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  1. Kendra Lindler

    Sylvie's right. I don' trust any of dis shit, which fuckin' sucks man. Just as I think we done found somethin' good for her, we get proven wrong. I can a'ready feel my abnormality itchin' to let loose, dis tightenin' 'n coilin' in my chest dat's tryna burn up to my brain. I place a hand on her back 'n start turnin' round fo' da exit.

    "Yeah, you right. Let's roll outta here--"


    Internally, I swear I done screamed bloody murder. Externally...I sorta kinda still maybe scream bloody murder while slappin' a hand ovuh my chest. "Fuckin' shi-YAT!" I swear my heart tryna gallop outta my chest man! Gawt! However, when I realize it's just some dude (who fuckin' popped up outta nowhere like a ninja!), my breathin' settles 'n I drop my hand to my side. I slap on a dopey grin, givin' off a chill demeanor, but my hands rest as fists, kinda loosely clenched but still on da alert.

    Da first 'n only thing I notice bout dis man is how on edge he looks. Like, not exactly dangerous or anythin', but unpredictable nonetheless, 'n dat shit don' sit good wit me. I gotta hold back a smirk when Sylvie hides behind me. Heh, as if she's actually cowerin'--I know dat shit ain't real. I just feel da distrust rollin' off her; she's probably tryna make da man let his guard down. Damn, da kid's seriously too smart fo' words sometimes. When he asks fo' our names, my grin turns lopsided 'n I give 'em a lil half salute.

    "Da name's Kendra, mistuh homie! But you can call me whatevuh, and dis," I nudge Sylvie wit a grin, "Is my sis. So, yeah." Since I don' one hundred percent trust dis due, I don' wanna just give out Sylvie's name all casual 'n shit. I'll leave dat decision up to her. As he assures us dat da mansion is a safe place, I still can't help but wonder what in da actual fuck happened here...Meh. Guess I'll weed da info outta him sooner or later.

    "I assume you are this child's caretaker."


    Lawd, you done messed up, Scott! Sylvie might be young, but her smarts are on some serious adult-level shit. Had to get used to dat when I first met her. It was pretty cute to see her get all mad whenever I called her kid, but I eventually caught on 'n treated her like an equal in everythin' else. I still call her kid, but I think there's an understandin' between us now--I never intend to insult her or anythin'. I shake my head 'n laugh. "Naw, man! If anythin', her ole carin' behind be lookin' after me! I mean, I guess vise-versa, but hey, dat's up to how it looks from ya shoes, ya know?"

    However, my smile drops a lil as Scott keeps lookin' down at his watch. Da man's anxiety is fuckin' palpable! Jesus, breathe man! Dis oxygen's free of charge, I promise (hah! Boi I crack myself up!). I squint at 'em 'n say, "Aye man...you good? I mean, if you dat eager to get dis tour started, den let's bounce!" I ruffle Sylvie's hair again. "We been on da road fo' a while, 'n my sis here needs a good place to lay her head, ya know? We kinda hopin' dis could be da place fo' us, but uh..."

    My gaze strays ovuh to da crater again. I don't continue; somethin' in my gut tells me dat bringin' it up might fuck wit Scott's mood even more.
  2. Great idea Rory! Also allow me to join the group!! :P
  3. I'll have to take a look at it and perhaps try and participate in making it more interesting...somehow.
  4. I don't get it... Like upload my drawings onto that? help me out here because I am confused right now.
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