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  1. Welcome to my welcome thread! Please make yourself at home. Refreshments will be served shortly as well~

    Now that that's settled, hello! I'm Haydée and I spend my free time writing some embarrassing fan fiction, playing the piano, and reading manga. I also recently started playing this empire-building game Anno Online which is really fun! Actually just moments ago, I created a tavern so people can get drunk and celebrate their birthdays. Everyone is born on the same day so that would be really exciting lmao!!

    Hmmmmm what else, I am new to this site but have role played quite a bit before on another forum but its not as active anymore, so I decided to try somewhere new! Also, this site is awesome!! I was checking out most of the features and its so polished! I really like this tagging feature too, I'm going to tag @Volvante who is reading over my shoulder right now because he really wants to use the computer and he's also rolling his eyes at what I'm writphsfdhrtg\-=
  2. Omg lmao I think I'm going to keep it like that, hahaha!!!

  3. Hello Haydee! Welcome to Iwaku! :D
  4. Thank you >:) and that is an awesome avatar lmao
  5. [​IMG]

    Hello and welcome to iwaku, Haydee! ^_^
  7. Sigh... welcome
  8. Thanks Sami! That is such a cuuuuute hi! I love Stitch <3 and hey Tedrick :)

    @Volvante :punch::fryingpan:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.