Iz is here!!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by IzKripp, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. Yo! My name is Iz!

    I recently migrated to here with my roleplay group from another site and am looking forward to exploring this place :)
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  2. Hey Iz! Welcome to Iwaku. :) Hope you enjoy rp-ing with us ^^

    What are your favorite rp genres?
  3. Welcome!

    I also migrated here with friends from another site. I hope you enjoy it here!
  4. Welcome Iz! I hope you enjoy your stay here as well with your friends ^-^
  5. Hey, hey.

    Favorite genre right now is the scifi genre, with superheroes and genetically altered humans. Really though i am not to picky :)

    Thanks for the welcomes
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  6. TT^TT I was hoping for modern fantasy ahah but superhero rp are also my thing~ ^o^~
  7. I can do modern fantasy. They are interesting as well :)
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  8. Salutations, Iz! :D Welcome aboard!
  9. Thank you Diana!