so many dark memories for these children. Children who did nothing wrong. Who's lives were stolen from them by an impostor. Someone they thought they could trust. After all, he worked at their favorite place to play. He was dressed as one of their favorite characters. How could they have ever known....that it would come to this?

    Of course, years and years of pain...it makes people do things they never thought they would do. Makes them angry. And hurt. Revenge was something they thought would fix everything. But, it didn't. When the man who betrayed them died, his soul stayed. It didn't make them any happier, didn't fix what was broken. And now, they were stuck with him forever. Perhaps, more killing would? Yes, after all, there were plenty more people like this man. More people in that security outfit. They had to be bad too. All they had to do was get rid of all the bad guys. And so, they killed. And killed. Every person they saw when it was time for them to roam, they killed, and made like them.

    Yet, was wasn't anything working? Why couldn't these children just move on? Was there anything that could put their souls at ease? Or would the pain far in the past continue to haunt them worse than they haunted others

    Information About Plot Details (open)

    1. There are more ghosts in this rp than just the five children. These ghosts include the Purple Guy, the ghost controlling the marionette, and possibly others depending on how things go.

    2. There will be a more humans than just the Night Guard. These humans can either be friends of the Nightguard who come to Freddy's with him or they can be workers at Freddy's.

    3. In the rp, in contrast to the games, it will be in a Freddy's Pizzeria that the children are set free, not the Freddy's Fright. It just makes things easier since a lot of the characters were left out in that one XD

    4. The animatronics can not move during the day. This is kind of obvious. But that doesn't mean the ghosts can't :3 This also doesn't mean ghosts can go crazy during the day scaring people either. Ghosts will show themselves in moderation, not all the time. For the sake of the rp, we will say the ghosts can chose when they want to show themselves and when they don't.

    5. This rp will take place in this year (2017). The timeline of games to now goes: FNAF4, FNAF2, FNAF, and the rp would be basically canceling out FNAF3. I think FNAF4 and 2 happened in the same week as well, so keep that in mind.

    6. The ghosts will be able to communicate with the living, but it is likely they wouldn't do it often and the humans can communicate back.

    7. The ghosts are able to choose when they can and can't become solid, though it takes years of trying(of course, them being ghosts for over thirty years they have been able to accomplish this) and even then it takes a massive about of concentration to become solid even for just a few moments. This is why they still use the animatronics to do their dirty work.

    8. Instead of the security getting 'trained' by the tapes with phone guys and such, our new guard will be doing on the job training. The new security guard is on duty and doing all the work of course, but there's another character. He will be head of security. On a side note this guard is probably in his twenties and would be pretty experienced at Freddy's, having worked and survived the night shift a few times. And being a guard would run in his family. In other words: The grandson of the Purple Guy.

    Map of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria (open)

    Color Code
    Purple- Prize Corner
    Grey- Pirate Cove
    Yellow- No Cameras. The security guard can not view these rooms.
    Blue-Doorway with no doors
    Orange- Doorways with doors that can be shut
    Red- Boarded up. Can not enter.
    Green-Main enterence
    Random Rainbow Colored Dots- Ball Pit of Death ;3

    Character Assignments (open)
    Ghost of Freddy(male)- AHeartlessNobody
    Ghost of Bonnie- AHeartlessNobody
    Ghost of Chica- Justaddnutts
    Ghost of Foxy- Justaddnutts
    Ghost of Fredbear/GoldenFreddy(male)- Justaddnutts
    Ghost of Marionette(female)- AHeartlessNobody
    Ghost of Springtrap (purple guy)- AHeartlessNobody
    Security Guard(male)- Justaddnutts
    Xander(male)- AHeartlessNobody
    Arizona(female)- Justaddnutts
    Connie (later to be replaced with another human after she dies in the ball pit the first night >:3)- AHeartlessNobody

    Character Profiles: Animatronics (open)

    Jacob Charring(Freddy Fazbear) (open)

    Name: Jacob Charring, though tries to just call himself Freddy a lot of times. In all honestly the only reason he still even remembers his name is because that's all his sister calls him.

    Age: 10

    Height: 4'9

    Weight: 69lbs

    What Are You?: Ghost

    Favorite Character at Freddy's: Freddy Frazbear

    Biography: Unlike most siblings, Jacob actually had a very good relationship with his sister. Perhaps it was the age difference that they were able to get along with one another fairly well. Sure, there were times when his sister got on his nerves and he would try to defy her rules she had when babysitting he and some of his friends, but all together he and his sister were really close. When he found out his sister was babysitting him for the summer, he was a little disappointed. He would have much rather someone who wasn't apart of his family watch him, but he really didn't have a choice in the matter and went along with it quietly. Hey, at least she took them to Freddy Frazbear's Pizzeria alot!

    Yet, it was one of those times that they went there where things changed for them...forever. When he saw his sister asleep at one of the tables, he didn't think much of it. After all, his sister had been studying a lot, so maybe she just needed a break. So, he and the other children went on playing, as if nothing was wrong.

    It was toward closing time though, that something strange happened. One of the workers in a Bonnie suit approached he and his friends, asking them if they wanted to see the newest animatronics in the back getting put together. They agreed happily and followed the man to a part of the restaurant marked for employees only. Though, that was strange...where were the animatronics he was talking about? When they asked him this, he stated there were no new animatronics and, in fact, they were going to be the animatronics. The children, realizing what was going to happen to them, began cowering and crying, the man pulling out his knife, ready to kill Jacob and the other children.

    Then, his sister came in the room.

    Jacob though, maybe, his sister would save them. She jumped at the man, trying to wrestle the knife away from him, but...she failed. The children were forced to watch the young woman's horrible fate, tortured and killed slowly by the man.

    And then, it was their turn.

    After he died, he thought that was it. But, he was wrong. He heard his sister, calling his name. Perhaps this was a dream? He only wished it was, but it wasn't. When he woke up, he was standing beside the Freddy Frazbear animatronic, but he felt strange. Different. And his sister, she was different too, standing beside the Marionette that used to give them gifts. The marionette seemed to move with his sister, mimicking her actions sometimes. It took him a moment to realize that she was controlling it. And he, when trying, could do the same, expect it was with Freddy. He had no more small frail body that someone could break. No, now he had Freddy. No one would ever break him again.


    Theme Song and Voice:

    Other: Jacob listens to his sister a lot. If she tells him to do something, he does it without question. If he tells her to calm down, he calms down, if she tells him to listen to her music box, he listens, and if she tells him to kill the security guard....well, how could he argue with that?

    Simon Wallace(Bonnie the Bunny) (open)

    Name: Simon Wallace

    Age: 6

    Height: 3'5

    Weight: 50lbs

    What Are You?: Ghost

    Favorite Character at Freddy's: Bonnie

    Biography: Simon is the older brother between he and his sister. Well, if you count being born three minutes before she was that is. He and his sister are twins. Despite their bickering, his sister is his best friend and they are always together. He loves to pick on her as well, though if he sees any one else messing with her or making her sad, he is the first one to stand up for her and protect her. Just like he did the day that they died. He and his sister were the last ones to die at the hands of the purple man and before the evil man could get to his sister, Simon shielded her, trying to protect her the best a six year old boy can. The ending was the same, with both of them dying, but at least he had tried.

    When he died, he thought that was the end. But it wasn't. His babysitter, Annabella, had other plans for all of them. He and his sister got new bodies, and their new bodies were Bonnie the Bunny and Chica the Chicken. He was stronger now. He was able to protect his sister better now, not that she needed it with a stronger body of her own. When Annabella, or Marionette as she told them to call her now, suggested that they start taking out all the security guards, that they would do the same as the other man did in killing them, they were excited about it. They were going to be doing good. He loved to play with their 'new toys' they got. Each one reacted so differently to seeing he and his sister.

    Double teaming with his sister was really the only fun he could have now anyway.

    Voice: Honey in the video (the little kid)

    Theme Song: It says female version but it sounds like a kid to me.

    Other: He loves playing the with new 'toys'. That's really the only thing he thinks of the new guards. They were just toys at their disposal. And he always loved to figure out new ways to play with them.

    Sydney Wallace(Chica the Chicken) (open)

    Sydney Wallace




    What Are You?:

    Favorite Character at Freddy's:

    Sydney is the younger sister between she and her brother. Well, if you count being born three minutes after he was, that is. She and her brother are, obviously, twins. Despite their bickering, her brother is her best friend and their always together. It's almost as if their attached at the hip! She hates that her brother plays mean little jokes and picks on her, but she knows he means well; If he sees any one else messing with her or making her sad, he is the first one to stand up for her and protect her. Really, he's always been her knight in shining armor, and she's always been his King(because Queens don't get absolutely control)! Just like all their games of make believe.

    Just like the day they died.

    It had been...Horrible. She and her brother had been the last the parish, they had been able to do nothing. Simon looking frantically looking for an exit. And her self, just, standing there. Stock still. In fear. Frozen. When the man finally turned to her, Simon had done the other thing a brother could. He used his body as a shield. He died trying. And then finally, after seeing the life leave her brothers body, she to was mercilessly slaughter, while trying to desperately reach out to her brother one last time. Well...

    I guess you always leave the best for last...Right?

    She thought that was going to be the end, the last time she ever saw her brother. But the Marionette gave them a second chance! Kill the guards like they killed them and be together forever! Saving all the other boys and girls and forever being bound to one another. What else could she ask for, what else could she want? She's to play Chica the Chicken in this little haunt.

    Double teaming with her brother was the only real fun she could have now.

    Theme Song:




    In life she had been the more timid of the two, always needing her brother to lead the way. In death she's doing her best to never let it be the same. She won't freeze again. Next time they save the best for last it won't be because she was to scared.

    Darius Shay Willem(Fredbear/GoldenFreddy) (open)

    Darius Shay Willem




    What Are You?:

    Favorite Character at Freddy's:

    No kid plans on witnessing multiple murders in one setting, but when they do it's pretty understandable that they leave the event more then a little traumatized. (Not to mention probably a little confused and scared for his life, with questions like. "Was I seen? Am I next? What happened?") Needless to say, like any kind scared out of his ever loving mind he kept it completely to himself.

    Maybe if he hadn't his Brother would have known better.

    He had picked up rather quickly on Darius' new found fear of all things Freddy's, and he took great joy tormenting him with it as older siblings are known to do. His brother made his home just as much of a living hell as Freddy's was. No where was safe from the crippling fear and persisting nightmares. His life was polluted by a constant state of terror. His brother had taken things to far.

    And then he took them so far, he could never take it back.

    His brother took it so far he got him killed,

    The Bite of '87.

    It wasn't long till later in a hospital room he gave up to the pain and fear, and the last thing he hear was the heart monitor flat line.


    Theme Song:


    He tends to be a little more hesitant or unwilling to hurt the living, maybe due to the fact that he sees his death as a good thing as he is finally free of all the fear that haunted him??? But then again, it may be because deep down he believe he should have died with the other children.

    Due to the Damage to his Frontal Lobe before the time of his death his Ghost some times has issues expressing emotionless correctly, fine motor controls, and even verbally expressing himself. Though these issues come and go depending on stress and emotional turmoil.

    Annabella Charring(The Marionette) (open)

    Name: Her name was Annabella Charring, but now she doesn't even remembers that, going by Marionette

    Age: She died when she was 19

    Height: 5'7

    Weight: 125lbs

    What Are You?: Ghost

    Favorite Character at Freddy's: The Marionette

    Biography: Anna was just your average girl. She was beautiful, well liked, and all around possibly the person with the most promise in her small town. She graduated high school at the top of her class and enrolled in the local university in her home town. Of course, with her living in her home town and her parents working all the time, she offered to watch her younger brother, Jacob when summer time came around, as well as a few of the other kids in town. One of their favorite places to go was Freddy Frazbear's Pizzeria, which had been recently remodeled with new animatronics and many rooms the children could play in. It was such a great place. Or...so she thought.
    One day, while they were all there, the kids running from room to room playing, Annabella had been doing some summer school work for her university at one of the tables and, due to her having stayed up late studying the night before, fell asleep at the table, only to wake up after closing with one of the workers shaking her awake before walking out saying she had to leave before the Nightguard locked the doors. Confused, the young woman got up and after packing her things, began to walk around the restaurant, trying to find the kids, and hearing them crying, followed the sounds to a room labeled 'Safe Room: Employees Only'. Despite the sign, hearing them crying, she rushed into the room to see a man, dressed in a purple security guard outfit, hovering over the children that he had cornered with a knife in his hand. It was instinct what she did next. She had to try to defend her younger brother and the other children. Had to save them.

    Yet, she failed.

    It was painful, filled with her screams as the man slowly killed her, torturing her until she finally died and her body stuffed into the box in the prize corner to lay dead beside the old puppet. After he killed her, he killed the children, including her younger brother. He had won.

    But....did he really?

    Gifts. Give gifts. Yes, that was what she did....or was it what the Marionette did? But...she was the Marionette, wasn't she? Yes...yes she was. Her body may have died, but now she had a new one. One that was....less disposable. And now, it was her job to give gifts. And her first gifts? The gifts of life. The children she died protecting, they would not perish. Their souls would live on. They would be fixed. She would make it so. And that is what she did.

    They got their revenge in time. It didn't take long. The man wasn't as smart as he thought he was. He had stuffed them in suits, and yet he himself was in a suit. One that was his end. The Springtrap.

    Yet...why did she not feel better? And why weren't the children at ease? Perhaps they still had more to do...more...killing.


    Theme Song: (I put this video together myself )

    Appearance: Her hair was blonde and her eyes blue. But after death, her spirit for some reason beyond her knowledge has grey hair and eyes.
    Other: She's very angry and has been since the day she and the children were killed. With her soul not at ease and pain she feels, now she will try to kill anyone that wears the same uniform that evil man did, as if it will ebb away at the bitterness and help her pass on. So far though, all it has done is make things worse and make her sick in the head.

    She cares about the children with her deeply, as if they are her own family. She tried to keep them on a straight track and from becoming 'completely' insane. Messing with the security guards is one thing, but if they mess with any of the other workers she will correct them. They are after the men in uniform, not any person they can get their hands on. Of course...sometimes they just won't listen.

    She tried so hard in her first few years of death to forget about her human life all together, that way it wouldn't make her sad to think about anymore. So, now, thirty years later, she remembers very little about her past before she was ghost. Its sad, but true, yet she is so caught up in her revenge that she doesn't realize just how much she has truly forgotten. Not only has she forgotten her memories, but also she has forgotten what its like to be human. To care and feel for others (besides the kids of course). This is what makes her so vicious in her attacks because she herself has forgotten just how important life truly is.

    Vincent Summers(Springtrap) (open)


    Name: Vincent Summers

    Age: 31

    Height: 6'3

    Weight: 149lbs

    What Are You?: Ghost

    Favorite Character at Freddy's: He hates them all, but of course, much to his despise, he is stuck in that damned Bonnie suit that goes by the nickname Springtrap.

    Vincent wasn't always so messed up. He was a good guy. He once loved the animatronics and at one time in his life would never have dared to harm a child. But bad things can change a person quickly. When he turned twenty five he married the love of his life. This woman was everything to him and he thought they would be together forever. He could only assume his thoughts were confirmed when she had his child. A son. Everything was just going so right with him he thought nothing could ever bring him down. That is, until he came home one morning to find his wife and son gone, a single note laying on the kitchen counter. His wife left him for another man, and to add even more injury to him, took their son away, never allowing the poor man to see his son.

    He was torn apart by all this, but tried to go on. He really did. He went to work faithfully every day and sometimes even the nights. Yet, it all was too much. Hearing those children's laughter. It all reminded him of the son he could never spend time with. It was like ripping open that all too fresh wound every second he stayed in that place. He just had to stop the laughter. Had to get them to shut up. And one night, he did. Four children, all playing, their laughters filling the restaurant much louder than the other children. And even better for his sudden plan, the girl supposed to be watching them seemed to be asleep. This would work perfectly for him.

    As closing time drew near, he knew he had to make his move quickly. And so, he approached the children, giving his best smile, telling them there was new electronics in the back, ones that were going to be put to use VERY soon. He asked them if they would want to see them, and of course, the kiddies said yes, following him so willingly into the back room. By now, everyone had gone home and he had these children all to him. As they walked in, he shut the door behind them, being sure to stand between them and the only exit in the room. When they asked where the animatronics were, he replied to them coolly that there were none. And more so, that they were going to be the animatronics now. With that, the man pulled out a knife he had stolen last minute from the restaurant's kitchen and began advancing toward the crying children.

    Only that stupid girl got in the way. She had found them and screamed at him to leave the kids alone, trying to wrestle the knife away from him. She couldn't though. She wasn't as strong as he was. He was easily able to pin her to the floor and with a wicked smile on his face, took her life first. Oh did he have fun with her, watching her bleed with every little cut and stab he gave her, letting her death be slow, so that he could take in her pain. After his long time of letting the girl take the pain and die, he turned his attention on the children. He wasn't as slow with them. Not that he didn't want to do the same to them, but he knew if he waited any longer he might run out of time hiding all the bodies. So, he killed them, every last one of them. And once he had stolen their lives, he stuffed them each in an animatronic, and was done with them for good.

    Or, so he thought.

    The next few weeks for him were full of torture. He was working the night shift and everywhere he turned they were there. The children and the girl, or the animatronics he had stuffed them into. Paranoia and panic filled him more and more with every moment he was in there. He had to get rid of them. The animatronics. Perhaps if he did the ghostly figures would leave him be. And so, he did away with them. Every one of them. Tore them apart to where they would never bother him again!

    Yet, even it the animatronics weren't there to haunt him any more, that didn't mean the ghosts weren't, and they were closing in. He thought he would be safe. After all, the room he was in was called the Safe Room. No animatronics could enter that place, so surely those ghosts couldn't either, right? Wrong. He stood in there, hiding, when suddenly all five of them appeared before him, the girl walking forward, a deadly look on her face. Fearing his life and what the ghosts could do to him, he had the brilliant idea to get into the old Bonnie spring lock suit. After all, they couldn't touch him when he was in that. It was a fabulous idea.

    The idea thought, would be the one to finally take him out. A wide smile grew on the girl's face as the spring locks collapsed within the suit. The ghosts fading away for now where the last things he saw before everything went black. Once they found Spring Trap in a bloody mess, the Fazbear's manager didn't want to deal with this. They would get shut down if this got out after all. So, the only option was, to board up the safe room for good. Hide the gory animatronic and never let it see the light of day again.

    But, he will come back...

    He always does...


    Theme Song:

    Other: During his time between his wife leaving and his death he wrote letters that were meant to stay just to himself, all about the murders and the ghosts haunting him. As you can already tell, he had gone a bit crazy and death hasn't taken that insane mindset from him.

    Character Profiles: Humans (open)

    Anthony M. Bostic(New Night Guard) (open)

    Anthony M. Bostic
    (The M stands for Madelyn)




    What Are You?:

    Favorite Character at Freddy's:

    Anthony grew up in a small suburban household with one sister who is younger and a single mother. He played baseball for his high school and pretty much had an uneventful average childhood. He moved out right after high school into an apartment closer to the city for work, in an effort to take a burden off his mothers shoulders. She was reluctant to see him go, but grateful for one less mouth to feed.

    He was in a steady relationship since his junior year, but that soon fell apart due to the fact she left after he proposed taking the very expensive engagement ring with her. He was more the a little heart broken, and so was his wallet.

    He already had one job at a local supermarket as a cashier. Noe he's come to be a security guard at the Pizzeria in order to pay off that very expensive ring that left with the love of his life.

    Theme Song:



    Really laid back, kind of quiet. He likes to read and tends to do it whenever he can find the time, even at work or important events. He is known to have bad luck and has become more pessimistic since high school. He thinks of himself as completely average and doesn't have really good people skills nor does he wish to be social.

    He can be blunt at times, and a tiny bit of a coward.

    [​IMG]but man does he need the money

    Xander Summers(Head of Security) (open)
    Name: Xander Summers

    Age: 24

    Height: 6'7

    Weight: 142lbs

    What Are You?: Human

    Favorite Character at Freddy's: He's kind of really doesn't like the animatronics. When he was a kid though he liked Bonnie. Perhaps it was the purple....

    Xander grew up as a normal kid. He went to school, made friends, and listened well to his parents. Sure, he had some...anger issues. Nothing serious though, and through those issues did his best to do what was right. His father worked as the head security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, and apparently so did his grandfather, who had went missing a few years before he was born. Xander would often go with his father to work when the man worked the day shift and he had just as much fun as the other children. Back then, his favorite animatronic was Bonnie, though if asked he would always say Bonnie was his favorite only because 'his fur is purple like Daddy's uniform'.

    It was rather obvious that when he turned eighteen he would fall under the family business and take up a job as a security guard at Freddy's as well. But, of course, the teenagers always get the job no one else wants; the night shift. Quickly he realized that things were very different at night when at Freddy's. The animatronics moved and even tried to get at him a few times. He didn't understand what was going on and it scared the living hell out of him. Needless to say, once his shift was over, he went straight to his father to question the man. His father seemed to just know what the boy was going to ask him about because he had a whole speech ready for him. A speech that Xander didn't exactly like to hear...

    His grandfather, the first in their family to work at Fredbear's, when Freddy's was still called that anyway, had done something horrible within the halls of the restaurant. No one knew though, except for them. Their family were the only ones that knew the full truth. Sure there were rumors, but no one had solid proof but them. His father showed him letters. Many letters his grandfather had written to no one but himself. How he was going insane. How he hated his wife for taking their son away. And how, in his misery, seeing the happy smiling children in the restaurant just drove him crazy. Drove him to a place he would never return from.

    He had killed five people. Five innocent people. No only that, but even after he killed them, these people, supposedly, continued to haunt him, controlling the animatronics to go after him. The souls of the people he killed were in those machines. The letters were still well hidden within the Summer's home, and no one would ever know, expect for them. Only they knew the truth.

    Yet, there was still the question of, what happened to his grandfather? Where had he disappeared to? He supposed he would just have to find out in time.

    For now, Xander continued to work at Freddy's the next few years, and now, six years later, his father has retired and he is the head security at the place, training all the new comers that join the team. Of course, there are still times he has to work against the animatronics, but he's grown used to it and seen their patterns, so he's become practiced at saving his own skin, with a few close calls of course. Still, he just tells the new guards in training that the animatronics roaming mode is glitched. Couldn't have them questioning things, now could he? He had to protect the family name after all.

    Theme Song and Voice:

    Other: He's not as cruel as his grandfather was. In fact, he tries to do good, while at the same time hiding the truth. Its a bit of mixed feelings from him. And it doesn't help with a certain voice in his ear telling him to continue what the golden bunny started. To finish the job that is still waiting to be done. It drives him insane and drive him to do things he normally wouldn't do. He's just messed up in the head. The question is, will he fall into that same insanity or will he mark his own path?

    Arizona Queen West(The Mechanic) (open)
    Arizona Queen West




    What Are You?:

    Favorite Character at Freddy's:

    A bit of a happy go lucky gal with a york accent and a temper to match. Fiery and lively, she's generally a fun person to be around... that is when she choses to be around others.

    Ever since she was little, living in a brown stone in up down town york, she had always been bright and bubbly when she allowed herself to be around others. But if you forced yourself into her space when she was having alone time you were bound to find one of two things. A depressing mess of a girl, or a fiery death bomb of a woman just ready to explode in your face.

    Her parents took her to professionals for awhile, trying to figure out what was wrong. They never pinned down a solid diagnosis. Some said MPD, others said BPD, most guessed depression, but none were sure. The only thing they could get out of her was in these mood swing moments she claimed to be thinking about recurring nightmares she had and doesn't feel completely like herself.

    They gave up after she bit Dr. Haverd's third digit down to the bone, almost severing.

    Needless to say people learn to leave her alone when she goes off on her own.

    You might wonder what she does when she wonders off, well, thats pretty easy to answer. She tinkers with anything that ticks. (even if she's not allowed) Mechanics has always been a bit of her passion of hers, so later in life, when she moved close to a local pizzeria looking for someone to make sure the animatronics and other machinery stay'd running, she wasn't exactly going to say no. Now was she?

    Theme Song:


    She has the bad habit of talking to the animatronics like their people. Asking how their day has been, complimenting parts of their gears, complains about her day, apologizing for not moving fast enough to stop the kid from the Guffin's Birthday Party from throwing a whole pizza directly into Freddy's mouth, etc. She claims just because their metal doesn't mean their any less alive. (no one said she wasn't a little off her rocker.)

    When she needs time alone she's hang out in the spares parts room, or in pirates cove. Away from crowds basically. Anywhere she can get away and talk to a wall or cry for awhile. As long as she gets her work done who cares?

    She'll often try to talk Connie into making her a free pizza at the end of the night to take home. One half green bell peppers, the other pineapple and ham.

    Despite the strange occurrences and dreams theres nothing paranormal going on with her, some people just have bad dreams. Possibly suppressed memories in the form of bad dreams? but that's not important.

    Connie McCormick(Head Cook) (open)

    Name: Connie McCormick

    Age: 19

    Height: 5'4

    Weight: 133lbs

    What Are You?: Human

    Favorite Character at Freddy's: Chica

    Biography: There really isn't much to her past. She's just your average girl who grew up here in the same town that Freddy's opened up in. She loves to cook and loves kids as well. This is why she started working at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. After all, the place had both of those things!


    Theme Song:


    Other: She has a tendency to bash other people and it has gotten her slightly disliked within the restaurant.

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  2. ᗯEᒪᑕOᗰE TO ᖴᖇEᗪᗪY ᖴᗩᘔᗷEᗩᖇ'ᔕ ᑭIᘔᘔEᖇIᗩ!

    "Man this 'new' location is pretty run down."

    "Yeah, well this is where the big boss man has us, so get we have to used to it." Xander commented to the manager of the Pizzeria as they looked up at the old sign in the front of the building that read the name of the place, before the two of them walked into the 'new' location, where the restaurant would soon be...after it was cleaned up a little bit that is, "This old place was left to rot for years, so what do you expect? With out budgets cuts we couldn't keep the other building, so we have no choice but to move the Pizzeria here."

    "You would think he would have sold this place long ago. It's so....creepy." He said walking into the very entrance of the basement to turn on the lights all around the dusty restaurant, "Gonna take a lot of work too, getting this place in working order."

    "You think we can do it all in just two months?"

    "Of course we can. It's not like we're going to be doing this all by ourselves. All the other workers from the old location are going to come and pitch in on the clean up and preparations. The owner's paying us all overtime to do this crap." He began flipping switches in the power box at the very top of the basement stair way, "The first thing we have to do is bring in those animatronics and boxes from the old place. Their in my truck. If we hurry we can go ahead and get that done before night falls. After all, I don't want those things in free roaming mode inside my truck."

    Xander really didn't feel like going out and getting those...things. He didn't like touching them. It just sent chills down his spine looking at them, let alone being so close to them. Yet, he sucked it up and did as he was told, going out to the truck and helping the man unload everything. The animatronics were first to go inside, being set upon the empty stage while the two men began bringing crates and boxes inside and carrying them down to the basement. Some crates of things were too heavy for the two of them to move on their own so they just left those in the truck for now and continued on with the things the two of them could carry.

    One crate in particular was a little on the heavier side, but with the two of them working together they were able to carry it inside. Yet, as they made their way threw the showroom, Xander could have sworn he felt something shift ever so slightly inside of the crate, which made him drop his end of the crate and the wooden box smashing down against the floor, the top of it coming undone and a....puppet thing falling sprawled out on the floor.

    The manager though, who hadn't seemed to felt the movement when carrying it, was annoyed that he had let it go, "Kid, you gotta work out or something if that thing was too heavy for you to help me carry." Leaning down, the older man picked up the puppet, a curious look on his face, "I've never seen this one before. Well, I mean I've seen old drawings of it, but that's all. It's an animatronic." He began turning it over in his hands curiously, thinking something over in his head, "You know, we might be able to use this one. As a new edition. You know, new place, new thing for the kids to play with."

    "Sir, I don't know if that's such a good idea. I mean, look at it, it's dirty and old and--"

    "Kid, so are all the others. Besides, we can clean it up. Maybe we can even look into what it used to do here and we can fix something up for it. I'll talk to the boss tomorrow." He walked over, setting the puppet on the stage for now with the other animatronics before dusting his hands off on his pants,"Alright, I think that's good for today, we'll get the rest of that stuff tomorrow. Be here bright and early so we can get a jump start on all the cleaning and repairs."

    "Yes sir." Xander stated with a nod, though he seemed to be distracted by his thoughts, watching the man leave before walking over to the stage, stepping up onto it and to where the thing lay limp on the wooden platform. He was quiet, standing there staring down at it for longest time before he spoke, his voice coming out in a knowing tone, "You're one of them." He huffed, kicking the thing a few feet away from him, "Great. Another thing to have to deal with when I start watching this place."

    Turning he went to walk off, only to have something grip around his leg and jerk him so that he fell flat on his face on the floor. Quickly scrambling to his feet, he saw the puppet's long arm react to lay back limply beside it once more, and even worse, he saw, just a glance, of a girl standing behind it, a girl just a few years younger than himself, with ghostly yet stunning grey eyes and hair. Scrambling to his feet before she could do anything more to him, he quickly made it to the door and left out.

    He had read about her, just as he had all the others. Now, they were all able to fight. All able to get at him. But he wouldn't let them. He wouldn't be another victim like all the guards they had killed before. He had fought them off this long and when this place opened up, he would continue to fight them off. He would always win, he was sure of himself on that.

    ...[̲̅s̲̅][̲̅i̲̅][̲̅x̲̅] [̲̅m̲̅][̲̅o̲̅][̲̅n̲̅][̲̅t̲̅][̲̅h̲̅][̲̅s̲̅] [̲̅l̲̅][̲̅a̲̅][̲̅t̲̅][̲̅e̲̅][̲̅r̲̅]...

    This had become a game to them. Something they did with every new Night Guard that happened to walk through those doors. The poor fools had no idea what they were walking into, but they soon would. Annabella would make sure they realized quickly that things in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria were not what they seemed to be. It was so much better for her now that her Marionette was freed from the crate. She didn't have to only scare them now. Now she could go back to killing them as well, just as she used to do all those years ago.

    Their game was simple and oh did they enjoy playing it. Bonnie and Chica got to always try first. The guard usually had an easier time deterring them, but Nora and Skylar made excellent distractions for the others. Of course, every once and a while those two got a kill, but it wasn't often. When Bonnie and Chica couldn't get to them, Foxy would have his fun, running so quickly down the halls to jump in and take them out so quickly. Sometimes he wouldn't get the guard either though, so that's when Freddy would take charge. Jacob was a little sneakier than the others. He moved quickly and silently usually. Sometimes the guards wouldn't even know he was in the same room with then until it was too late! Fredbear tended to play too, but he rarely played for kills. No, Darius just scared and terrified the guards with visions and hallucinations, which at times was more fun to watch than the killing. Either way, Anna always enjoyed watching all the children take their turns in the game.

    Of course, Annabella played too. But, her turns were more sporadic. It always depended on the music, at least that's what they had all agreed on, that way she wasn't killing everyone out there before anyone else got a chance. After the workers had cleaned up the old diner and turned it into a Pizzeria, they had researched the Marionette and found out about it giving out the prizes in the prize corner, as well as staying in a present shaped box. They had done well to recreate that(they even let her do that job during the day, the Marionette giving out the prizes to the children) and her Marionette during the night would stay in its comfy box, Anna listening to the music from the music box play. Not that her ghost didn't wander unseen by the humans as the others played the game, but her marionette didn't move with her during those times.

    Not until the music stopped.

    Once the music stopped, the others would back off and let her take her kill. It didn't happen often, but she enjoyed it when it did.

    Just like tonight.

    Annabella roamed about, watching the others with a wide smirk on her face as they began surrounding the office. The man, their newest Night Watch, was doing well. Very surprising. But, in his trying to ward off the others, he had neglected the music box in the Prize Corner. She was thrilled to hear the music stop as the ghostly figures of she and some of the children, invisible to the man's eyes, stood in the hallway just a little bit outside of the man's office.

    Simon frowned, mentally having Bonnie back away and start heading back into the Show Room as the twinkling sound of the Marionette's music began to fill the restaurant, "Aww, no fair, me and Sydney almost had him."

    His sister just gave a small laugh under her breath, "Almost. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll get the next one. But now, it's my turn. And I want to have a little fun." Approaching and entering the office, she didn't show herself the man at the moment, but did speak, her whispers reaching the man's ears as she stood right next to him, bent to his level so he could hear her right in his ear, words spoken in a way that would make anyone's heart stop,

    "I've got no strings..." A hand ran icy chills over his arms, "...To hold me down..." She walked around the other side to whisper in the other ear, "...To make me fret....." An invisible hand brushed against his face as she spoke the next line, making him yell out and almost fall out of his seat, "...or make me frown...." She gripped the back of his shirt (though this took quite a bit of concentration on her part), tugging on it slightly, "....I had strings, but now I'm free...."

    She moved away from him now, moving to stand at the front of his desk, enjoying watching the man tremble in fear, "...There are..." A hand slammed down on the desk, ".....no strings...." Finger nails dug into the desk, clawing the wood, making deep scratches in the surface, a dark grin on her face as she finally showed herself to the man, her pale eyes watching the panic on his face as the girl leaned forward, hands still digging into the desk, words whispered darkly in a way that drove terror into him, ".....on me."

    There were loud and pained screams as the Marionette jumped from the shadows of the halls, throwing the man down onto the tiles of the floor. It was...quite messy really. But, then again, when wasn't it messy to stuff a body into a animatronic suit? The Marionette did so with skillful practice, wires and beams stabbing into the man as he screamed his life away. He lasted longer than the others did when being thrown into one of those things. usually they would have lost conscious by now, but it wasn't under they smashed his head into place that he gave out his last groan, pools of blood seeping from the suit as she stepped back to admire her work, a finger to her lips and giggling ever so softly, "Not often I get such a screamer. Or that I get to kill anyone at all really. That was quite enjoyable."

    "Nice show, sis." Jacob said, appearing next to his sister, bending down to look at the bloody mess, "You would think he would have listened to the warnings about the music box. But, oh well. He learned the consequence really quickly. Bet he won't do it again." He laughed and stood up straight, looking up at his sister, seeing her smirk lightly at his small joke.

    "Sure won't do it again. In fact, pretty sure he won't be doing anything again." She turned and began walking back out of the office, speaking to all the others, "Anyway, now that our new friend is in his suit, I say we head back to our places. It's almost six o'clock." And with that, the Marionette slowly stood up, under Anna's control as it made its way back to its box, climbing inside and all ready for the new day.​

    A new night.

    A new guard.

    And new fun.


    Xander sighed as he walked in through the entrance the next night promptly at eight, rubbing the back of his neck, decked out in his all purple 'head of security' uniform. Kids were just now starting to leave for the night, the place closing down while the few workers stayed behind to finish up cleaning and other things. He had been called and told about the unfortunate death of the new Night Guard. Sad that the man hadn't even lasted a whole night on his own. He was hopping to not have to train another guard so soon, but then again, what was he to expect? Not many lasted long here anyway.

    Now he had to train yet again another guard. Fabulous. He himself was here a few minutes earlier than he was supposed to, just to make sure the office was clean like it was supposed to be (after all, those cleaners sometimes missed some blood) and that all the cameras were in working order. It didn't take long to check those things though and when he had he moved back into the main show area, watching everything around him.

    By now, the animatronics on stage were being turned off and winding down. He himself walked over to the Prize corner, glaring the at the puppet when he was sure no one was looking, before he began to wind the music box on the counter. From his office he could so their his monitor as well, but he wanted to see that thing gone for now. He hated even looking at the thing.

    As the music began to play from the little box, the Marionette slunk back down into it's box and Xander closed the top on it. Good riddance. He would have to make sure that thing stayed in there the rest of the night. With a nod, he hopped up to sit lazily on the counter of the prize corner, running a hand through his dark hair as he looked around, watching the others do their own jobs while he waited for this new guy to show up so he could get started on his, "Where is that guy? He better not be late."

    "Ease up, Xander and get the stick out of your ass. He'll be here soon. Besides, like you have anything to complain about. At least you're not the one stuck doing dishes after the kids leave." Connie, the head cook at the pizzeria, commented as she walked around form table to table, picking up glasses and plates that had been left from the last show and sticking them in the buss bin she had at her hip. One would think that with how much money this place made they would be able to afford someone to wash the dishes and such, but no. Due to 'budget cuts' she was stuck doing it after hours, which always left her in a foul mood. Well, more foul than she normally was anyway.

    Xander rolled his eyes at her snide comment, crossing his arms over his chest, "Yeah, but its not on you if he is late. If he doesn't show up then I'm stuck having to do all of the work he was supposed to be doing."

    "Like you do anything in that smelly ol' office anyway." She called out and before he could even reply she was making her way back into the kitchen with the dirty dishes to start washing them. She had been standing there for just a few minutes when the air in the kitchen began to feel cold and she shivered, drying her hands off and rubbing her arms as she called to the next room, "Hey, Arizona, if you have time, fix that stupid AC! It's on the bug again!" She paused and added, "If you get it done tonight I'll throw in a pizza and distract Xander so you can key his car!" Sure, she know very well Xander was in the next room and could probably hear her, but did she really care? Hell no, she could honestly care less about anyone in this smelly place. She was just here for the paycheck and benefits of scooping out the hot guys that worked there. She moved to sit on the counter of the kitchen, flipping her blonde hair over her shoulder, "Better let me know soon! It's ten thirty already! We gotta be outta here by midnight!"
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