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  1. I really want to catch up on the series. I made it through the first two series. I need to read the next eight still. I am classed as a Lucian..... and I still am not sure how to feel about that. ( Did you ever try the game, Thuro?)
  2. Alright. Hmm....I guess we start the genie rp tomorrow. And the current wolf rp.....well it may take a few more days for us to get enough posts to start thinking about ending it. I would kind of like to wait till we have a least 60, but we probably looking more at 50. Although a easy way to extend it to 60 or posts would be a second generation.
  3. Artillery
    Despite advances in weapons technology, artillery will always be the deciding factor in sieges. Leg infantry can call on arty and designate targets through reading off coordinates on a map or painting a target with a laser designator. In the Dystopian military artillery falls under two basic categories: missiles and cannon artillery.

    M-19A2 Minuteman (Tomahawk)
    Primary: BGM-109 TLAM-F Multipurpose Cruise Missile/BGM-109P Plasma Tomahawk (Marine Corps)
    Secondary: CROWS (Common Remote Weapons System) M-2HB
    Tertiary: Control plug for Battle Drones
    Armor: Aluminum Composite
    Dystopia's primary artillery piece, delivering a single BGM-109 Tomahawk Cruise missile over extreme distances. The Minuteman is a much modified M-6 Crusader chassis with a purpose built turret. The Turret houses a launch arm for a Mk 13 missile canister with an All Up Round canister for the cruise missile itself. This weapons system can be upgraded with a Waypoint Targetting system that relays a target position to nearby Minuteman launchers. The Minuteman is often simply referred to as a Tomahawk. The Independent State Marine Corps Minuteman launchers have special Plasma warheads which rely on X-Ray radiation instead of conventional warheads to disable electronic systems and erradicate infantry with extreme spikes of radiation.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    M-89 Hurricane
    Primary: BGM-71 Crag Cluster Rocket
    Secondary: Control Plug for Battle Drones
    Armor: Aluminum Composite
    Replacing the Tomahawk in Air Force service, the Hurricane is a fast, mobile rocket launcher carrying Crag cluster rockets. Although the Crag lacks the guidance of the Tomahawk it makes up for this deficiency with mass destruction via conventional ordnace, in this case high explosive submunitions. The Crag detonates over a target and showers it with it's payload, tearing apart unprotected infantry and armor with superheated munitions. Due to the lack of close in armaments the Hurricane must be protected with a vanguard.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    M-714 Railgun
    Primary: RG-77 Linear Cannon
    Secondary: Control Plug for Battle Drones
    Armor: Chobham
    A new innovation developed under Captain Road Rage's guidance, the Railgun fires a sixty milimeter tungsten steel rod at hypervelocity. It outdistances conventional artillery at the cost of double the reload time due to barrel cooldown. The Railgun has been shown to be quite capable of puncturing most any armor and construction materials with devastating effect.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    M-1127 Lockdown MLRS
    Primary: MGM-14 EMP Rockets
    Secondary: MGM-91 Airburst Rockets
    Tertiary: Control Plug for Battle Drones
    A weapons platform intended to replace the M-270 MLRS in Dystopian Service, the Lockdown is capable of deploying two types of munitions: Electromagnetic Pulse rockets or Airburst rockets. The payload is selected according to fire mission, usually in support of Minuteman Tomahawk launchers or as mobile defense platforms. The Lockdown lacks any form of close quarter weapons, meaning they must be protected at short range.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    M-122 Sledgehammer
    Primary: 155mm High Explosive Point Detonating warheads
    Secondary: Control Plug for Battle Drones
    Armor: Chobham
    A forward support field howitzer in service with the 51ST Armored Division, the Sledgehammer provides heavy firepower at close range (between fifteen and five miles) for tank battalions. The Sledgehammer ejects spent powder casings out the back of the cannon, a minor hazard for accompanying leg infantry.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    M-97 Pickaxe
    Primary: M-45 Five Inch Seventy Caliber gun
    Secondary: M-2HB Fifty cal w/CROWS
    Armor: Chobham
    Special purpose weapons platform in service with the 51ST Armored Division, the Pickaxe uses special purpose kinetic energy penetrators fired from a long, Five Inch Rifle. The KEPs have been shown to be more than capable of punching through chobham, composite armor, and Explosive Reactive Armor, performing better than most anti-tank missiles in present service. The Pickaxe uses a half-track platform, making it a very unconventional platform in the Steel Battalion.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    M-777A1 Firebase
    Primary: M-777 155m Defense Howitzer
    Armor: Steel reinforced Concrete and sandbags
    Sationary defense structure in use with all but the Steel Battalion, the Firebase uses a 155mm howitzer as a defensive weapons platform, lobbing High Explosive Point Det at inbound hostiles. In the Army and Air Force the Firebase is built with entrenchment for four soldiers, acting to load the large cannon and provide point defense. The Marine Corps has a fortified model with a bunker and space for an extra soldier.

    (Image coming soon...)

    MIM-104 Patriot PAC III/PAC IV/PAC V
    Primary: Patriot missile. Warhead depends on variant.
    Dystopian air defense artillery, the Patriot is used to protect the nation's skies from aircraft and inbound missiles. They are typically loaded into quad launchers. When needed the operators ripple fire the missiles. The PAC III is the standard weapon, using a kinetic warhead. The PAC IV is in use with the Marine Corps and fits an EMP warhead, disabling targets. The PAC V is the Air Force variant and was designed to take out Iwaku's pride, their airships.

    (Image Coming Soon.)

    Block 1B Phalanx CIWS
    Primary: M-61A3 20mm Vulcan cannon
    Armor: Steel and Radar Absorbent Material
    Replacing the Patriot in the Steel Battalion, the Phalanx is murder on inbound aircraft and cruise missiles, ripping airframes apart with a curtain of 20mm depleted uranium. Gladiator SPAAGs and Blue Arrow Defenders are typically posted to support these stationary weapons platforms. The standard fire mission is 'Shoot-Look-Shoot.' When down to 20% ammunition the Fire Control System switches to 'Shoot-Look-Look-Shoot.' It takes fifteen minutes to reload, hence the vanguard.

    (Picture Coming Soon.)
  4. Utility Vehicles
    Although tanks and infantry rule the ground, they cannot achieve much without utility vehicles to keep the lifeblood of modern warfare rolling or to guard against enemy flanking maneuvers.

    Model 930H
    Primary: N/A
    Secondary: N/A
    Armor: Steel, 'Hillbilly' Armor kit
    The most versatile of construction vehicles in Dystopian service, the Model 930 is used as both a construction piece and to clear mine fields. Clearing mine fields usually involves dragging a curtain of chains with the Dozer's bucket.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    Mk 48/18A1
    Primary: M-2HB in a ring turret in the crew cabin
    Armor: Chobham
    The primary supply vehicle in the 51ST Armored Division, the Logistics Vehicle System, often called by the generic term HEMTT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck), is used to carry supplies for the Steel Battalion. They are never seen without heavy guard when traveling between the supply point to the Forward Edge of Battle. The 51ST typically uses the HEMTT in the Fuel Truck, crane, and flatbed configuration.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
    Primary: Depends on model
    Secondary: Depends on model
    Armor: Steel, Hillbilly armor kits
    The 'Humvee', this four by four vehicle has seen use in many conflicts, often being used in roles for which it was never designed. Despite this the Army still uses it in front line service as a quick strike vehicle, ambulance, and troop carrier. Almost all models can be fitted with Mattrack Snow Treads to give them additional modbility in snow.

    -M-1114: Uparmored Humvee
    The standard model of the Humvee in use with the Army and Air Force, the 51ST Armored Division has had their Humvees replaced with the M-3A2 Bradley IFV. The Humvee is typically armed with an M-2HB fifty cal and can be upgraded with a TOW missile launcher to give it added punch against tanks and for use as a lightweight SAM battery.

    -M-997 Ambulance:
    Used in CBR Decontamination and Casualty Evacuation, the Ambulance is the most straightforward model of the Humvee in use. The drivers are typically recruited from Underbase 21's Disciplinary Barracks, usually from major speeding violations. This ensures the survival of the medics and the Decon crew.

    -M-1025 Armored Troop Carrier (Mortar Humvee):
    In use with the Marine Corps, the Mortar Humvee is typically fitted with an M-120 120mm mortar on a turntable but can be upgraded with an M-163 20mm Vulcan Cannon turret giving it improved anti-air capability as well as superior anti-personnel capability.

    -M-1069 Microwave Humvee:
    Used in the Marine Corps to carry a directional microwave. It's used much in the same way as the Microwave Tank in the Army.

    -M-1097 Avenger Humvee:
    Highly mobile Air Defense Artillery, the Avenger carries one of three weapons systems. In the Army and the Air Force the Avenger carries Stinger missile pods. The gunners have been trained to use shoot and scoot tactics when dealing with individual fighters however they have orders to ripple fire when dealing with Iwaku's pride, the airships. The Marine Corps has their Avengers fitted with Plasma Cannons which are devastating against all aircraft. The 84TH Experimental Weapons Battalion's Avengers have Deuterium Flouride lasers which can carve through airfrimes with ease. All models carry a Point Defense Laser to protect against incoming missiles and also carry a Laser Designator to assist other units in targetting. The Avenger has been replaced by the Gladiator SPAAG in the Steel Battalion.

    -M-1109 Up-Armored Armament Carrier (L.O.S.A.T. Humvee)
    A new addition to the Army and designed to supplant the TOW as the primary Humvee mounted anti-tank weapon, the L.O.S.A.T. Humvee fires a much modified variant of the AGM-114K Hellfire, designated the MGM-114M. This 'Line of Sight Anti-Tank' missile uses a solid tungsten kinetic energy penetrator instead of a shape charge warhead. It has been proven to be more than capable of blasting through chobham and reinforced composite with ease. L.O.S.A.T. Humvees carry these missiles in a special launcher atop the vehicle fitted for four missiles. The added weight does not affec the air portability of the vehicle whatsoever.

    (Images Coming Soon...)

    CH-47H Chinook
    Armor: Duralim Composite
    Dystopia's primary supply helo, the Chinook is used to airlift munitions and supplies from the supply point to the Forward Edge of Battle. They also use it to insert troops where needed. The Air Force operates a medical variant, the MH-47M Air Ambulance, in place of the M-997 Ambulance Humvee, dropping med supplies and repair parts as needed. It also carries external tanks for CBR decontamination.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    CV-141 Star Lifter II
    Armor: Duralim Composite
    Super heavy lift, tilt rotor aircraft. The Star Lifter II is essentially a cross between the V-22 Osprey and the C-17 Globemaster II. It mates the maneuverability of a VTOL with the cargo capacity of a heavy lift transport. This aircraft is exclusive to the 51ST Armored Division and is instrumental in moving armor and supplies to the Forward Edge of Battle quickly and efficiently.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    S-64 Tarhe
    Primary: N/A
    Secondary: N/A
    Armor: Duralim Composite
    Heavy lift cargo and construction aircraft, the Tarhe is used to deliver construction materials to places the standard Dozer is unable to reach. The Tarhe has set numerous lift records as a crane, receiving the nickname 'Sky Crane.'

    (Image Coming Soon...)
  5. Rotary Wing Air Support
    The Vietnam War showed just how important helicopters really were in the battlefield. The UH-1 Huey performed with high marks as a troop transport, aerial crane, and gunship throughout most of the war. Vietnam also saw the introduction of the helicopter gunship with the deployment of the AH-1 Huey Cobra gunship. This miniscule combat aircraft paved the way for entire generations of attack helicopters such as the Mi-24 Hind and the AH-64 Apache, two gunships previously used in ISAF service. At present Dystopia uses five different gunships between each branch of the Armed Forces.

    RAH-66G Strike Comanche
    Primary: AGM-114K Hellfire anti-tank missiles
    Secondary: M-197 30mm cannon
    Tertiary: Hydra 2.75 inch rocket pods
    Armor: Duralim Composite
    When the United States canceled the Comanche program, the then Independent Strategic Arms Foundation was quick to snatch up the remnants of the program and press the prototypes into active service. During the war the Comanche didn't see much service as ISAF had more AH-64G Super Apaches and Mi-24PN Hind gunships to field. After the war an order was placed to modernize the Comanche for front line service in order to replace entire lines of combat helicopters. The end result was the RAH-66G Strike Comanche, the deadliest rotary wing gunship in Dystopia's arsenal. One of the main changes was the removal of the internal weapons bays, which had a nasty tendency to jam shut, preventing the crew from bringing the gunship's most powerful weapons, the Hellfires, to bear. The Strike Commanche was fitted with wing pylons similar to those found on the Apache. This allowed the gunships to be fitted with rocket pods, increasing their firepower. The Strike Comanche is the primary tank killer of the 446TH Airborne Division, the Cossacks. Their gunships are very easy to spot, thanks in part to the crimson hammer and sickle insignias painted on the fuselages. The Strike Comanche is in use with the Army and Marine Corps, however it has been replaced by a specialized model in the Air Force and a purpose built model in the Army's 84TH Experimental Weapons Battalion. Due to a logistics error, the 51ST Armored Division has been stripped of their gunships.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    AH-6 Little Bird
    Primary: M-2HB Fifty cals
    Secondary: 2.75 inch Rocket Pods
    Armor: Duralim Composite
    Intended to replace the UH-60 Blackhawk as a lightweight gunship, the Little Bird is the fastest helo in the Army. They fulfill the role of scout aircraft and lightweight gunship easily, catching ground targets completely unawares, sometimes even more so than the Air Force's Comanche Chief. Some Little Birds have been modified with boards over the landing skids for infantry to use them as an insertion platform. CW03 Tatyana/Olga 'Lockdown' Stepanovich has developed a reputation as a 'Goddess of Revenge' with this platform.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    RAH-66K Comanche Chief
    Primary: AGM-114K Hellfire Anti-Tank Missile
    Secondary: GAU-25 25mm Vulcan
    Tertiary: Hydra 2.75 inch Rocket Pods
    Armor: Duralim Composite, Radar Absorbent Material
    The production model of the RAH-66D Comanche Warrior, the Comanche Chief has additional weapons hardpoints for missiles, stealth features, and can be fitted with the Lazarus Device Optical Camouflage, making it ideal for ambushes. The faster firing Vulcan gives it more of a punch than the standard Strike Comanche. This model is in use with the Air Force.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    ACH-47F Combat Chinook/Guns-a-Go-Go
    Primary: GAU-25 25mm Vulcan Cannon
    Secondary: Hydra 2.75 inch Rocket Pods
    Tertiary: External Stereo PSYWAROPS system
    Armor: Duralim Composite
    In use with the Air Force's Special Ops Command, the Combat Chinook was completely redesigned from the model used in the war eighteen years ago. It has sacrificed two seats in favor of a stereo system used for psychological warfare. This aircraft can still be used in combat drops and can mount several different crew served weapons in the passenger bay. It can be used in the transport role, however no Combat Chinook pilot wants to go back to doing what they did for four years before they were given the chance to fly combat missions.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    RAH-66L-2 Laser Comanche/Viper
    Primary: M-230 30mm Chaingun
    Secondary: Dual LC-19 Lightweight Deuterium Flouride Laser Cannons
    Tertiary: Deuterium Flouride Point Defense Laser
    Armor: Duralim Composite
    Completely redesigned from the original model developed for the 84TH Experimental Weapons Battalion, the Viper is a sinister looking, black gunship designed to carve through tank battalions with its laser cannons. To protect it from Surface to Air Missiles, the Viper can be equipped with a Point Defense Laser similar to that found on the Paladin series Main Battle Tanks. The gunship's fuselage was designed specifically to cause the most psychological impact on foot soldiers, hence the name 'Viper.'

    (Image Coming Soon...)
  6. Fixed Wing Air Support
    When war moved from the land and sea to the air in World War I an entire arms race began to develop superior combat aircraft. Nowhere else could this race be seen than in WWII where new technologies and one upsmanship prevailed between the Axis Powers and the Allies. Through the Cold War jet engines and guided missiles replaced propellers and gun kills. Precision munitions replaced firebombing raids and nuclear bombs went from being dropped to being launched from an aircraft miles away from the target one. At the onset of the Admin War the Independent Strategic Arms Foundation was at the apex of Modern Avionics. From the superiority fighter that is the F-15E Strike Eagle to the venerable B-52H Stratofortress bomber, the ISAF brought firepower to almost every inch of the Cult Quarter, bombarding Ego-Zombies into submission. Today they still have the ability to declare air superiority against even Iwaku's Airship fleet.

    F-22A Raptor
    Primary: M-61A2 20mm Vulcan Cannon
    Missiles: AIM-9X Sidewinder, AIM-120 AMRAAM
    Bombs: JDAM, Paveway III
    Countermeasures: Chaff Dispenser
    Armor: Duralim Composite, Radar Absorbent Material
    The most technologically advanced fighter in Dystopia's arsenal, the Raptor didn't see action until late in the war as the ISAF was in posession of superior numbers of Strike Eagles and Super Tomcats. The Raptor has phased both aircraft out, outperforming them in all respects. Internal weapons bays and stealth features allow it to pop into existence on radar and disappear after attacking. Like the Israelis, the Independent State Air Force trains their pilots to go for gun kills.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    F/A-18F Super Hornet
    Primary: M-61A2 20mm Vulcan Cannon
    Missiles: AIM-9X Sidewinder, AIM-120 AMRAAM, AGM-84 Harpoon SLAM
    Bombs: Mk 84 unguided bomb, Paveway III
    Armor: Duralim Composite
    The Marine Corps' primary fighter bomber, the Super Hornet is a tactical fighter designed as a multirole aircraft. It can tangle with the best air superiority fighters and drop bombs on whatever is on the ground. The Marine Corps uses them to establish air superiority and in support of ground forces.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    F-117X Black Jet
    Primary: GAU-25 25mm Vulcan
    Missiles: AIM-9X Sidewinder, AGM-65 Maverick
    Bombs: JDAM, Paveway III
    Armor: Duralim Composite, Radar Absorbent Material
    The latest model of the F-117 stealth fighter, the Black Jet possesses advanced ECM systems and the Lazarus Device, allowing it to be a true stealth fighter. The Black Jet is typically used as a surgical strike platform, lashing out at defenses and critical targets with deadly precision.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    F/B-22A Concept
    Primary: M-61A2 Vulcan Cannon
    Missiles: AIM-9X Sidewinder, AGM-65 Maverick, AGM-84 Harpoon SLAM
    Bombs: Paveway III, Mk 84 unguided bombs, JDAM
    Armor: Duralim Composite, RAM
    A concept strike fighter based on the F-22 Raptor, the Concept has a large delta wing increasing its overall payload. This aircraft is used as a Ground Attack Craft, much like the A-10C Warthog. Unlike the Warthog the Concept possesses stealth features and is able to supercruise, thanks to it's advanced avionics.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    F-23A Black Widow II
    Primary: M-61A2 20mm Vulcan Cannon
    Missiles: AIM-9X Sidewinder, AIM-120 AMRAAM, AGM-64 Maverick
    Bombs: Mk 84 unguided bombs, JDAM
    Armor: Duralim Composite, Radar Absorbent Material
    The direct competitor to the F-22A Raptor, the Black Widow II uses a trapezoidal delta wing, giving it a larger payload over it's rival aircraft. The Black Widow II is used by the 714TH Fighter Squadron assigned to the 51ST Armored Division.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    F-16XL Bomber
    Primary: M-61A2 20mm Vulcan Cannon
    Missiles: AIM-9X Sidewinder, AIM-120 AMRAAM, AGM-65 Maverick
    Bombs: JDAM, Paveway III
    Armor: Duralim Composite
    An experimental version of the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the XL Bomber uses a delta wing to give it a larger payload. The XL is highly maneuverable, something not typically associated with strike bombers. Such is the dual nature of this single engine aircraft. The 714TH Fighter Squadron tasked to the 51ST Armored Division uses this aircraft in lieu of the F-117X Black Jet.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    A-10C Razorback Warthog
    Primary: GAU-8/A 30mm Avenger Cannon
    Missiles: AIM-9X Sidewinder, AGM-65 Maverick
    Bombs: Mk 84 unguided bombs, CBU-82 Rockeye (Cluster Bombs,) JDAM, Paveway III, Fuel Air Bombs
    Armor: Titanium Alloy, Duralim Composite
    THE fixed wing tank killer in Dystopian service, the A-10 is the most heavily armored aircraft to ever fly. It was designed with lessons learned in the Vietnam War about Close Air Support and possesses a long loiter time, heavy armor, and a massive aircraft cannon. Even without bombs and missiles the Warthog can carve wide swaths of devastation with its GAU-8/A Avenger cannon, a weapon it was designed around. The Warthog is typically used to hunt down tanks but was modified in recent years for precision strikes.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    B-96 Aurora
    Primary: N/A
    Missiles: AGM-84 Harpoon, AGM-69 SRAM Nuclear Missile
    Bombs: Mk 84 unguided bombs, JDAM, Paveway III, Fuel Air Bombs, B-83 Nuclear gravity bomb
    Armor: Duralim Composite
    The fastest aircraft in Dystopia's arsenal, the Aurora is capable of reaching Mach 4+ thanks to a Ramjet Engine. This makes it impossible to hit with conventional and laser based air defense. Unfortunately the Aurora uses up almost half its fuel reserves in getting to the target. This has restricted its use as a full time bomber. Under Presidential and Prime Minister's authorization the Aurora can be loaded with nuclear ordnance for tactical strikes.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    B-1B Lancer
    Primary: N/A
    Missiles: AGM-84 Harpoon, AGM-69 SRAM Nuclear Missile
    Bombs: CBU-82 Rockeye (Cluster Bombs,) JDAM, Paveway III, Mk 84 unguided bombs, Fuel Air Bombs, B-83 Nuclear gravity bomb
    Armor: Duralim Composite
    Low level, supersonic bomber, the Lancer is Dystopia's primary strike bomber. The 227TH Strike Bomber Squadron, the Rock Eaters, uses this aircraft to deliver a pounding to hostiles on the ground. Under Presidential and Prime Minister's authorization the Lancer can be loaded with nuclear ordnance for tactical nuclear strikes.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    B-52H Stratofortress
    Primary: Tail mounted M-61A2 20mm Vulcan Cannon for self defense
    Missiles: AGM-84 Harpoon, AGM-69 SRAM Nuclear Missile, AGM-109 Tomahawk (Hardpoint mounted)
    Bombs: CBU-84 Rockeye (Cluster Bombs,) JDAM, Paveway III, BLU-82 Fuel Air Bomb, Mk 84 unguided bombs, B-83 Nuclear gravity bomb
    Armor: Duralim Composite
    The venerable BUFF (Big Ugly Flying Fucker,) this bomber has seen over a century of service as a tactical bomber. The ISAF used six to reduce the Cult Quarter to rubble during the Admin War. The 51ST Armored Division has authorization to call for a Stratofortress cruise missile strike. The sight of a BUFF in the skies is a godsend for friendly forces and a death sentence for the enemy. Until Presidential and Prime Minister's authorization the BUFF can be loaded with nuclear ordnance for tactical operations.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    B-2 Spirit
    Primary: N/A
    Missiles: AGM-84 Harpoon SLAM, AGM-69 SRAM Nuclear Missile
    Bombs: CBU-84 Rockeye (Cluster Bombs,) JDAM, Paveway III, Mk 84 Unguided bombs, MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Burst, Mother of All Bombs,) B-83 Nuclear gravity bomb
    Armor: Duralim Composite, Radar Absorbent Material
    The largets bomber in Dystopian service, the Spirit is used to deliver a knockout punch with heavy ordnance. They are typically used for carpet bombings but, with authorization of the President and the Prime Minister, can be ordered to deliver a nuclear payload.

    (Image Coming Soon...)

    AC-130H Specter Gunship/AC-130U Spooky Gunship
    Primary: Dual GAU-25 25mm Vulcan Cannons, Bofors 40mm cannons, M-102 105mm howitzer (H model.) Dual Bushmater II 30mm cannons, Bofors 40mm cannons, M-256 120mm cannon (U model.)
    Missiles: N/A
    Bombs: N/A
    Armor: Duralim Composite
    First developed in Vietnam to supplant the AC-47 'Puff the Magic Dragon, the AC-130 is a combat aircraft the likes of which puts fear in the hearts of many on the ground. Using pintle turns, the Specter/Spooky can bring a massive amount of firepower to bear. Vulcans, cannons, and a howitzer make this platform deadly in it's own right. Field Commander Carl McCarthy has yet to call one in, however the prospect of airborne artillery is not something he'd like to pass up.

    (Image Coming Soon...)
  7. Weapons of Mass Destruction
    During the Admin War, the ISAF held the monopoly of Weapons of Mass Destruction. They gassed the Cult Quarter and Fantasy Tower with VX and Novichok and deployed nuclear ordnance more than once. Today they still hold the monopoly of WMDs, continuing to develop newer weapons and stockpiling them. Nuclear weapons require both the President and the Prime Minister's authorization for deployment.

    AGM-69 SRAM (Short Range Attack Missile)
    The primary, air launched nuclear missile in Dystopia's arsenal, the SRAM is a nuclear delivery platform for the W-69 variable yield nuclear warhead. During the battle of the Cult Quarter upwards of a hundred SRAMs with airburst warheads were used to level the city and take away sniper perches from Ego-Zombies.

    Titan IV Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
    Dystopia's preferred ICBM platform, this weapons system utilizes MIRV (Multiple Independently Targeted Reentry Vehicle) warheads, allowing the nuclear forces to deploy five, variable yield nuclear warheads at separate targets. The Mk 21 reentry vehicle separates in orbit and delivers their payload to preselected targets. Most of the silos are situated in Underbase 17, housed in faux helipads or ventilation shafts. The Titan can use either nuclear or airburst warheads.

    UGM-133 Triden II (Trident D5)
    Although Dystopia doesn't have submarines they have had to use this sub launched ICBM as some of their missile silos are located in pools. Like the Titan, the Trident II uses a MIRV warhead for either nuclear or conventional payloads.

    B-83 Thermonuclear Gravity Bomb
    The primary, aircraft dropped nuclear bomb, this weapon is a freefall bomb that can be dropped from the B-1B Lancer or B-2 Spirit at high speed or from the B-52H Stratofortress using parachutes to retard it's descent. The warhead is a variable yield warhead and can be set from ten to one hundred kilotons. At present twenty kilotons is the norm while one hundred is considered overkill.

    Novichok (Newcomer)
    The primary area denial agent in Dystopia's arsenal, Novichok was purchased from the Soviets by the then Independent Strategic Arms Foundation en masse and stockpiled after the first Battle of A.R.C. Tower. Novichok kills through the use of a protease inhibitor. This causes the body's muscles to begin contracting all at once, making for a painful death. Novichok is kept at Underbase 66 and requires the authorization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for deployment, however the President or Prime Minister can overturn their decision.

    Derived from Asmodeus' Prolific X, Necrostigmata is an area denial weapon intended to act as a Force Divider. The virus attacks the central nervous system, destroying the mind. Observations have shown that the zombies still retain most motor control and hand eye coordination, meaning they can still use and reload firearms.

    Hate Plague
    The second offensive weapon derived from the Prolific X virus, the Hate Plague attacks the hypothalamus, enlarging it. Observations have shown individuals infected with this virus to display outbursts of rage, increased physical attributes, and decreased morality. As per Chemical Warfare Doctrine the Hate Plague is typically deployed hand in hand with Necrostigmata as an Area Denial weapon.

    Particle Uplink Cannon
    Fifteen years ago Captain Road Rage brought forth a concept weapon for consideration. As he was heading the team developing laser based weapons systems he was allowed to carry out his research on an energy based Weapon of Mass Destruction. The research led to the development of a Charged Particle Cannon. The weapon was used to excite electrons and strike a target with particles accelerated to the speed of light. The cannon itself fires the beam at a mirror satellite in orbit which changes it's position based on where the beam is to strike. The only main drawbacks with this weapon are its long cool down and charge time, limiting it to being an offensive weapon, and its massive power requirements. Underbase 57 has two uplink cannons. A third and fourth are under construction at Underbase 34.
  8. Doctrine
    No matter the equipment or manpower, no army can just rush in and hope to achieve its goals. Armies need plans and warfare doctrines. Rushing in without intelligence and planning leads to absolute disaster.

    Long range ballistics are the most cost effective siege weapons we have. The Air Force can boast that they can put a bomb in a window all they want. Nothing strikes fear in a man's heart more than a salvo of Point Det Hotel Echo continuously fired over two hours time.
    -Field Commander Carl McCarthy speaking to Iwakuan Legionnaires during Operation Combined Assault, a biannual joint exercise between ISAF and the IFL.

    The Bombardment Doctrine is very straightforward. A division covers it's flanks and approaches with heavy artillery, be it Tomahawk cruise missiles or M-777 field howitzers. Said artillery is also used to inflict mass casualties upon fortified positions. Bunker defeating munitions and airburst weapons are employed to deadly effect, blanketing wide areas with fire. This doctrine requires extensive lay of the land, both through deployment of LRAP (Long Range Reconnaisance and Patrol) units and UAVs, like the Global Hawk. In the case of the 51ST Armored Division, the M-122 Sledgehammer Self Propelled Howitzer is the artillery piece of choice, supported by AC-130H Specter gunships.

    Search and Destroy
    Sometimes it isn't the tanks on the road you have to worry about but the tanks hiding in the bush. In the bombed out building. Even then sometimes there's something worse hiding there. IEDs planted in the roadside, a bloated corpse, even a live animal. It's slow going but you check everything as you go, leapfrogging. Slow and cautious.
    -Captain Jeremiah Pliskin to the 418TH Recon.

    On the battlefield the old motto 'what you don't know can get you killed' rings very true. Attention to detail is paramount when moving into unknown territory or chasing a routed enemy. Sometimes retreating forces leave mines or booby trap wrecked vehicles. Sometimes they leave a rearguard, hiding in bombed out buildings or thick brush. Even with advanced satellite imaging and umanned surveillance the boots on the ground will have to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Corpses can contain explosive charges, wrecked tanks can be rigged with a final gun salute, and buildings can be brought down with a false step. Long Range Reconnaisance and Patrol and SPECWAR soldiers are the best tool for clearing the path of traps set in the path of advancing armies.

    Hold the Line
    It's not my thing but sometimes you gotta let the enemy come to you. Establish your field of fire an' fortify your positions. Basically if they wanna take the ground you've gotten comfortable in then they're gonna have to pay in blood, sweat, an' tears, with an interest of human excrement an' equipment.
    -Captain Road Rage to the newly formed 84TH Experimental Weapons Battalion, the Growling Wyverns, during the first Operation Combined Assault.

    During operations there may come a time when one will have to hold a position from enemy attack. When that time comes one will have to fortify positions, dig rifle pits, allocate munitions and supplies, establish fields of fire, empty bladders and colons, and pray to whatever deity one is particular to. Taking the local topography into account is also very important. It does not help a defender much to hold a town at the foot of a hill or mountain as an attacker can shell the town into submission. Protecting supply lines during such operations is also paramount as tanks need gas, soldiers need food, and guns need bullets. Typically supplies are airlifted in, dropped from C-130s or shipped in via land routes, if the flanks are secure enough.

    Scorched Earth
    To set the Mk 21 warhead, simply pull on the dial and turn to the desired setting. Upon selection push the dial in and turn the arming key. Remove key and replace cover. Install the Mk 21 warhead to the Titan IV. Safeties will be removed during launch preparation prior to launch.
    -Instruction manual for arming the Mk 21 nuclear warhead.

    In the event that circumstances require it Dystopian nuclear forces will deploy as many weapons as required to destroy wide swaths of land with the most devastating weapon of the Modern Age. Before this can happen, however, both the President and the Prime Minister must be in agreement for nuclear deployment. This can be done without nuclear ordnace as well. The Titan IV can be refitted with conventional airburst warheads to flatten entire armies over large areas and turn forests into airfields. Strategic bombers can also be employed in carpet bombings for this tactic.

    Area Denial
    Subjects in group A died within hours of exposure. Subjects in group B experienced severe internal hemorraging and diarreah for thirty to fifty minutes before expiring. Will continue to modify agent A and will place agent B in production.
    -Colonel Archetype during tests of new chemical agents.

    In the event that depoying forces to hold an area is unfeasible the next best thing is to deny them through chemical warfare. Dystopia has several biochemical agents at their disposal, the most infamous being the Prolific X variant Necrostigmata. This viral agent is intended to be used in conjunction with the Hate Plague, Novichok, and VX agents. When using chemical weapons it is very important to know which direction the wind is blowing. It wouldn't do to well to have one's own chemical agent blow over one's own army.
  9. 'The Usual'
    Even with a massive nuclear arsenal and stockpiles of biochemical weapons, there is one weapon that causes more devastation in one go and requires more than just the authorization of the President and the Prime Minister to use.

    'The Usual.'

    Though diminutive it has been shown to possess a power which has proven to be force multiplier for the man that wields it, Chief Matthew A. Rierson.

    'The Usual' is a black hole cannon. Upon being opened it begins to suck everything into it. During ISAF's occupation of Nerf Castle it was used against Paorou-sama's Squiggoth, sucking in orks and wreckage alike without discrimination. During the first Battle of A.R.C. Tower it was used again against giant ooze monsters, engulfing an entire monster in one go. It's most recent use was against a Teknikan mecha, nearly killing Captain Nic in the process.

    Despite 'The Usuals' power its use comes at a great cost. It places not only a heavy physical strain on Chief but it also seems to take a toll on his spiritual well being.

    On a side note it seems to have stopped his aging all together. Scientists have yet to determine how 'The Usual' has accomplished this. The closest they can determine is that 'The Usual' emits a type of radiation which has altered Chief down to a molecular level.

    It's deployment comes down to a Judgement Call on Chief's part. When, and if, he does use 'The Usual' he asks those around him to keep him steady.

    Minigunners, Marines, Mechalith... Whoever is nearby and able to lend a hand in keeping 'The Usual' on target.

    As to the origin, Chief contends that an armorer gave it to him on a whim back when he was still in the United States Navy. Any history about it before then is unknown, leading scientists to believe it is an alien artifact of some sort. If that is true then the question remains as to why they haven't tried to get it back.
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