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  1. No one knows where the Elders came from, only that they were awoken by the Ork Mizdogg while he was hunting for treasure. The Elders seem to be powered by something from another dimension. They are also capable of opening cracks in reality, through which barbarians from outside of Iwaku can invade. The barbarians treat the Elders as their lords.

    Name: ELDER (Spider Form)
    Top Speed: 60mph
    Main Weapon: Lazer beam (20ft wide, vapourizing)
    Secondary Weapon: Sonic "Slurp" noise (vibrations can topple buildings)
    Other Attacks: Trampling and leg-stomps
    Armour: Living Stone (Very resilient, but slightly weaker on legs)
    Power Source: Transdimensional

    Name: ELDER (Sphere Form)
    Top Speed: 200mph
    Main Weapon: Ramming
    Secondary Weapon: Spinning wind attack (gale force shockwaves)
    Other Attacks: Bouncing and crushing
    Armour: Living Stone (No Weakpoints)
    Power Source: Transdimensional

    Name: ELDER (Summoning Form)
    Top Speed: stationary
    Main Weapon: Creates crystal pods that bring Outsiders into Iwaku
    Secondary Weapon: Claws can strike anyone who gets too close
    Other Attacks: None
    Armour: Living Stone (Crystal pods can be destroyed before they are formed)
    Power Source: Transdimensional

    The Elders have allowed Iwaku's old enemies to invade again. The following is a selection of the barbarians from beyond our borders...

    Name: HIJACKER
    Role: Leaders of the Outsider Hordes. They are expert tacticians and guerilla fighters
    Main Weapon: They can spring ambushes on you, by teleporting themselves and others
    Secondary Weapon: None
    Other Attacks: None. They rely on other Outsiders to kill for them.
    Armour: Robes (very light armour)
    Other: The Hijackers will avoid direct fighting if possible.

    Name: TROLL
    Role: The large brawlers of the army, crude but destructive.
    Main Weapon: Clubs / Axes / Spears
    Secondary Weapon: Trolls distract you with constant insults
    Other Attacks: Charging and trampling
    Armour: Big and tough (they need a lot of punishment before they go down)
    Other: Trolls are very dumb and will sit down in one place if not given orders

    Name: SPAMMERS
    Role: Footsoldiers, agile and numerous
    Main Weapon: Small knives, pistols and machine guns
    Secondary Weapon: Spammers whisper a constant stream of distracting gibberish
    Other Attacks: They have a habit of defacing buildings with grafitti
    Armour: None, but they are good at dodging and escaping attacks
    Other: Spammers appear as thin and starving boys and girls, with large vacant eyes.

    Name: FLAMERS
    Role: Heavy support
    Main Weapon: Fireballs, flaming hands, scorching rays
    Secondary Weapon: Pure hatred. They scream insults at you
    Other Attacks: None
    Armour: None, but they can sometimes block attacks with shields of fire
    Other: Flamers are so full of hate that they will come after you without any concern for their own safety.

    Name: PIMPRAT
    Role: Magical support
    Main Weapon: Pimp-Links (chains that wrap around you and slowly steal your soul)
    Secondary Weapon: None
    Other Attacks: None
    Armour: Top hat and suit (very light armour)
    Other: With enough PimpRats, anything can be immobilzed by the Pimp-Links.

    Name: DEVIANT
    Role: Reality bender
    Main Weapon: Screen-stretching (they cause reality to warp, which makes you dizzy and gives you headaches, as well as making vehicles and aircraft crash)
    Secondary Weapon: Hypnotic (if you stare at them for too long, you get mesmerized)
    Other Attacks: None
    Armour: None
    Other: Enough Deviants can really fuck up the battlefield and make it impossible to fight in.

    What the Elders want, and why they have chosen to launch their attack now, we do not yet know...

    Main Weapon: ?
    Secondary Weapon: ?
    Other Attacks: ?
    Armour: ?
    Power Source: ?
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