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HELP IDEA Iwakuroleplay convention booth?

Discussion in 'HELP DESK' started by Nue, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. This seems like a bit of an odd way to do this I guess.

    This Tuesday, December 5th, from 11-1:15 pm, I am running a booth at a convention. This booth will explain the importance of NSFW RP and expressing sexual fantasies through roleplay. An Idea I had for the booth is for the people there to ask questions and converse with experienced roleplayers, and who other to do that than the wonderful members of the Iwakuroleplay community!

    It will take place on a discord server, which will operate at the time of the convention and will close itself shortly after. In this discord server, people who attend the booth may speak and ask questions about roleplay or this website, or simply talk.

    This question is not open to just staff but to anyone willing to do it. Is it even allowed for me to do this type of thing? And if so, who is willing to help me out?
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