Iwaku Zodiac: The Rebirth

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  1. The Rebirth

    November 16 - January 1
    The final aspect of the cycle is the Rebirth and this is fitting with it being the end that leads into beginning anew. Rebirth is an encompassing aspect, as is symbolizes the coming together of the other aspects so that they may begin again. Rebirth does not show any distinct characteristic from the other aspects but rather comes together in a balance of understanding. Rebirth tends to be a source of empathy and stability, with the ability to see into the other aspects with good accuracy. Despite being frequently knocked down in life, Rebirth stands once more. The devotion and insight of Rebirth makes them highly intuitive friends. However, the ability to see into the character of their companions tends to make other people feel strongly one way: either very comfortable or thoroughly opposed to speaking with those of Rebirth.
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