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This One Helm - a roleplay about a poorly-equipped adventuring party

Smother little children - Tegan's rather tasteless RP

Avatar: The Burst Tyres - a roleplay about Pandora's awful road network

Breasts - Xindaris's roleplay where all characters must have breasts of some kind.

STALKER: Arrival of the British - a prequel to the original roleplay, set during the War of Independance

Bummer's Dream - a Yaoi roleplay

Hobotech: Trials of the PDF - one man's guerilla war against the government using inferior software

Dark Heresy: The Tight Chamber - two Terminators get stuck in a lift. Hilarity ensues

Larval Uprising - set in Professor Xavier's school for gifted butterflies

Deadliest Farrier - a snuff roleplay about horses

It's in their bud - TK's cautionary tale about rohypnol

Black Mole Seasons - a roleplay about gamekeepers on a golf course

A pie for kelp - in a small fishing community, the annual cooking contest is about to begin!

Park-Stalkers: Endgame - the paedophiles are running out of time...

Call of the Zulu: Getting on my tits - one British Army officer just can't get any sleep

The Mystery of the White Nigger - a roleplay investigating the circumstances of Michael Jackson's death

Abortion and Sadness - a roleplay sponsored by the Republicans

Melon Farmers See Vast Jello - (It does TOO rhyme with Melagrana Di Castello!) - a small African community is attacked by mutant dessert.
Nuh uh. Mine IS tasteless. D:< Or at least it will be if we could advance with the plot.
This One Helm actually sounds kinda fun... and scarily like some of the situations I've found myself in during various games.

"You guys brought a torch, right?"
I guess you'd be like, french in this universe, right, Asmo?

Or at least Welsh?
Silly Dorkness, in the alternative universe Asmo is a Californian liberal named Isthar. This has been canon for over three years. Just ask Pao.
.... I want to do a roleplay called Smother Little Children now. c____c
And Diana is named David Isacat. In that world, Diana is cold and cunning and steals people from all over the world to the forum.
And you'd be a christian without the mental issues?

I mean your issues.

Dark Heresy: The Tight Chamber - two Terminators get stuck in a lift. Hilarity ensues

I think it should have been tweaked just a little further into something like Dark Herpes: The Tight Chamber instead.
Whole different connotation...
Xaviers butterflies? Come on man... couldn't you have done better Isthar?
Marvel Surprising - It's Nick Fury's birthday and Osborne has made the DARK AVENGERS ASSEMBLE a surprise party that's FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABULOUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!

Happy, Nick?

what, don't tell me you'd prefer NEW NEWS
It's the only thing that rhymes with "Marvel". >:|

My favourite is Hobotech.
Is that the one where a bunch of drunks try to beat each other to death with cardboard boxes and broken whiskey bottles?

No... otherwise it would be call HoboFight.

But it's called Hobotech.

So the comedy works in a different way, Nick.

Do you see?


So jokes about fighting don't really work. Because they're completely irrelevant to the previous joke.

So I'm not really sure why you said that, Nick. It's quite silly really, since Hobotech is clearly "hobo" and "tech"

Why did you make that comment, Nick?

Did you just want to embarass yourself?