Iwaku's server and how data is protected

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  1. I am sure at least some people are curious about Iwaku's server and how backups are handled. If this doesn't cover any questions feel free to ask here or message me.

    The specs on the server are the following, a few more details are near the end of the post:

    • Quad Core Xenon E3-1230 V2 3.3 GHz
    • 8GB of RAM
    • 2 x 240GB SSD's in RAID1 with the ability to add 2 extra drives and/or double the capacity of the existing drives
    • Case/Motherboard are manufactured by Supermicro
    • 1 Gbit connection to the internet
    • 1 Gbit connection to internal datacenter services
    • Located in Chicago, IL
    • cPanel Control Panel
    • CloudLinux
    • LiteSpeed Web Server

    I am sure backups are something more of you are concerned about after the unfortunate incident that happened to another role play site recently and also to Iwaku years ago. Iwaku and every other site on the server have multiple redundancies to hopefully guarantee that data loss will not happen.

    1. There are two hard drives in the server that are configured to be redundant. This means one hard drive can fail without anything besides maybe a bit of performance loss until it gets replaced.

    2. On site backups are scheduled for approximately every three hours. Sometimes they fall behind a bit but there should almost always be multiple backups made in a 24 hour period.
    • These backups are scheduled currently for approximately 3AM, 6AM, 9AM, 12PM, 3PM, 6PM, 9PM, 11PM.
    • They are stored on a fully redundant SAN (storage area network)
    • All backups are maintained for at least a week and one backup a day is currently retained for approximately 21 days.
    • Backups can be restored without significant impact to other sites.
    3. Off site backups are now enabled on the server once a day.
    • They are encrypted and sent to a provider located in the suburbs of Chicago approximately 20 miles away.
    • Their servers all have redundant storage requiring three hard drive failures minimum to result in data loss.
    • They currently are scheduled for 2AM but may need to change depending on how long they take to run as time goes on. I just recently added this so there is a bit of experimentation involved.
    • Backups are set for a retention of 21 days.
    • This service is funded with a different source than the server/on site backups to prevent issues with one card/bank potentially resulting in all services being terminated.

    More details about random things:
    • CloudLinux allows hosting other sites on the server without risking them potentially bringing down Iwaku by limiting the max CPU/RAM/Disk Activity/etc. that they can spike to. Iwaku has its own restrictions but they are primarily to make it so if something goes wrong I can still log into the server to fix things and also so everyone else has at least decent quality of service until the issue is fixed.
    • LiteSpeed is a webserver with drastically increased performance while still maintaining compatibility with cPanel so that anyone else using the server can easily understand things.
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