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  1. I had a dream the other day that I was browsing Iwaku in a public place (it was a cafe or a diner or something) and someone came up and was like "OMG are you on Iwaku?" and I'm like :o YES and we geeked out and then I woke up

    Has anything like that ever happened to anyone? Like you met a new person in real life who also is on Iwaku?
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  2. Nope.
  3. Mmmm sort of! I knew that someone I RP with is a friend of someone I know IRL, so, I knew for a while that we didn't live too far away (though not in the same city, so, yeah) -- so when I realized that we'd be going to the same convention, we thought it might be cool to meet up, although we weren't super excited about it, cuz, like, we already have a mutual friend, and probably at least had heard about each other before we even started RPing together.

    And then @Gen. Gwazi Senpai was all like "no you should definitely hang out! So many online friends never get this opportunity!!" and then I explained that because of the situation we didn't really feel like "online friends" but he was all like "no still you should take advantage of this!!", but then we did eventually run into each other, and since we mentioned what our cosplays would be, I think she spotted me first and was like "Hey, are you Kaga?" and I was like "Are you Yami??" and she was like "yeah!!" and I said "that's so cool!!" and then after a moment we were both kind of like "...now what", because, I mean, what are we supposed to say at that point? So we were both sort of awkwardly silent for a little while. And then I made a mental note to myself to tell Gwazi that he "created an awkward" when I got back online, which I did.

    But yeah, we did eventually loosen up a bit and just talk about what's been up in our lives lately, and then I showed her everything I bought at the con that day... fun times.
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  4. Sometimes I have weird dreams about people from here and going on crazy adventures. Don't really remember much of them tho o.o it's pretty random.

    But I have met people from different sites in person. It's always awkward at first lol.
  5. I dreamed General Chat was a sitcom. It had laugh tracks and everything.

    Now I don't smoke so much before crawling into bed..
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  6. First thing that came to mind. XD
  7. I have never met anyone by ACCIDENT in real life. O___O But it is bound to happen one day.

    But I HAVE met lots and lots of peeps in real life through planned events and trips. 8D People are always welcome to drop by my house when they are traveling.
  8. Never had anything like that happen to me.

    That said, like Diana, I have met many, many, many people from Iwaku and online, period. Hell, I was roommates with someone for a year, and I married another, soooooooooooooo...
  9. Actually, I always try to keep my screen pretty low because I'm scared someone might recognise me xD. But yeah, I've never met anyone from Iwaku on accident.
  10. @Sen and I are real life buddies irl

    And we also try to kill each other irl too XDDDD

    But otherwise, I don't really know a lot of iwaku peeps
  11. What real life buddies fk u (jk)
    I know @Danger irl too.
  12. Why would I want to meet any of you dweebs?
  13. The moment Dargo and I meet we will fusion-ha. Beware you feeble mortals.
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  14. You're going to mess up and have two dicks.

    Just watch.
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  15. I repeat. Beware feeble mortals.
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  16. Hey. Everything is better with TWO penises!
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  17. Oh god if any of you met me irl. 0-0 IF ANY OF YOU MEET ME IRL I AM SORRY THAT I AM REALLY AWKWARD.
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  18. When Diana and Gibs were getting married, they hosted this huge get together with Iwaku people. October and Jinx happened to be invited and were hosting a video chat. I was just new to Iwaku at the time, and popped in to listen. As I was listening to October and Jinx talk I thought, "Jinx has a Sacramento accent."

    And then somehow Jinx and I found out that not only were we from California, but we were also from the same city.

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  19. I have never met anyone from IRL accidentally, but way back in the early days before there was an Iwaku I checked out a Sailor Moon AOL chatroom and was talking to a few people and this one girl was into the same things I was and eventually we realized she was my HS BFFs little sister. I basically was the reason she was into Sailor Moon and Babylon 5 and the Belgariad!
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  20. I've never met anybody here irl and you should all probably be thankful for that
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