Iwaku Zodiac: The Ally

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  1. The Ally
    August 16 - October 1
    The Ally is a figure of loyalty and reliability, often serving as a source of strength for others in their time of need. For the talents that they possess, others will often rely upon them. Allies are often group-minded individuals who work toward a greater good with their fellows. Cases with loner Allies typically only arise because the ally has yet to find someone with whom they share a common goal. Without respect for those that they work with, Allies often find themselves restless and desiring change in their surroundings but once they have found someone whom they feel deserves their talents, they are tireless supporters and unshakeable companions with a tendency to put the needs of the group before their own. An Ally typically conceals a facet of themselves from the outside world, worried about what others might make of this. It is often something that the Ally perceives as a weakness that others may use to exploit. Allies tend to be mercurial in their desires, wanting to experience anything and everything to formulate their own opinions and to have a better understanding of the things that they are unfamiliar with.
    • Diana Notacat
    • Vay
    • Cammyjag
    • Ossochanter
    • Esthalia
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  2. I am an ally! *Stands proudly!* 8D
  3. Oh, I'm a proud ally tooXD
  4. The funny thing is, it actually perfectly describes me hahaha
  5. Allies Unite!
  6. Lol describes me somewhat well too. Mostly the reasons for being a loner ally and the part about the hiding things i feel to be weaknesses... Proud to be one I suppose ^^ -unites-
  7. The Alliance of Allies, unite!
  8. This... describes me perfectly. That's a little creepy but awesome at the same time. I am PROUD to be an ALLY. :D
  9. I found some similarities here. o_o Kinda scary....
  10. Wow that's really accurate!
  11. Wow...this is really accurate. I'm surprised. =^___^=
  12. That's... Kinda creepy, how accurate it is... O.o
  13. Is also an Ally! Go us. <333
  14. I am proud to be here and i'm proud to be q-....and ally. <3
  15. >:D ALLY! coughleocough I AM PROUD! :D And NEVER a loner until the other people decided to be meanie faces and then I sorta disown them as a friend. o_O Because I don't deal with drama. :D <3 :hungry:
  16. I was hoping for something a little CrEePiEr :P
  17. the last sentence. \m/ represent!
  18. Doopy doop, Allies unite! :D XD
  19. Creepeh...I sometimes feel like that...Usually I'm just hyperactive.