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  1. I'm just going to start this thread and put in it things I think of that may help other people. If it doesn't help others, it will, in the least, help me. Anyone can drop in this thread some helpful and quips of wisdom they find helps themselves and here you can share your thoughts on on a situation you may be dealing with yourself.

    Share a lesson you learned from someone

    Share what you learned from a mistake you made

    Share Quotes that help you through the day

    Create your own quotes.

  2. "If you can't say something nice, only Let it out if you are prepared to deal with the consequences, good or bad."

    ~ Fijoli
  3. The notion of 'dream big, work hard, and you can be anything" is a fallacy. There are always going to be some things about yourself that will make you unable to "be anything" in life. And sometimes, these things can't just go away with hard work.
    The key isn't to just push through your problems to overcome whatever it is you're facing, it's to look realistically at your abilities and know what you can and can not do, and if trying too hard will hurt you more in the end. Pace yourself.
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  4. No one tells me I can't do something.

    Wouldn't have gotten my bachelors, my M.D., made a larger starting salary than my father's current salary, gotten married and paid off the wedding and ring, landed a career-launching position, became financially independent before the age of 20, went from an overweight 5'7" and 215 lb. to a lean 5'7" and 125 lb., bulked up from 125 lb. to 150 lb., became an experienced martial artist, traveled internationally, adventured briefly on international medical missions, earned a SCUBA license, or started learning Parkour if I listened to the people who said, "You can't."

    My wife already knows that I ever get diagnosed with something terminal, I'm going to take up BASE jumping, skydiving, or something else ridiculously dangerous and die feet first with adrenaline rushing through my veins.

    They say better to try than never know.

    I say better to try and succeed.

    Also, I re-post this video, because this guy is a fuckin' paraplegic, grade-A badass:

    Note that 15 seconds in, he gets guard. Without any legs.

    Its hard enough for me to get guard with two legs, I can't imagine what its like with none.

    Watching this guy work is art in motion.

    That guy certainly didn't buy into people saying he couldn't do anything. He just gets guard on them and beats them with the stick he mounted into his wheelchair.

    Incidentally, Krav Maga is a lot of fun. Been doing it for a while myself. Its like taking 20+ years of other martial arts disciplines and condensing it down to a rapid-learning variant for people who just want to the learn the self-defense part of martial arts.
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  5. Razilin, I am very impressed with how much you have accomplished. :D That's just plain awesome, and you are the person to beat.
    That said, both you and I are very different in our life experiences, and thus we have different views.

    The man whom you linked the vid of (damn amazing, btw), after whatever caused his paraplegia, must have worked so hard to overcome that, learning his alternate martial arts that will work with his missing limbs that still allows him to be as good if not better than able-bodied people. That's so darn impressive.

    I am a legally blind person. I have no sight in one eye, and barely enough to read with my face two inches from the screen in the other. I have my views because, frankly, there are things that I CANNOT do, because there is no exercise that i can do to make my eyesight better, or to make up for what I lack. I can't drive. I can't go places without a white cane. I can't be in the army, or in certain fieids of work. Unless I get some sort of magical surgery for my condition, which doesnt exist yet, nothing can make my eyesight better. And I used to HATE that.

    Now, I don't. Because Im not going to waste my time woeing over what I can't do, and instead focus on what I can do. I am a musician. I love to fiddle with electronics and produce other people's music. I love to write and read, and criticize films with my friends. I love to run to keep myself in shape. And I love math and engineering. Those things that are within my purview of ability are what keeps me from the angst of disability.

    as the slightly vulgar saying goes, different strokes for different folks. Our views are shaped by our experiences in life, and I totally respect (and admire ; - ;) yours. :)
  6. Fair enough, but don't dare short change yourself.
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  7. "When there is nothing you can do, look inward and move forward"

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  8. Choose your battles

    Words hurt, a lot. Most of us have been hurt by careless words, so before you get mad or spew at someone, consider if what you're upset over is really important enough to risk hurting someone's feelings, or damaging your relationship with them.
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  9. “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” -- Albus Dumbledore.

    (or anything he says)
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  10. Medication isn't always a bad thing. In fact, medication, won't always make you a zombie. Or feel like one. I am trying to come to terms with that, considering, I've realized my condition needs to be medicated as normal therapy just won't keep the emotions at bay. So, if you've got mental issues; consider on seeing a psych for medication. Especially if it comes with migraines.

    Also, don't stop eating. Keep eating. If you stop for a long enough period of time, then recover, you have to teach yourself how to poop again. That's hard, and embarrassing to admit.
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  11. A man who Limits his interest, Limits his life. ~Vincent Price

    I have always tried to have an open mind about everything. I know my limits as a person, But from experience I have learned that My interests, the more they broaden, the fuller I have felt about life. There is SO MUCH just waiting to be discovered by you and the access to it is becoming easier and easier by the day.

    Don't let anyone tell you that you are too ambitious, for its not in ambition that hurts you, It is in the not understanding of your own Limits that will lead you to failure. When you know your own limits you can push them accordingly, expand your Humility, and evolve yourself and your life.​
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  12. Change your thoughts, and you change your world. ~Someone Somewhere​
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  13. Cynicism's like salt. Too much or too little's a terrible thing. You have to have just the right amount for things to work.
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  14. You can demand courtesy, but respect, you must earn.
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  15. "No one is coming to save you." -NATHANIEL BRANDEN
    ( So do it yourself! -me)
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    Seriously, hear me out - not just for me, but for you, too. I live in a very small town in a small county that has its own issues, and because of a specific few, people believe that they can't do anything with their lives and they can't leave the place. So, they stay here with some shitty job and settle for some asshole of a person just because they think they won't find anybody else. Because they're afraid of being alone forever, when OH MY GOD IF YOU JUST GET OUT OF THE PLACE YOU'LL REALIZE THE WORLD HAS SO MUCH TO OFFER UGHHHHhgsihgwrkghwrh


    Like, fine, stay in your birthplace if you really love the place. But please, do everyone a favor - most importantly, do YOURSELF a favor and DO NOT SETTLE for a man or a woman that only hurts you or you only hurt each other or the relationship just makes you guys miserable and it ain't working out. Seriously. My best friend has done it - currently is doing it. I've watched my sisters go through assholes, one of them still dealing with one. And most importantly my own mother who is in a relationship where seriously - not even kidding - 1 in every 5 of their fights is about Instagram where he does not like the content she posts or comments on or whatever. It's seriously so irritating and upsetting that I don't want him in our house again. But anyways.

    And I've watched tons of other people settle, too. Just take one look at the place and you'll see it.

    It's literal bullshit.

    So yeah. Sorry if this wasn't exactly the right place to post this, but these are my words of wisdom for all of you. Respect yourself enough to get out of a bad relationship. Be strong enough for yourself. And it's normal to feel bad about wanting out or getting out, but it is NOT okay to stay in a toxic relationship. You do NOT have to feel bad about removing yourself from any toxic relationship or situation. Just fuckin' do it.

    P.S. Sorry for the cussing. It's just a... passionate subject for me. :relieved:
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  17. No need to apologize, I thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. you never know who is watching and may benefit from these sort of things, its absolutely and uplifting message to tell others not the settle for just anything when the world offers all that it does.
    <3 Excellent Advice imho.
  18. "If you are getting frustrated, it means you haven't given up"

    -I don't know who, just heard it from someone.
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  19. @Fijoli Muchas gracias. c: Glad it reached someone <3
  20. [​IMG]
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