Iwaku World - The Wolf's Tavern & Inn

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At about noon one day in an abandoned vacant lot somewhere in Iwaku City, an entire building appeared. Exactly how it appeared, or where it came from, wasn't clear. It had the look of a rustic log cabin, if a bit too large to be authentic, and a large sign hung above the door read in somewhat-faded letters:
The Wolf's Tavern & Inn.
The door was locked for the rest of the day, until sunset.

In the upper floor of the building, one person lay in a bed. Near sunset he woke up and looked out the window to find that his entire tavern had somehow been transported to a city, from the forest it had previously been in. This person, a werewolf by the name of Xindaris, sole owner and manager of the tavern, merely scratched his head and went downstairs to get things started. He mused idly that there might be more customers now, at least. He had seen a great many stranger things than this. Then again, he did not yet know where his tavern had gone...he was not yet aware he was in another world.

He unlocked the front door at sunset, as was his habit, and sat down on a stool behind the bar in the back of the main room, a traditionally-designed tavern. He waited to see whether any customers would come in.

((Summary: The tavern appears, it's opened up at sunset. Here's the OOC with some useful information. Please note the Xindaris here is this Xindaris, and probably doesn't know anyone.))