Iwaku Zodiac: The Mentor

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  1. The Mentor

    May 16 - July 1
    The Mentor typically is a source of wisdom and advice. By passing on knowledge of their past experiences, they seek to create a better future for whomever they’re instilling with the knowledge. Mentors, while seeming less flashy than others, prevent the same failures from befalling their companions. Mentors tend to be forces of patience and their criticisms are almost always constructive. Mentors are often astute from learning through experience and can often see ways that others could prevent future mishaps or better themselves. They tend to be good at giving clear, useful advice. As cerebral beings, Mentors are often perceived as highly independent individuals, an idea which is fostered by the tendency of Mentors to not seek out advice from others. For the best interaction with mentors, respecting their freedom and individuality is key. Withholding insight is a typical response of Mentors when they feel that they have been wronged and their wounds can be hard to perceive because of their analytical nature. An accidental slight may take on more meaning to a Mentor who is constantly on the watch.
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  2. Heh... It's funny how these things always turn out to be at least somewhat accurate.

    This fits me like a glove.
  3. Hehe. Look at that. So does to me, Myrno.
  4. Aside from not seeking advice from others, this is pretty much me too.
  5. wow nearly accurate in describing me.
  6. How do people do that?
    Make is so accurate without even knowing me?
  7. Dizz-amn that's scary accurate. That sounds exactly like me :o
  8. It fits perfectly... and my birthday's July First. o.o Iwaku, you're scary.... .n.;;
  9. Agreed, everyone. Agreed. Extremely accurate.
  10. lol realy acurate my birthday is june 9th