Iwaku Zodiac: The Trickster

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  1. The Trickster

    July 2 - August 15
    The Trickster is often the most humble of the archetypes, having learned the ability to laugh at themselves. With this comes a certain self-awareness and confidence gained from laughing at their own mistakes and the foibles of the others. Tricksters are often highly aware of humans and the undercurrents of human motivation and nature. Tricksters do not act the way that they do because they do not see the suffering of the world around them; rather, they see themselves as part of the puzzle and their own trials and tribulations are no different than that of everyone else. Many Tricksters have come to terms with the way that the world works and refrain from letting small things drag them down. Tricksters are often solitary beings with a high focus on cultivating their inner selves. As such, many are not highly demonstrative, which makes the gestures that they do make all the more poignant.
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  2. This is actually weirdly accurate. But I do love that it fits. Gets me thinking, and makes me realise some things about myself that are true. *ponder*
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  3. I'm a Trickster I guess.

    Also, what is foibles?
  4. I suppose thisis accurate, and as I analyze myself, I can see me easily fitting into this archetype. It is broad, of course, but I doubt many would fit if it went into more specifics.
  5. Hardcore... even the color of the type is one that describes me. Trickster all the way~
  6. Hory crap, that's a close comparison...
  7. :3 I enjoy being alone and trying to figure myself out~~
  8. that is surprisingly accurate. O.o that's creepy
  9. ...welp.

    That's me in a nutshell.

    hai guise.
  10. this is my sign, some of it fits like a well crafted glove :)