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  1. Hm. There should be a IwakuCon on Iwaku. Just sayin.
  2. Do you mean a gathering together ON Iwaku the site? We got that. It's the Cbox.

    Or do you mean in the outside world? If so, then you wouldn't be the first to suggest that by far. And an undertaking of that caliber would be immense. We have members who live all over the world. And those that live here in the U.S. spread far and wide. And finally, to have all these people together would guarantee numerous STDs and likely a pregnancy or two and that's not speaking of the drama besides.
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  3. Dude... your signature. I can't describe it.

    Anyways, thank you. I never really got to explore the site ._.
    Dumbass Zeon is very dumb. xD
  4. You aren't the first to be pulled into it's trance.

    No problemo. It's a subject that comes up often around here. It would be something to have an IwakuCon though, I agree. Fun and I'd finally get to hang out with a few folk I've wanted to share a beer with. Or a smoke and a pancake.
  5. Beer Pancake Marijuana Dinner? Holy shit, Pete, you are a fucking genius! I DEMAND WE HAVE THIS AT ONCE!
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  6. Cbox is a tad too cliquey for some.
  7. I haven't had that problem, but I can understand why you would say that.
  8. There's also the skype group and team speak server!
  9. Honestly it gets damn boring sometimes in the chat because it's always the same damn people. Shake up the status quo! Hang out in the cbox everyone!
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  10. I am down for pancakes.
  11. The thing about Cliques is that everyone is in one. >:3 Unless you are literally one of those loner people who does not talk to or hang out with anybody. O_O And there couldn't be many of those on Iwaku. How would they roleplay?! Anyway, cliques aren't anything more than a group of friends that are similar to each other, and thus congregate together.

    And I agree that more people should stop by the cbox and hang. t____t You never know when there's someone in there lurking waiting for someone just like you to come in there and be a part of their questing party.

    As for an Iwakucon.... *shudders* @_____@
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  12. Hahaha that is hilarious!
  13. @Hope the sad thing is, Peter was being serious!
  14. What do y'all talk about in the team speak server, anyway? I've been considering hopping on just because I miss chatting on there, but I'm like... what do I even do. D:
  15. You just chat. We talk about anything, there's no set subject
  16. We can all hang out at my place and make hamburgers and hot dogs or something.

    Oh wait, we're talking about meeting other people from THE INTERNET.
  17. Well we should compensate about an actual IwakuCon in real life, but the places everyone's in makes it difficult. Everyone has jobs, school. Only I seem to be the one with time here.
  18. People could find out who they know on here lives nearby or goes to the same cons as they do and organise meetups. I would imagine that's as close to a Real Life IwakuCon as any of us will get.
    Speaking of which I'd happily meet up with people who are going to MCM Expo London next month. - But be warned; the group of friends I go with is already at 12 or 13; I'll come say hi and hang out with some new folks too though!
    I might drop by the cbox tomorrow, when it's not getting on for 1am.
  19. What I'm most worried about is if this ''meeting'' took place, it could become a huge hunting ground for pedoes.
  20. That's always going to be an issue though; with the internet that's not something you can avoid really; just have to deal with it.
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