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    An Idea came to mind... "What if we set up a pokemon event for all the Pokemon lovers out there where you had to run a gauntlet of battles, going against different Iwaku members who were the Gym Leaders, and Finally the Elite Four and Champion!"

    What this would be:

    Iwaku members signing up to be Gym Leaders following the same rules as they do, picking a type and using pokemon of that type.
    Iwaku members signing up to be an Elite Four Member following the same rule as they do, picking a type and using pokemon of that type.
    Iwaku members signing up to be the Champion, making a balanced team to challenge the players.

    As players:
    Players who can complete all 13 battles will be put into a Pokemon Tournament, organized by me, to compete for a grand prize that I would decide on closer to the actual tournament itself. The first 8 players to complete the event would be entered into the tournament, and the victor would walk away with the prize and bragging rights of being Iwaku's champion!!

    Sign up Now!!!

    Rules About your TEAM
    1. No Legendary Pokemon On Your Team
    List of Banned Pokemon (open)

    2. No Duplicate Pokemon On Your Team
    3. No Duplicate Items On your Team
    4. Teams are LOCKED and Cannot be changed once Submitted
    4a. Meaning you pick 6 pokemon, and that is who you battle all gym leaders with, and who you will submit for the pokemon tournament at the end. Switching a Pokemon from your team Requires you to start the challenge all over again starting with the first Gym Leader.
    5. Pokemon Base Stat Totals May NOT Exceed: 3,700
    *Meaning of this rule is that the total of your Base Stats of all 6 of your pokemon cannot exceed the 3,800 Limit.
    Example of Base Stat Total (open)


    6. Your Team must comply with Kalos Battle Rules, meaning that moves and Mega-Evolutions must be found within the X/Y Games. This is the list of Mega Evolutions that can be used:
    Mega Evolutions (open)

    Mega Venusaur
    Mega Charizard X
    Mega Charizard Y
    Mega Blastoise
    Mega Alakazam
    Mega Gengar
    Mega Kangaskhan
    Mega Pinsir
    Mega Gyarados
    Mega Aerodactyl
    Mega Ampharos
    Mega Scizor
    Mega Heracross
    Mega Houndoom
    Mega Tyranitar
    Mega Blaziken
    Mega Gardevoir
    Mega Mawile
    Mega Aggron
    Mega Medicham
    Mega Manectric
    Mega Banette
    Mega Absol
    Mega Garchomp
    Mega Lucario
    Mega Abomasnow
    Games That Can Be Used
    Pokemon X
    Pokemon Y
    Pokemon Omega Ruby
    Pokemon Alpha Saphire
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  2. Gym Leaders~!!
    Gym Leader 1: @Xnijmai Type-BUG DRAFT SUBMITTED
    Gym Leader 2: @HellCrescent Type-Ghost (Team Needs Submission)
    Gym Leader 3: @Hospes Type-Ice DRAFT SUBMITTED
    Gym Leader 4: @Mahariel Type-Psychic (Team Needs Submission)
    Gym Leader 5: @R E I Type-Dragon (Team Needs Submission)
    Gym Leader 6: @Opal Type-Grass (Team Needs Submission)
    Gym Leader 7: @Sen Type-Water CONFIRMED
    Gym Leader 8: @Moonlit Blade Type-Ground (Team Needs Submission)

    Elite Four Member 1: @Yatagarasu Type-Fairy DRAFT SUBMITTED
    Elite Four Member 2: @Opal Type-Dark DRAFT SUBMITTED
    Elite Four Member 3: @Mahariel Type-Poison DRAFT SUBMITTED
    Elite Four Member 4: @Moonlit Blade Type-Steel CONFIRMED
    Champion: @F0X CONFIRMED

    Gym Types Still Open!
    Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ground, Rock, Ice, Bug, Dragon, Ghost, Dark, Steel, Fairy
    What does it take to by a Gym Leader?
    1. Only use Pokemon of One type. Duel type Pokemon are fine and encouraged as much as uni-type Pokemon.
    2. List Your Availability. Clearly Gyms aren't going to be available all the time, but we are going to need Gym Leaders who are available to battle with contestants regularly! So please, list what times you are not open for battling. Having too little availability may have your submission to become a gym leader rejected.

    1. Gym Leaders Will have a team of 6 Pokemon, but they shall only use 4 of them in Battle! It puts them at a disadvantage, but also adds a variety to each battle, making it challenging in its own way.
    2*. Gym Leaders May NOT exceed a Base Stat Total of: 3,200
    3*. Elite Four Members May NOT exceed a Base Stat Total of: 3,500
    *Meaning of this rule is that the total of your Base Stats of all 6 of your pokemon cannot exceed the Values for your Gym.
    Example of Base Stat Total (open)


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  4. oh my gosh I am SO UP FOR THIS

    Question: what would the difference be in terms of gym leader versus elite four? Are gym leaders only allowed to have a certain strength/level of Pokemon like in the games, or does everyone have level 80, competitively bred/trained Pokemon?
  5. YES! Thanks for your question! So, the way I saw it, Battles are going to Make pokemon level 50, so everyone should have a team of 6, at minimum, level 50 pokemon. The players who know they are more competitive should look to fill an Elite Four roll rather than a Gym Leader roll, but by no means does EVERYONE have to have a min/maxed bred/trained team. Gym Leader's will have their Type Listed on this thread for players to see, so they will know what type you have going in, giving them a slight edge from the start. The Gym Leaders and Players should make their teams as competitive as they want. The contestants who do the extra work will go the extra mile, same as Gym Leaders.
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  7. ewbFT9s.gif Wow!!! This seems like a really awesome idea!!!!
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  8. I'll take an E4 or Champion roll. I don't really do single-type Pokemon, but I can do Ghost, most likely. I've got a team (and can make a team) of IV-bred EV-trained Pokemon.
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  9. @F0X
    I'd love to claim an E4 position then! I have always wanted to put a Dark type team together. ;v; I can bring back my old, horrible, miserable Sableye. And Weavile, of course!
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  10. I'll lock you into E4 with Ghosts!

    I will lock you into E4 with Dark!
  11. After Discussion with @Moonlit Blade I have put him down for Final E4 member Dragon.
  12. @F0X

    Can I be put down as a Water-type Gym Leader? c:
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  13. Got you in as a Water-Type Gym Leader! Looking forward to seeing your team!
  14. Question, is this on Pokemon showdown? If so, I'll take a gym leader spot as the eighth gym leader with Flying Pokemon, please :D
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  15. Pokemon Showdown wouldn't be a bad idea, you could even record the battles and such.
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  16. And of course, live spectators too!
  17. B-But all my hard work with training ; _ ;
  18. If it's on DS, I can't participate though ;-;
  19. I am the Steel-type gym leader.
  20. I can go for Fairy E4 or Gym Leader
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