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    Hello, Iwaku people!

    Welcome to our bi-monthly event, Iwaku's Sunday Tunes! This event is hosted by yours truly on plug.dj twice a month. For each event, we have a theme and they will be listed as their respective day approaches. You are also welcomed to use the room whenever you want.

    Everyone is invited to join, either to listen to music or to listen AND play music! That's right, everyone can be a DJ. I've prepared a tutorial below to help you set up a playlist. There are a few simply rules:

    • Stay in theme: we want everyone to be able to enjoy themselves, and staying in-theme contributes to that! It's okay if it's not your favourite genre, there will always be another plug that you can attend.
    • Maximum 10 minutes: Some songs are really. really long! Therefore we are limiting the song length to 10 minutes maximum. If your song is longer than that, it will be skipped after 10 min by a moderator present. You can also self-skip at any time!
    • Respect Iwaku rules: We're all here to have fun, listen to music in a relaxed environment, and chit chat. Heavy topics (like politics) are best kept out of the plug.dj chat. Remain respectful and polite!
    • Hosts/Managers/Bouncers: There are different roles on plug.dj and they all have purple names! Only Iwaku staff will have purple names. They can skip other DJs' songs, kick, ban, and a plethora of other things.
    • Trolls songs: Please avoid troll songs unless they're indeed in-theme.

    • Dates & Themes

      Sunday April 15 @ 15h00 EDT (GMT-5)
      Theme: Local Gems

      Sunday April 29 @ 15h00 EDT (GMT-5)
      Theme: Hidden Gems

    • Sunday January 7 @ 15h00 EDT (GMT -5)
      Theme: Karaoke This!

      Sunday January 21 @ 15h00 EDT (GMT -5)
      Theme: 60's Wave

      Sunday February 4 @ 15h00 EDT (GMT-5)
      Theme: Love Is In The Air

      Sunday February 18 @ 15h00 EDT (GMT-5)
      Theme: 70's Groove

      Sunday March 4 @ 15h00 EDT (GMT-5)
      Theme: Disney Songs

      Sunday March 18 @ 15h00 EDT (GMT-5)
      Theme: Irish & Drinking Songs

    • In the next tabs, you will have a tutorial on how to set up to participate in plug.dj! The next post will contain more details on how to make a playlist.

    • Once you click on the link, you'll get a few prompts to show you around. If you want to see avatars dancing and all that, make sure to select AVATAR MODE:


      If this is your first time ever, you will be in Guest Mode. This means you can chill around and enjoy, but you won't be able to participate much more than that.


      When all the prompts are done, you will be able to Sign Up (bottom arrow). You can sign up with Facebook or with your email. Personally I prefer Facebook - it's non-invasive and you don't have to remember your password. You can choose your username as well, it will NOT display your real name from Facebook!


      Now that you're logged in, you can start enjoying the additional features.
      The yellow arrow at the bottom: click on there to change your avatar. More details on how to get additional avatars will be explained in the next tab!
      The orange arrow: Woot: to make your avatar dance, and basically give a +1 to the currently playing song. Grab: save this song on a playlist; personally I've made a playlist "New things" for new songs I wanna save and not lose in my ten million other playlists. Meh: the opposite of Woot, a thumbs-down to the song playing.
      The red arrow: this is where you will start making your playlist! Check out my next post to see how it's done.

      screen4 resize.png

      You're all set now! Head to the next tab for more details on where to find the nitty-picky details on Plug.DJ's features.

    • Remember when you clicked on your Avatar at the bottom of the page, in image #4? Here's what you'll see.

      In the yellow rectangle, you have you total Plug.DJ points. Experience points are gained through wooting, DJing, and simply being present in an active Plug.DJ room. There is a cap for daily Plug.DJ points, so even if you stay 24/7 in a room it won't go higher faster.
      The red arrow shows you the different "styles" of avatars. They're set in Level order (which you increase with the EXP gained) and while some are free, others need to be bought using Plug.DJ points or even with real money. You cannot buy an avatar that is of a higher level than your current level.


      In this next slide, you can see where you are able to buy avatars. You can also buy Badges, which are the little icons next to your name in the chat.
      The orange arrow shows you where to go to buy them, and the red arrow shows you which categories you can choose from. The required level for each is also indicated.


      When you click on My Profile, you can track your levelling up, set a status, and see what's up next for the upcoming levels. You can also see how much Plug.DJ points you have.
      You click on Back to Community to return to the currently playing music video!


      Okay, this following image is a level higher than the other stuff! Here you'll see how you can favourite a community and be sure to always have access to it, through mobile and when you don't have the link handy.

      See the purple star to the left of the title of the song currently playing? When it's full like this, it's when you've favourited a community. If it's the outline only, it's not favourited.
      By clicking on the Plug.DJ logo on the top left corner, you have that pop-up menu on the side that slides up. Click on Communities. You will then see a bunch of Public communities by anyone who uses Plug.DJ. You won't find IwakuRoleplay, because it's currently set as a private community (accessible through link only). Public communities can be joined by anyone.
      If you click on the FAVORITES (green arrow) tab, you'll get the list of all the communities you've favourited along with any community you've created. You'll see a preview of what's currently playing and how many people are active at the moment.

      Important note: if you are using the Plug.DJ mobile app, you must have favourited a community to be able to join it. Unless that's changed in the recent past.


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  2. Making Plug.DJ Playlists

    First step is to click at the bottom of the page, the purple square with the "list" (see red arrow on image #4 in previous post).

    There will be a menu that'll cover your screen and allow you to start creating your playlist.

    Step one is to click on Create. You will need to enter a playlist name. It can be anything you want and no one will ever see your playlist names. I'd suggest though naming them according to what you'll be playing, this way you'll find your way around more easily if you end up making a bunch of playlists.


    Now that your list is created, you'll find that it's empty and in need of filling! In the top bar (red arrow) you can type your song title/artist. There is only one page per search, so you'll want to be precise about what you're looking for.

    You can search either through Youtube or Soundcloud, or important a list from your Youtube account (green arrow). I'll show you how to import from your Youtube account at the end!


    Once you find your song (red rectangle) make sure it's the right version. What I do is copy-paste the title right from Youtube so I don't end up with a weird cover or live version. When you hover over the song, you'll see a little + sign (green arrow) and you'll want to scroll down until you find your right playlist (orange arrow). You can also click+drag to the playlist. You can have a maximum of 200 songs per playlist. Once a playlist is done, it starts over from the start. Red-coloured titles mean they've been played in the last 4 hours, either by you or someone else.


    Your playlist is done! To be able to play, you have to click on Activate (orange rectangle). You then press on the little V arrow to return to the dancing avatars, and click the "Join DJ queue" button on the left side of the current DJ!


    On this image, the red arrow shows you where you can click to view previously played songs, and the green arrow is to skip your currently playing song.
    Note: you can also click on your own avatar while it's DJ'ing to skip a song. I currently use an extension for Plug.DJ, so some things might look different on my end. If you are interested in adding it, it's called Radiant Community Extension.

    screen13 resize.png

    Importing From Your Youtube

    If you have an existing playlist on youtube that you would like to use, you will have to grab your Channel ID. What is a channel ID? It took me a while to figure it out, because I don't have a YT username, it's just my Google+ account.

    Here's how to find your Youtube channel ID (see red rectangle in the URL bar):


    Once you've copy-pasted that, you enter it in the following screen on Plug.DJ:


    Once it's imported, you can add/delete/move around the songs as much as you like. You can also rename the playlist.

    I hope this helps! Don't hesitate to ask questions here if you're encountering issues creating a playlist or joining the room.
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  3. Hey everyone! It's plug.dj time :D
    Today's theme: Karaoke this -- songs you know so well you could sing them flawlessly at a karaoke!
  4. We're now live for the 60's Wave plug.dj! Come join, even if you don't have any playlists ready :D
  5. Wassup guys! Plug.dj is back for February!

    This upcoming Sunday February 4 the theme is: Love Is In The Air! With Valentine's Day so close, play all your favourite love songs!
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  6. Gettin' GrooOooOOOvy baby!

    Iwaku's Sunday Tunes is up this Sunday with the theme 70's Groove! Prepare all your best and favourite songs from 1970 to 1979! All genres welcome :3
  7. [​IMG]

    Joiiiiiin us for plug.dj on March 4 for the most wonderful theme of them all,

    Disney songs!!

    Come let out your inner princess or your inner villain, and share your favourite Disney songs with us! Disney songs can be from: animated movies, live action movies, Broadway plays, TV shows, and probably video games too. Go wild and sparkle sparkle sparkle!
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  8. [​IMG]

    Join us on March 18 for a late Saint-Patrick's Day party on Plug.DJ, with the theme,

    Irish and drinking songs!

    Anything from Irish Rovers to songs about getting drunk with your friends, bring out your inner Irish greenness!
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  9. Knock knock, who's there?

    Join us this Sunday April 15 for our monthly afternoon of music, this time with the theme Local Gems!
    Local gems are songs from artists from your hometown or state, so come share those artists you love that are from where you live! (For non-Americans, national artists totally fit the theme too!)

    Looking forward to seeing you guys :)
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