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  1. 1. The Dream Snatcher

    24 vote(s)
  2. 2. Beware of Mr. Federic

    0 vote(s)
  3. 3. The Bad Mommy

    11 vote(s)
  4. 4. The Tooth Fairy

    22 vote(s)
  5. 5. Courage over Bravery

    7 vote(s)
  6. 6. Tirck or Treat

    5 vote(s)
  7. 7. The 'Angel' on the Mantle

    10 vote(s)
  8. 8. The Child

    5 vote(s)
  9. 9. Runaway Thoughts

    1 vote(s)
  10. 10. The Boy, the Race, and the Wall

    2 vote(s)
  11. 11. Frannie Ferret and Bennie Badger

    8 vote(s)
  12. 12. A Fatal Rendezvous

    14 vote(s)
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    AkikoYukito (open)
    The Dream Snatcher

    “Jamie, I want you in bed no later than ten o’clock, do you hear me? Mikey you make sure he’s in bed by ten! No scary movies and no more candy tonight – or you’ll have nightmares! You know how your imagination runs away with you so. And Mikey, don’t you go scaring your brother.” Mom called as she and Dad headed toward the door. “You have mine and Dad’s cell numbers if you need to call. Love you boys.” She bid the two boys good-night as she and Dad slipped out the door. Mikey watched them leave from the window before he headed to the living room and shoved his younger brother aside on the couch. “Move it, Shrimp!” He said, earning an aggravated whine from Jamie, who argued that his brother wasn’t allowed to call him names. “I’m in charge now, so I can call you whatever I want. Now get out of the way of the TV; there’s a horror movie marathon coming on.” Mikey pushed Jamie away when he made an attempt for the remote.

    “Mom said no scary movies!” Jamie protested and tried to snatch the remote again. “Well you can’t watch ‘em anyway. Go to bed.” Mikey said, rolling his eyes and shooing him away. Jamie huffed and stomped his foot. “It’s not even nine o’clock yet!” He complained, but his older brother gave him a threatening look, so he scurried away; however, Jamie didn’t go to bed. Instead, he hid on the stairs, just within view of the television, and watched the movies over the back of the sofa. If Mikey got up, he went up a few steps and hid around the corner; but as the movie progressed, Jamie stopped paying attention to Mikey. “BOO!” His older brother jumped out from around the corner, making Jamie scream. “I thought I told you to go to bed. You know what happens to kids who don’t go to bed, don’t you? The Dream Snatcher comes and takes them when they fall asleep. And do you know what it does to them?” He asked; Jamie shook his head. “It… EATS THEM!” Mikey chased Jamie up the stairs and into his room where the little boy hid beneath the covers on his bed. Mikey laughed and turned out the light, shutting the door behind him and taunting “Sweet dreams.”

    For a while, Jamie dozed, tossing and turning. His dreams were haunted with monsters shrouded in shadows with long claws and sharp teeth. He woke to a noise across the room and sat up in his bed, squinting against the dark in the direction it had come from – the direction of his closet. “M-Mikey? Is that you?” He called, waiting a minute before speaking again. “M-Mom said not to scare me. If you do, I’ll tell!” Jamie threatened as the noise came again, louder. The little boy yanked his covers over his head; the doorknob jiggled and the closet door cracked open. All was quiet; the only sound he could hear was that of his own panicked breathing. He dared to peak out from under the edge of the blanket, to see if anyone was there. When he lifted up the covers to look out into his room, he could see by the door a large shadow. It was tall, so tall it had to hunch over not to touch the ceiling. “MIKEYYYYYY!” Jamie wailed beneath his covers. A moment later, the covers were jerked off of him, revealing his brother who was clearly angry. “What’re you screaming about? You’re supposed to be asleep!” He demanded, tossing the blankets back onto the bed. “Th-the Dream Snatcher! It came from the closet! It was gonna get me!” Jamie rambled in a fright, pointing at the closet door. Mikey sighed and opened the door to the closet. It was empty.

    “There’s nothing there, now go to sleep.” Mikey shut the door and left. Jamie still sat up in his bed, staring at the closet. Mikey hadn’t shut the door all way and it unnerved him. Quickly, he slid out of bed and ran across the room to close it. As he turned around, his eyes fell upon his baseball bat. If the Dream Snatcher came back, he could use his bat to defend himself before it could snatch him away to eat him. He took the bat back to his bed, clinging to it tightly under his covers. Jamie was about to fall back to sleep when he heard the noise again. He laid with his back to the rest of his room, eyes squeezed shut and hands firmly gripping the bat. He heard the door open, soft noises that were likely footsteps coming closer. When he could feel its presence looming over him, Jamie scrambled to his feet, swinging the bat wildly. The bat made contact with a crack and the Dream Snatcher lifted its arms to defend itself from the blows. Jamie kept swinging, screaming all the while. He didn’t even hear the Dream Snatcher as it began to scream back, calling out to him “Jamie! Jamie stop! It’s me!” After a few more blows, the Dream Snatcher fell to the floor. Jamie looked down at it from where he stood on his bed, slowly climbing down beside it. The Dream Snatcher didn’t move, even when he poked it with his bat.

    “Mikey? We’re home!” There came Mom’s call from downstairs. “Mom!” Jamie ran out of his room, dragging the bat behind him to the top of the stairs. Mom came up, frowning at him. “Jamie, why are you still up? I told you to be in bed by ten. It’s almost midnight.” She scolded. “No, Mom! The Dream Snatcher! He came to get me! He was gonna eat me! But I got him, I got him!” Jamie grabbed his mother’s hand and dragged her to his room. “What are you talking about? Jamie there’s no such thing as a Dream Snatcher. You watched that Halloween horror movie marathon didn’t you? When I expressly told you not to! Where is your brother? Wasn’t he watching you at all?” She followed her youngest son to his room, turning on the light. She shrieked at the sight before her. Not any Dream Snatcher, but Mikey lay on the floor in a puddle of blood. He was wearing a black costume with a mask. Mom turned to Jamie and saw the baseball bat had blood on it, putting two and two together. “Jamie, what did you do? Mikey!” She cried, rushing over to Mikey to hold him, sobbing. Dad arrived in the doorway, equally as horrified and upset as Mom. When he asked Jamie why he did it, Jamie answered “I guess I let my imagination run away with me.”

    Captain Scrubz (open)
    Beware of Mr Frederic

    Mr Frederic was a school teacher and he loved his job but the problem was that some pupils were sleepy in class. After talking to their parents he found out that they were playing video games, watching TV or using handheld video games in bed after they were told to sleep.

    Mr Frederic knew the parents were doing the best they could but always kept their parents in the loop but one day he was struck by lightning when he was leaving school. Mr Frederic is now a ghost who only appears in monitors around the world holding a sign saying “go to Sleep.”

    Mr Frederic thought he was doing a good thing telling kids to go to sleep but what he didn’t know is that any child seeing him makes their eyes fall out making them forever blind. We don’t know why this is but we can have many guesses.

    So when your mum and dad says it is time to sleep, go to sleep your parents know when he’s around.

    DapperDogman (open)
    The Bad Mommy

    Andrea cried, she always cried when her mother hit her, she was a bad mommy.
    Mommy drunk, she drunk her days away, after Daddy left she was always drinking.
    Daddy gave Andrea his eyes, and his smile, Mommy hated that smile.
    Mommy hit Andrea all the time, for the smallest things.

    Andrea cried louder than normal, she didn't stop when Mommy shouted, she hurt real bad this time.
    Mommy had broken Andrea's back, hitting her too hard with the stick, Andrea died in hospital.
    Mommy was locked away, she was sad now, she realised how mean she'd been, and she said sorry.
    Andrea didn't care, Mommy had killed Daddy, and now she'd killed Andrea too.

    Mommy had crashed her car, and killed Daddy.
    Daddy and Andrea were together now.
    Daddy's face was full of glass and metal now, and Andrea's back was all crooked.
    They were mad at Mommy for being so cruel.

    Mommy woke up when they snuck up on her.
    She looked at them with horror.
    She was trapped in her cell.
    The guards didn't even hear her scream.

    "Did you hear the story about the Bad Mommy?"
    "Yeah, they say she haunts bad parents, her body all cut and bruised"
    "They say she uses a stick to beat the bad parents"
    "They say she was killed by her own cruelty"

    Requiem (open)

    The Tooth Fairy, darkred There was a small child who while playing a game was injured and lost one of her baby teeth. Her parents, in an attempt to relieve her from her sorrows told her not to worry about it, and that she would grow a new tooth to replace the lost one. Not only that, but if she placed the tooth under her pillow, the tooth fairy would come and replace the tooth with a golden coin.

    So the girl did as her parents suggested, and in the morning found a shiny golden coin under her pillow. This made the girl excited, and she decided that so long as the teeth she lost were only her baby teeth, she could keep trading them for coins. From that point on, the girl went out of her way to lose her baby teeth, trading them one by one for coins until she had no more baby teeth to give.

    As her adult teeth began to grow in, she began to hear a voice whispering to her at night saying "Teeth, teeth, so many, now none." Each night the whispering came to her. When her teeth were fully grown in, the whispering changed and the voice said, "Teeth, teeth, we've traded before, we'll trade once more." The girl remembered that her parents told her that if she lost her teeth they would grow back, and she wanted the coins terribly, so she promised the voice more of her teeth.

    The next day, she let herself trip and one of her front teeth came out. Her parents seeing that she had lost her adult tooth informed her that she would never get that tooth back. The girl was very distraught by this, but put the tooth under her pillow anyway. The next morning she recieved her golden coin. However, she didn't wish to lose anymore of her teeth, and so she was careful. The following night, the voice called out to her, asking for her teeth. She replied "I cannot give you anymore of my teeth." And the voice told her "We've traded before, we'll trade once more!"


    The next morning, the parents found the girl sitting on her bed, she looked up at them with tears in her eyes, an empty mouth, and a small collection of golden coins in her hands.

    The Moral, gold Money can buy many things, but some things cannot be replaced. Not all trades are fair ones.


    Sora Blade (open)
    Courage Over Bravery

    I've seen many things. I've seen sickness, pain, and death, but nothing has ever terrified me more than what I witnessed one night deep in the forest. I was walking home when I first saw her, a little girl with pitch black hair and crystal like gray eyes. I should habe know something was off, the girl was wearing only an old dark blue night gown. She was staring up at the sky, the bright full moon to be exact.

    "Are you brave?" She asked, her whispered voice drifting on the breeze. I looked at her confused. "Sure kid, I'm as brave as they come." I answered with a chuckle "Then you are stupid." I was shocked. "What's that suppost to mean?" Iasked slightly angered. "Bravery is among the stupidest things a human can be. It is born of ignorance to danger and a selfish need to prove oneself."

    I had never heard someone, much less a child, say something like that, but before I could ask more she smiled "Are you afraid of death?" The air around us grew cold and the wind disapeared. The little girl was gone and in her place was a beast like I had never seen before. It's black fur was matted and it's fire like eyes peered into me as if watching my very soul. When I didn't answer it spoke, the voices of the girl and demonic beings overlapping and echoing threw the trees.

    "Come know brave one, answer me." I slowly took a step back but found it's yellowing claws at my neck. "I didn't think so." It laughted and realed back its hand, I couldn't think, and as the razor sharp nails came forward I did the only thing I could do. I smiled.

    The hand froze, blood dripped from my neck at from the tiny cut that had been made. "Smart girl." It sneered "to smile in the face of death is to smile in the face of fear. To have bravery is stupid, but to have courage is life changing." It dropped me and as I tried to catch my breath, it disapeared. It did not run, nor walk, not even fly it just d[BCOLOR=#080808]isapeared. I never clamed to be brave after that, and I still say courage saved me from deaths cold embrace.[/BCOLOR]

    Kitty (open)

    Once upon a time, in a land not very far away, there was a chubby little girl with blue eyes and satiny golden hair. The girl's name was Lucy. "Mommy! Mommy! It's dark now! Let's go!" In the girl's excitement she pulled her mother to the door, her pink princess dress swaying with her steps. On her arm she carried a plastic orange basket that was painted with black to look like a jack-o-lantern. The moon was full and glowing, and the dry, cool air was perfect for a trick-or-treating night. With a wide smile, Lucy ran to the doorsteps along the road to ding repeatedly at the doorbells. With a plop and a drop, her basket getting heavier and heavier. Her mother had to run after the little girl as she bounced from door to door, but as the bucket filled the girl began to slow down. No one else was out trick-or-treating, it was just her. When she reached the last doorstep she was very concerned, holding out her bucket she received her last treat.

    Walking back to her house, the little girl was confused, so she asked her mother, "Why had no one come to get candy?". Something was amiss, but her mother also had no answer for her. Fog had rolled in, and the moon was high. Shivering, the chubby little girl cuddled closer to her mothers leg. Lucy knew they were close to the house, but all the lights were off so she couldn't see. Her mother had to guide her up the steps and into the warm, familiar home she grew up in. As the mother fumbled with the keys, the little girl heard rustling behind her. Luckily, it was only a second after that the mother opened the door and flicked on the lights.

    Rushing into the warmth for safety, she then decided to check out the loot she got! When she looked down, she gave an ear piercing, terrified scream and fell to her knees. The bucket had been tossed across the room in her horror, and tumbling out of her trick-or-treating pail was... Dozens of boxed raisins. And laying right in the middle of it... A single roll of dental floss.

    Caramon Zero (open)
    The 'Angel' on the Mantle
    by James Caramon Harris

    The angel on the mantle,
    Sitting poised and true.
    Wax of body,
    And eyes of glass so large,
    Staring back at you.

    If you stare just long enough,
    You may be in for a shock,
    As she will blink her eyes at every strike of the clock.
    Her face will twist into an angry scowl.
    Her hands will lift to her ears.
    She'll let loose an awful howl,
    That'll send you into tears.

    She'll come down from her perch,
    And walk along the floor,
    To the little wooden church,
    At a quarter-past-four.
    She'll ring the tiny little bell,
    With a resounding 'ting-a-ling',
    Then unleash a miniature hell,
    Upon all the little things.

    She'll laugh and laugh as things go south,
    An evil grin creeping along her mouth,
    As everything you hold dear,
    Seems to vanish and disappear,
    When suddenly you hear,
    The chime of the grandfather clock,
    Saying the time is six-'o-clock,
    To which you'll hear an eerie scream,
    As the angel begins to seem,
    Less able to move than before,
    And the things upon the floor,
    Go back to where they lay,
    As in her tracks she is forced to stay.

    Yet when you snap off her head,
    And break her wing,
    Throw them in the fire,
    And hear her scream,
    Remember that she's still alive,
    As the dark soul is still trapped inside,
    Waiting for a day to seek revenge,
    For all of the things that you did,
    While she was trying to protect you from the thing,
    That she saw you were being.

    Now she waits upon the 'sil,
    Awaiting the day when she will,
    Be melted down and given a way,
    To carry out her revenge,
    And on that day,
    Your life will end,
    So listen to me, my friend:
    Melt her down and give her away,
    Make her into something that will show,
    Just what you know,
    And pray she'll never see the light of day,
    For should she find a way,
    You'll be the first to know.

    Please bear with me, my friend,
    For my tale may have a grizzly end,
    If you take my warning lightly,
    For there may come a day,
    While others are away,
    When your house will burn brightly.
    You'll scream from the flames,
    As they dance away,
    Fluttering so high,
    Into the sky,
    And then you'll see,
    What I meant, truthfully,
    Is that there's more in this world than you can see,
    And if only you'd had faith in me,
    To believe the words I'd said,
    Then you, my friend, wouldn't have ended up dead.
    For there are things in this world that cannot be explained,
    And are unable to be comprehended by the Human brain,
    Yet they exist, all the same.

    So if you choose,
    To refuse,
    My warnings about this world,
    Prepare to have your mind sent awhirl.
    As things begin to spin out of your control,
    You'll finally see,
    That what you thought,
    And what you knew,
    Are simply the ideas of a fool,
    Who fought and fought, yet all they wrought,
    In this world is no longer free,
    For the toll that must be paid,
    Is their very soul,
    On the other end of the blade.

    AbbieNoel (open)

    As a child, I was told a story that scared me to the point that I refused to sleep with the lights off for months. My father had entered to tell me a bed time story. He was grinning, as if he knew a secret that I did not.

    He began to speak, looking down at me with an evil smile as he spoke.

    "Somewhere, deep in the forest, you will find a house. It was said that a teenager known as Ana would visit there long, long ago. Her mother and father would drop her off at the house, where her aunt had lived at the time. When she entered the home, she found her aunt murdered, blood everywhere. She saw what looked to be a small, grinning child in the corner of the room. She heard a noise at the door, and when she turned to look back at the child, there was no one there. Ana began to scream, clawing at the door to try to open it. The door wouldn't budge, though. She grabbed a hatchet near the fireplace, trying her hardest to chop down the door. But she didn't even make a dent. That is when the small child attacked her.

    The mother and father came to pick their daughter up, considering it was getting dark and cold out. As they entered the door, they saw Ana on the floor. She had suffered a heart attack from fright. Her eyes and mouth were wide, as if she was screaming. There was a note next to her dead, cold body.

    It said: Not everyone is innocent."

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    AnglKate (open)

    Once there was a girl who had a fascination with anything horror or macabre. She was home alone one night and finished a horror movie marathon. Tired, she went upstairs to bed after checking all the doors. Deciding on reading one final horror story before she went to bed, she settled in for the night. Just as she was on the verge of sleep the sound of soft footsteps outside her doorway startled her awake. With flashlight in hand she crept out of her room to investigate. Afraid a burglar or a masked psycho killer might be loose in her home she went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife before checking every possible place in her home. Finding nothing she decided to cautiously return to her room to sleep. As she reached the top of the stairs she stood frozen as she saw her bedroom door slowly creak open and a pair of glowing eyes staring at her. Now afraid that the burglar or killer was in her room she turned to flee, but lost her footing. She let out a scream of surprise as she tumbled down the stairs. Her last image in life being her cat running from her room startled from her sudden yell.

    Moral of the story: Don't let your imagination get the better of you​


    Yuuki_Tatsunohi (open)

    There once was a boy who believed he could not be defeated. He had bested everyone in his school in everything. In games, competitions, grades. Anything he did, he won. Despite it being well known he was unbeatable, he constantly challenged anyone to try. And each time, he was victorious. Many felt he only did that to secure his title. Which, was in fact, the truth and he would not hesitate to point out.

    One day, as he called to anyone who would try and beat him, a girl stepped forward. "I challenge you to a race," she said. She pointed far down the field. "From the pine tree, all the way to the pole before the well, whoever crosses that pole first wins."

    The boy laughed. Races were easy, and the distance the girl suggested, while long, would be nothing for him. He had even beaten the girl before, in another race with his feet kicking dust in her face. Racing her again would be nothing for him.

    "Fine. Let's go." The boy and the girl got the the starting point and at the wave of a flag, were off. They ran down the designated track, the girl surprisingly keeping pace as compared to last time. But the boy wasn't letting that get to him; he pushed harder, keeping ahead of her. They drew closer to the pole before the well and at the last minute the girl slowed down, while the boy kept running, crossing the finish line.

    The boy laughed, continuing his run to show off. How stupid of that girl! No one can beat him! Now she has the weight of humiliation from twice defeat hanging from her shoulders. He laughed and ran, chanting, "Stupid girl! Stupid girl!" until he fell down the well.​

    * * *​
    Moral: Pride is your downfall.

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    Jorick (open)
    One day, after much begging and crying to her parents, Frannie Ferret got a computer of her very own. She got to explore the wonders of the internet like she'd always wanted: she had all the chatting with friends she could want and more cute pictures of kittens than she had ever seen before. Her parents warned her to be careful about what she told others on the internet because there were scary monsters out there who would pretend to be her friend, and that she must never ever tell them were she lived, but Frannie thought they were just being silly and just trying to scare her. She had fun on the internet all day long (aside from the time she spent at school, of course) and quickly forgot what her parents said, and she found a place where lots of different animals got together to talk, a place she grew to love and think of like a second home. It was called a forum, one of many on the internet, and it was much the same as any of the others. The fun and friendly animals were very welcoming, and soon Frannie Ferret felt just as close to them as the friends she knew from school.

    There was Sally Sparrow, a girl who was always happy to talk to everyone about every little thing happening in her life and put pictures of herself everywhere on the forum and sang like an angel. Derek Dog was a loyal friend who protected everyone and made all the forum animals feel like they were perfect just the way they were and chased off bad animals (like Catherine Catfish, who played a mean trick on gullible Ronald Raccoon). Then there was Thomas Tortoise, a gloomy fellow who only poked his head out of his shell once in a while to talk about how sad he was, but Frannie and the other animals did their best to cheer him up. Gary Goat just made jokes all the time, and he was the one to laugh the loudest at them, but that was okay because he made everyone's day better with his humor. And of course she couldn't help but adore Olivia Otter, who goofed around and made fun of all the animals, but they all knew it was just a joke and she apologized any time she hurt someone's feelings, so that was okay too.

    But Frannie's favorite was Benny Badger. He gave her advice when she complained about her school work or her parents, he always had nice things to say to her, and it seemed like everywhere she went on the forum Benny was there just a moment later. Sally Sparrow stopped coming to the forum one day, and that made Frannie very sad, so she went to talk to her best friend Benny about it. They started talking in a secret place where none of the other animals could see or hear, and he made her feel better about Sally being gone. After they had some more of these private talks, Benny told Frannie Ferret that she was pretty and that he liked her and wanted to be her boyfriend. She was very happy to hear this, because she'd been thinking the same about him! They had lots more of these secret talks as internet boyfriend and girlfriend, and Frannie told Benny all about her life, about her parents always being at work and her how her school was the worst ever and all about the neighborhood where she'd lived all her life. When her birthday came around Benny said he had a present for her, so Frannie told him where to send it and then she got a teddy bear in the mail! It was perfect and she had never been more happy in her whole life.

    Then one day she got a strange message from Benny Badger. It said "I'll see you soon," and it had a little heart at the end of it. Frannie Ferret thought it was some kind of joke, so she thought nothing of it and went to go watch a cute video of a kitten making a mess with its food. When the doorbell rang, Frannie ran off to answer the door because she thought it must be one of her friends coming over to play. She was very surprised when she opened the door and saw a huge, brown, furry beast towering over her with its sharp claws and sharp teeth all shining in the light. It had feathers stuck in the fur around its mouth, feathers that reminded Frannie of Sally Sparrow who had disappeared. The scary animal at the door was Benny Bear, not a badger after all, and he was very hungry. Frannie was not the first poor young girl he had tricked and made a meal of, and she would not be the last.

    As the big, shiny teeth closed around her, Frannie Ferret remembered the warning from her parents that she'd foolishly forgotten: be careful on the internet, because friends could be monsters in disguise.

    Red Velvet (open)
    Colours of pastel twirled gracefully over the smooth wooden planks of the ballroom and heels clacked endlessly as they pummeled its surface. At the front of the stage a band played an enchanting song, drowning the cries that the floor dared to whisper. Rich faces hid under jeweled masks, feigning the illusion of elegance and as if looking down upon innocence their crooked smiles laughed with tenacious animosity.

    Among them a young man, Ivan Harcourt doused himself in the luxury of ignorance as many before him. Caught like a fly to a fire his hazel eyes watched grace itself carefully treading down the marble staircase, adorned in a gold gown that radiated off the light of the chandelier.

    Enraptured by her grace Ivan extended his gloved hand and allowed his features to relax into a charming smile to welcome the young lady’s presence “What would I have to owe, to have the first dance?” With the turn of her head, the woman’s emerald eyes settled upon his honey kissed lips with cynicism as his words lingered in the air like the first breath of spring “A romantic drama,” she replied in a sarcastic tone, her voice as silk laden as the gown she wore.

    Within moments their feet glided across the floor in time to the melancholy tunes of the violin that drowned their footsteps into silence. Wrapped in the folly of love Ivan courted her, speaking sweet compliments and naive statements. The epitome of ignorance he began falling further and further into lust and she indulged him.

    A passionate kiss ended their waltz as the violin halted their melancholy tune and Ivan’s world began to sway in colours of red, black and gold, melding into a blinding white light “Aurevoir,” her poison words echoed through his mind as pain trickled its’ way under his skin, coursing through his veins and into his heart. He drifted into a slumber that he would not awake from.

    Triumphantly the golden lady stood above his corpse, her task was done. The curtain had fallen, this show had finally drawn to a close and the next one had just begun.

    Message (open)
    Don't Trust A Pretty Face

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  2. What exactly does it mean by the staff and members working together to judge? Just that staff people are voting in the poll too and the top 3 will be decided by the results thereof, or will staff folks have some additional say in things that might cause the results to be different from the poll results? I'm just curious since the statement is vague and could go either way.

    Also, good luck to all my fellow entrants. I gave my vote to the person whose entry I thought was the best of the lot, which happened to not be my own.
  3. Good luck to everyone who entered! There were some pretty good entries, and picking the one I thought was best was really hard ;-;
  4. She just means staff are also voting in this poll. O__O

    However, we will be picking a 4 member as a "staff favorite" who will also receive a prize!
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  5. Haha, alright, that's what I was hoping it meant. Thanks for the answer.
  6. Haha mine was a joke~! x) It doesn't need to be up there!
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  7. Surprised the Dream snatcher hasn't got more votes that was brilliant to read!
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  8. Why has no one copyright protected there shit? I could easily claim this as my own, if I were not protecting my own works.
  9. I'm not sure copyright law works that way.
  10. Yeah, even with a licensed copyright people can still steal stuff. It just means you have backup when you pay a lawyer to sue them!

    Funfact: Timestamps on posts in forums and on websites can count as proof of first ownership in a copyright battle! If you can prove you are the first one to post the content, you can win a copyright case.
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  11. Wow . . . that is actually good to know. Thank you so much!
  12. Finally read Requiem's Tooth Fairy story last night... Well, I remember a movie similar to it, and I had nightmares. Thank you, Requiem. I didn't need to sleep for work anyway ;-;
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  13. I had a tough decision between two of these stories. I ultimately decided to vote for the one that really stuck with me, since I ended up telling it to a friend just the other day. It was between Dream Snatcher and Frannie Ferrett because both were amazing. You could see the endings coming from a mile away, but the telling of both were very nice.

    Good job to all who entered and best of luck!
  14. #14 AkikoYukito, Dec 5, 2014
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2014
  15. It would appear so. It was a tight run, right up to the end, congratulations!
  16. Ah, thank you. ^//^ I really liked your story.
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  17. The Winners are as follows:

    1rst Place - @AkikoYukito

    2nd Runner up - @Requiem

    3rd Runner up - @Red Velvet


    Staff's Choice Winner - @Jorick

    Thank you everyone for participating in Iwaku's Grim Fable contest and Congradulations to our winners. Those who have been tagged in this post please PM @Diana for your winnings!!!

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  18. Huh, I didn't expect to win the staff choice, but that's awesome. Thanks to everyone who voted for my story, and thanks staff folks for picking it as well. :bsmile:
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  19. 'Grats guys.
    Eh, a loss is a loss, I'm just surprised anyone even voted for the crap I put up. XD
    It's odd to me that anyone could even think of acknowledging my work, so 10 votes was 10 more than I expected. XD
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