Iwaku Yearbook Quotes!!

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  1. Hey ya'll, I'm Kat and I've been assigned as one of the quote managers for the Iwaku Yearbook! (Group Link: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/group.php?groupid=257)

    My mission is to collect quotes from all of you guys to put in the yearbook! So I've decided to recruit ya'll to help so you can have your input as well!

    So, if you come across a quote (one to two sentences MAX) that makes you laugh or you think is touching and it's appropriate for everyone, send it to me!

    You need to have this information, or I WILL NOT use the quote.

    1: Name of the quote provider (person who said it)

    2: Quote (WORD FOR WORD)

    3: Thread that you found the quote in (Send the link).
    (I need this information because I will have to hunt down the user and ask their permission to put the quote in the yearbook.)

    You can get ahold of me one of two ways:

    1: E-MAIL. My e-mail addresses are: katskuramai@yahoo.com OR katskuramai@gmail.com . Feel free to send me the e-mail with the information, just let me know that you are giving me a quote.

    2: PM. You can Private Message me here if you'd like, but again let me know that you are giving me a quote and provide all needed information.

    I look forward to hearing from you guys! Remember, this yearbook is for all of us, so if you want to be heard, start quoting!

    Thank you guys a lot, I hope to get lots of e-mails and PM's!


    P.S. These quotes should be mostly fun/funny quotes and are encouraged to be from General and other areas, not just RPs. Thanks again!