Iwakus workout routine.

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How often do you work out?

  1. What is a workout?

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  2. I occasionally walk places.

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  3. I work out when/if I can.

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  4. I exercise every two weeks maybe.

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  5. I have a weekly exercise schedule.

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  6. I have a daily exercise schdule.

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  7. I'm literally lifting as I type this.

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  1. Exercise! Awesome in Theory, Awful in practice.

    How many of you workout? :D

    If you do work out - Is it gym time or team sports? Do you enjoy it? Why do you do it?

    If you don't really - Why don't you? Do you want to? Why or why not?

    I personally have a weekly work out schedule: Tuesday and Friday is gym time, Thursday and Sunday mornings are running and Thursday is swim night. I really enjoy running, the other two are just to keep me in shape and strong. I run because it's fun and gives my brain all the good shit it needs to work better!

    So, tell me about your work out, or lack of one! :3​
  2. I used to work out regularly, then @Fluffy took me out of the wilderness and put structure into my life.
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  3. 1.5 hours, 6 days a week

    45 min cardio,45 min strength and balance
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  4. I don't. Well, not in the traditional sense of 'I'm going to exercise for a while now'.

    I get my exercise in while getting shit done. I don't walk on a treadmill, I walk from an early bus stop to work/home. I don't lift weights, I carry heavy groceries home from the store, etc. I take the stairs instead of the elevator, I wash my laundry by hand instead of sitting on the machine, I use my pokewalker instead of grinding random encounters.

    Mostly I just watch what I eat and don't sit on my ass all day
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  5. Generally once every two weeks I just go to the gym with a family member and work out for about 2-3 hours.
  6. I try to run daily (minimum 4 times a week), but given my health problems, it's a coin toss if I'm actually feeling well enough to do it.

  7. I just got back into the gym after a long hiatus, and have starting following my old routine again. I go to the gym about six days a week: I go three times in a row with the fourth day off for rest. I do about a mile run before my workout, and plan to build that up to a two mile run every other day with a decent time.

    All Supersets:

    Chest / Biceps

    Dumbell Curl
    Ez Bar CUrl
    Hammer Curl
    Dumbell Press
    Machine Pec Flys
    Cable Crossovers

    Tricep / Back / Shoulder

    Overhead Press
    Closegrip Press
    Rev Flys
    Shoulder Shrugs
    Aarnold Press


    Parallel Squat
    Forward Lunge
    Machine Leg press
    Glute / Hamstring Extensions
    Calf Raise
    Calf Press

    I don't do abs though I really should. I aim for 10 reps at 4 sets for the larger muscle groups and only 3 for the smaller. Usually if I actually hit 10 reps I up the weight a bit until I can barely get 6 good reps. Because all my exercises are super sets I can usually get in and out of the gym in around 45 minutes. I tried pairing triceps and chest once because the exercises are similar but I found when I do that my triceps are too tired from the chest exercises to get a decent workout.
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  8. I now march daily for at least 5 hours. 0__0 So yeah, I guess you could consider that working out.
  9. I don't. I just walk everywhere that I can walk and otherwise take the bus or train for longer distances. Same as Minibit mentioned, I take the stairs as well instead of the elevators if the option is available and generally try to move around as much as I can between the many hours of sitting still focussing on something.

    So no. I don't work out. I'm terrible lazy and horribly untalented (and dangerous) at sports anyway. So I'm better off running and walking around. My brother claims he works out by waking up though. So if that may count?
  10. 5x5 sets of squats

    Oats immediately after followed by 6 hours of mirror posing.

    I've been stalling on my exercise because I haven't been able to use my fucking arms because of my skin condition.

    I start out with 1 minute plank, 1 minute side-plank each side, 1 minute reverse plank. I also do 1 minute L-sits on the floor. This followed by 5 minutes of practicing my handstand.

    After that, I do 1x12 pushups before following it with plyo pushups and archer pushups, as well as pseudo-planche pushups. I follow this up with wall assisted handstand pushups. I'm not good at those yet.

    The following day, I'll do the planks, L-sit and handstand practice followed by 2x50 hindu squats or plyo squats or jumping split-squats or assisted pistol squats. I then do 3x8 pull-ups or chin-ups. This followed by bodyweight rows.

    For cardio, I run. I used to row and swim but I have no pool or row machine due to not having a gym membership anymore.
  11. I run 3 days a week, go the gym 3 days. Saturdays are relaxation day-
  12. I chase and catch toddlers running away from the program. One in particular.

    I also walk 4 miles every day, to and back from work. Then i clean and maybe when it gets cool enough I will go out on a run/hobble.
  13. @Blox please respond!!

    I alternate three days in the week working Bench Presses, Overhead Presses, Deadlifts, Squats, Barbell Rows-- all with the barbell. I do various curls with dumbbells, along with lunges and if I'm feeling cheeky, farmer walks.
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  14. @Seiji solid workouts - when you're 100% we have to share some routines and perhaps have a challenge ;)

    My routine:

    - Workout 6x week
    - Circuit Training with Trainer 2x week
    - Cardio 4x week - speed rope and treadmill
    - Weights 2-3x week - legs twice, chest/arms, back/bis and abs throughout the week

    Abs by 2016!!

    P.S. Love this thread <3 It's great to help each other stay motivated for our goals! :)
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  15. I actually don't go to the gym, just do martial arts practice. I enjoy it and do it because I enjoy it.
  16. I don't work out in the traditional sense. I do try to walk around the neighborhood and surrounding areas though.

    The hotter the weather, the less likely I will be exercising, opting instead for the sauna that is my house, sans air conditioner.
  17. I have a gym near where I work. I have one about 1/2 mile from the house, and I have the exercise equipment in my house as well.

    3 Days a week Cardio. Usually on the exercise bike 12.15 miles in 30 minutes and then 15 minutes at a semi-easier pace.

    3 Days a week Weight Training with my Bowflex or at the gym. 45 minutes

    1 Day a week taking care of the yard 1 hour. If the yard doesn't need any work then I will figure out which one (cardio/weight) I feel more like doing.

    The bike will be replaced by running in August once I get the go ahead to start running again. I was up to 7 miles in less than 45 minutes, but tore up my shins in the process by doing too much too soon. Now I have been told start out at 3.5 miles and build up gradually.
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  18. I do bodyweight exercises twice a day to keep myself from devolving too far these days. Nothing too fancy as my back and knees suck, but it can basically be summarized to lots of pushups, planks, and some shadowboxing.

    I forgot the exact words of a /fit/ poster on 4chan, but it was something along the lines that even a stupid Batman workout routine was better than sitting on your ass all day doing nothing. I realize my workouts are pretty plebtier compared to some people, but until I can arse myself to do something greater it's better than nothing.
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  19. Rule #1 of working out...Show up!

    Good job.
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  20. I go everywhere by bike. I admit I've been slacking on everything else lately, though. Maybe now I've got more spare time I'll get a new routine in place.

    Said everyone ever.
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