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  1. So I wanna run a Grail War based on the Fate/Stay Night franchise, but I'm not sure if it is feasible to run in Iwaku. I've been mulling it over and I've been creating systems for forum play that solve combat resolution. Otherwise, I just don't think you can run a heavily PVP game like this on the honor and plotting system our freeform games have.

    Also, a lot of the war is scheming and keeping your trump card secret until you're ready/pushed into using it. So that might get in the way of the forum posting experience.

    What is a Grail War, you ask?
    In the simplest of terms, a grail war is a ritual to recreate the holy grail which grants any wish.
    It is composed of 7 Masters contracted to 7 servants.
    The 'Masters' are mages or people chosen by the grail.
    They are marked by red sigils called 'command seals' on their right hands.
    These 'Command seals' that allow them to command their Servants.
    'Servants' are the spirit of 'Heroes', legendary figures of the world's history and myths.
    They are divided into 7 classes: Saber, Lancer, Archer, Caster, Rider, Berserker, and Assassin.
    Servants are summoned by Masters to fight the other pairs participating in the ritual.
    They must all fight until one team, a master and his contracted servant, remains.
    That team gets their wish granted.

    If I do run one, would people be interested?

    If so, how should I run it? As an arena? In Fuyuki? With a dice system? Completely Freeform?

    I'll need opinions.
  2. I'm claiming the Rider Class

    It's mine, all mine.
  3. I'll be honest, I have no clue how you'd run this, but my own group has tossed around some thoughts of doing a grail war ourselves, so I applaud your attempt. I'm not sure if I'd join in, but if I did, it'd probably be as a Master who is a traditional Mage more interested in seeking out the Akashic Record and pursuing their own personal research than in "helping the Einzberns with their little ritual."

    I don't think you'd need to set it in Fuyuki, but some form of city setting would be a good idea. The Masters and Servants need to be free to move around, establish bases, and otherwise do things other than just fight or the like. A big part is, as you said, about plotting and alliances and so-on. So it'd be best if it's not set up to just become a stand-up brawl.

    I think I'd second the use of dice, although I'm sure it could work completely freeform, but it would likely need a lot of planning behind the scenes between fight participants. No dice mean that people can focus on making a story just so without any upsets in which said dice don't cooperate. However, dice are the ultimate arbitrator in cases when both parties want to win.
  4. Yeah, I actually ran and finished 2 grail wars with my real life group. Currently running a third set in a fictional american town, using heavily homebrew modified nwod gmc + scion rules. That system, while it covers all the action, is a bit too crunchy for forum play. Character creation would be a hassle too.

    I wanted to try a different approach with different people. Forum play is proving to be quite the challenge, though. I just wanna know people's preferences before I begin.

    But if you're curious, I ran my grail wars using instant messengers and by separating players from each other, only giving them information on the other players dependent on their actions and their rolls. Also there was complete anonymity at the start of the game, and people spent time trying to figure out their enemies and setup bases, make friends with the locals etc etc
  5. That's a pretty ambitious set-up, but I can see how it'd work well. It'd be a bit hard to do in a forum, but keeping metagaming to a minimum would be important. If you want to keep most things secret, you might want to request people PM their characters to you rather than post them where everyone can see them. Especially in the case of Servants, at least for their Noble Phantasms, true identity, etc.

    Definitely too involved of a system to use here. I've entertained thoughts of doing something with dice as well, but I'd probably make it a very simple thing where whoever wins a quick roll-off has the upper hand, rather than trying to get things very detailed. It's easy to do, but the more rolls it takes, the more things would be dragged out in a strange way. It's much easier to do a lot of rolls in a chat than it is on a forum, so adapting to it would be necessary.
  6. I don't plan on using the above setup though - It requires a lot of scheduling and individual one on one roleplays, it's better suited as a chat roleplay. I'm not sure I can manage that for this game. Also I'd like to keep stats and crunch to a minimum, so that we don't have to roll for every action.

    Most likely though I'd just have the players post 'public' character sheets that detail the masters, and have the servants hide their noble phantasms and real names. The 'private' character sheets are PM'd to me for approval.

    I was thinking that people simply have to roll a d100 whenever they post, and I only interject (as GM) whenever they fail to achieve the goal of their post. In combat I would actively be an arbiter in the thread, determining injury and advantage depending on the die results. The die rolls will be modified by post details (ie if the environment was used, if additional equipment was used, if a weakness was abused etc) and the skills/abilities(to be determined at character creation) of the characters involved, mostly considerations only I (the GM) have to worry about.

    Everyone else simply has to make their post coherent and interesting (which will give them additional dice bonuses on top of their skills) then roll a single die every time.

    To accommodate this, people determine their stats using a simplistic 'rank this skill from highest to lowest value' using a preset amount of points, like a point buy system. I'm thinking these stats will be in the private character sheets pm'd to me. Public character sheets will only detail generalizations of skills, background and appearance.
  7. Sounds like a pretty solid system you've got there.

    I remembered a few other ideas I've had for Masters, so now I'd have choices there and could probably make it interesting in a few ways.
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  8. i would love to join this i have been looking for a good and organized grail war rp and this seems like the place
  9. I'll probably set this somewhere outside Fuyuki so I can change some things from the base Nasuverse.

    Also, I'd need more interested people before I can even start an OOC.
  10. thats fine by me and i got some friends on here who are fate stay night and fate zero fan and i can see if they would be interested in an rp.
  11. I'd probably give it a go, since I've got a couple ideas for masters I could try. I'm probably more familiar with Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai than F/SN when it comes to Nasu stuff, but I don't think it'd be that big of a deal. I certainly do get the gist of things. And I could always play one of those Masters who doesn't have a clue if I'm really worried about a lack of lore knowledge tripping me up.
  12. Don't worry I'm trying to make it as accessible as I can (That's what I meant by changing some nasuverse things) I'll make sure to explain only the stuff people need to know.

    Right now, I have a list of things I'm keeping:

    - Masters are chosen by the grail because of their capacity to do magic, so it will select seven mages. The Grail will select masters within the city at which the ritual is being performed. If there are not enough mages, the grail chooses the next best candidates. These candidates are usually people with magic potential, but haven't explored it/haven't taken formal spell craft.

    - Masters need to provide their servants prana/mana/qi/some kind of magical energy to keep it in existence. The setting I'm planning to use has a schism of magical thought, so people can't quite agree what to call the energy yet. This is also to allow for creativity/wider diversity of masters. You can have all sorts of magic styles, and you can use various means to keep your servants 'fed'.

    - Masters control their servants using 3 command seals located somewhere on their body. For as long as they have at least one of these command seals, the Servant is bound by contract to obey the master. It also allows the servant to receive prana directly from the master. Each command seal looks like some kind of rune unique to the master imprinted on their skin. Whenever another master is nearby, the command seals will glow and emit a stinging heat.

    - The command seals also act as a failsafe when used. You can force your servant to do something your servant wouldn't normally do, such as: act against their virtues, boost their abilities, or perform minor miracles not normally linked to their legend (Like Saber seemingly teleporting from the house to catch a falling Shiro in the fate route). However, each time you do this, a command seal disappears.

    - If you use up all command seals, the contract is broken and the servant can do whatever it wants - however, it no longer receives prana and must sustain itself with its own means to maintain its existence.

    - Servants are spirits that take the form of characters regarded as heroes/myths/legends from humanity's past, present or future. They must be/have been/will be 'real persons' within the setting. Spiderman, Superman or <anime character> can't be summoned as a servant.

    - Servants must have at least one noble phantasm : A technique, artifact or supernatural power that represents their legend/heroism. For Example, King Arthur has Excalibur, Lam-ang has his rooster and white dog, etc etc

    - A servant must fall within one of the 7 classes:
    Saber - for servants who use swords/fight at short range. They tend to have balanced stats overall.
    Lancer - For servants who fight with spears/fight at short - to-mid range. They tend to be fast and have excellent offensive abilities.
    Archer - for servants who fight at range. They tend to be precise and quick.
    Rider - for servants who ride mounts. They tend to have powerful noble phantasms.
    Caster - for servants who use magic. They tend to suck at standard combat, but can do other stuff like create territories, artifacts or creatures.
    Berserker - for servants who give up their sanity for a boost in strength. Tend to be hard to control, using up more prana to maintain than other classes.
    Assassin - for servants who use stealth. They tend to be a bit weaker at combat than others, but they have the ability to conceal their presence.

    - There can only be one hero of each class in a grail war. All seven classes must be used. The classes will be taken on a first come first serve basis. (In this case Rider has been taken)

    - For simplicity's sake, Servants in this game will always be in corporeal form. Even then Eating/Drinking/Breathing are not required, though ultimately this will be up to the player.

    - Each player plays a team consisting of a Master and Servant. They win by defeating the other 6 teams of master-servant pairs. A team is defeated if either the Master is killed or the Servant is discorporated. Last team standing wins.

    For now, depending on the city, I'm wondering about the 'concealing supernatural activity' rule. Will you guys be fine playing in a setting where magicians are required to keep magic secret?
  13. I'd be fine with magic being something to keep secret. It does put some interesting constraints on how everyone chooses their battles, in terms of when and where, and that could make things more interesting. I'm sure often enough there will be a convenient lack of witnesses, anyhow. I do like that you've opened up the whole mana/whatever thing a bit, as I'd considered an Alchemist as a master, but their whole thing is they do alchemy because they lack the magic circuits to do magecraft, and I'm not sure how that would really work in F/SN proper.
  14. thats fine by me and i was planning on probably playing the servant lancer or archer anyways so the master stuff doesnt matter to me
  15. Okay, so we'll have the 'keep supernatural stuff secret' rule in effect, and have a body that enforces this. I'm still deciding if I should use the church as per the nasuverse or use something else entirely.

    As for the alchemist idea, I was thinking scrapping the entire magical circuit gig and treating that as a 'magic style' rather than 'how all of magic works', which is why I put that rule up in the first place. The only real 'system' to watch out for is ensuring that your servant is 'fed' magical energy to keep it in play.

    I'll try to drum up more interest, though I'm happy I got two people on board.
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  17. That's why I said I'm loosely using some nasuverse things and adding some not nasuverse things lol. I just like the grail war concept.
  18. I heard Holy Grail War. owo Count me interested, everything so far looks pretty solid!
  19. Are you guys okay with a middle eastern setting? Would you prefer a western american or western european city? Do you still want to play in Fuyuki?
  20. Being a typical American pig, I'm not very familiar with settings outside of it (or Europe), at least as far as really portraying the culture. That said, I'm cool with just about anywhere. Doesn't need to be Fuyuki or anywhere else in Japan, and I'll say that Europe on the whole has that nice Old World feel that can mix well with ancient magical traditions, for my two cents.

    I think I can work in any setting, so I don't have any strong preference.
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