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  1. That's right! >:D Iwaku is now IwakuRoleplay.com! When ever you use that url it'll redirect here to the forums! WHOOOOO! EASY IWAKU URL SHARING!

    And before any more buttfaces say "Why couldn't it be Iwaku.com?!" it's because IwakuRoleplay.com means we'll get WAY better search engine hits when people look up ROLEPLAY and ROLEPLAY forum. >:D


    Put it in your siggys on other forums.

    Put it on your website.

    Put it on your blogs.

    Twitter it, facebook it, throw post it notes at people during your next D&D game!

    If you have an account for anything anywhere put it as your website url!

  2. Should've been Iwaku.com

  3. (I've heard good stuff, I've also been wanting to watch Death Note)


    They finished sparing with Belle pinning Gwen down yet again, both panting slightly. "You done?" Belle grinned and Gwen groaned as she nodded her head, but she laughed

    "Yeah yeah." Belle helped her up and went to grab her a bottle of water. She tossed it to her and Gwen fumbled for a second before dramatically catching it while she stumbled back. She rolled back and smiled "Hey, I beat you a few times there."

    "Mmhm. Give me your hands darlin." Gwen rolled her eyes as Belles hands ran over the wounds where she had made her daggers "Oof. Those never cease to be ugly. You did good young one." She bowed and pat her head again.

    "Your surprisingly graceful old one." She grinned "Sounds like the other two finally stopped their racket."
  4. I have no other forums, this is the only place that tolerates me.