Iwaku's Treatment of New Members

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What causes some New Members to have a bad time here?

  1. It's the Staff's job. They should educate Newbs before letting them into the Cbox and posting areas

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  2. It's the members fault. We're not helping the Staff to make the forum a welcoming place.

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  3. It's the fault of Newbs. They shouldn't come here if they're that dumb.

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  4. It's the Forum's fault. It's layout is causing a lot of the problems.

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  1. Astaroth smiled and picked her up. "Of course."
  2. "Safest would be home."
  3. "I don't have a home anymore.." Anya mumble, completely heart broken.
  4. Astaroth carried her down the hall to the room, from before.
  5. Melissa fell asleep quick fast only to wake up in cold sweat, "Too loud.. there's suffering everywhere... without the guardian angels, the world is falling apart..."
  6. "She's probably with him."
  7. Melissa stare at him blankly.
  8. "Take me home." Anya mumble.
  9. Lucius held her close and vanished with her.
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  10. "Mmm.." she gently snuggle him and slowly fall asleep.
  11. Lucius leads her to the bathroom and began running te water.
  12. Astaroth whispered quietly. "I need to run."
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  13. "Ok. I love you daddy." She mumble softly.
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  14. "Anya?!" He shouted in worry as he knelt over her.
  15. "Straight for the cookies." Astaroth took out a handkerchief and wiped her mouth.
  16. Melissa yawn and streched herself, "Mmm.. it was a nice.. nap."
  17. "Yes." Lucius sat the clothes on the bed before going and picking up Anya.
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  18. "And Kuna doesn't like me."
  19. "Maybe, maybe not yet."
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