Iwaku World - THE FATE LINES (read your character's current destiny)

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In this thread, you will be shown what Fate has in store for your character. Remember to check this thread regularly, as it will tell you what rewards and what punishments are heading your way.

You can change your Fate through your actions, but because this involves defying the Cycle, you will be vulnerable when doing so. Other characters will be able to hurt/hinder/defeat you as you become temporarily weaker. This may show itself by Mods allowing other characters to do things to you.

But on the plus side, if you stick to your Fate Line, Mods will allow you to achieve more special things.

Throughout history, many scholars and madmen have argued over what "Iwaku" is. Those who have travelled to or journeyed from other dimensions agree that Iwaku is not an ordinary reality. The story-like history, and the presence of phenomena such as Reality Bending and Confluence, suggest a unique body of laws for a truly unique realm.

What sets Iwaku apart from other worlds is something called the "Cycle". Few people are aware of the Cycle, and even fewer can agree on a definition. Many believe it does not even exist.

But what is known is that the Cycle operates in patterns - events that repeat and tendencies that cannot be resisted. The majority of the Iwaku population is at the mercy of the Cycle, while stronger characters do their best to resist and combat it.

To date, only 8 Fate Lines have been identified in the Cycle. During your time in Iwaku, your actions will determines which path you are on. If you try to resist the path, there could be disastrous consequences, and if you let the path take you, then you will be dragged further into the Cycle.

The choice is yours...

The Hero Fate Line is the most obvious in Iwaku - a tendency for people to make a stand against evil, to face darkness, and to create light.

In all of history, the only character known to have harnessed the Hero Line was Homac, the creator of the current realm, but he lost it very quickly and so had to fall back on false claims of godhood. No one else has ever successfully harnessed the Pattern, leading many to believe that the Hero of Iwaku has yet to arise.

Almost every culture has the concept of a hero - an individual who chooses to aspire to beyond their community and beyond the constraints placed upon them. The Hero is typically a long-suffering character who is forced to protect the things he loves and sacrifice his pride in the process.

The Shadow is the opposite Fate Line to the Hero. It produces villains, antagonists and everything that opposes heroic qualities. It is the darkness, the psychosis and the madness that unleashes suffering.

Many believe that Paorou-Sama is the current vessel of the Shadow Fate Line, due to his long history as antagonist to the people of Iwaku. There have also been others, such as Asmodeus and Razilin, who at times embody a total opposition to the Iwakuan way of life.

The Shadow is typically the worst parts of a hero - one who is arrogant, uncaring and devious. He is the monster that the Hero will become if he gives up on himself. Shadows and Anti-Heroes are one and the same - a power and a brilliance corrupted by the world and the character's own fears.

The Mentor Fate Line is one of the strongest and at the same time one of the most inconspicious tendencies of the Cycle. It is a force of teaching, training and guidance.

It has been harnessed at different times by CoffeeCakeSadist, Reikei, Woodrat and others. The Mentor Line is a force of teaching, wisdom and intellectual enlightenment. It follows the course of the Hero Line closely, inspiring and energizing it. Some have theorised that the Hero Line consistently breaks down into the Mentor Fate Line, meaning potential heroes lose the ability to act and instead become wise overseers, hoping to inspire others to succeed where they have failed.

The Mentor is typically one with the intelligence and power to become a Hero or Shadow, but with the wisdom to avoid the corruption and sacrifice such paths would bring.

The most powerful after the Hero Line, the Soulmate Line represents the opposite gender to the hero. It is the force of alternatives, inspiration, new thinking and love. As such, it is often called "The Muse" and has a tendency to inspire the artists and philosophers of Iwaku.

Many have harnessed the Soulmate Line, including Queen Bonny, Simica, Peridox and Ana'Thil. But the greatest so far has been Fluffy, who achieved a full embodiement of the Line during the Admin War and was hailed as the vessel of the Goddess.

The Soulmate is typically a companion who suffers beside the hero, challenging them and loving them in equal measure.

The Trickster Fate Line is the playful and mischievous aspect of the world - the side that doesn't take things too seriously and is able to subvert and cut others down to size.

Many despise Tricksters as prattling fools who do not understand the seriousness of the situation. But like the jesters of old and the hanged man of the Tarot, these so-called fools are perhaps the wisest of all. They retain the power to laugh and see absurdity, and even as they are beaten they smile, for they know that joy will triumph over rage and grief.

King Rory has the best understanding of the Trickster Line and has managed to tap many realms of this energy, controlling the Fate Line's operation across Iwaku. A typical trickster offers comic relief and a carefree viewpoint to the ongoing adventure.


The weakest of the Fate Lines, but no less important, the Herald Line is the tendency towards revelations and discoveries, the source of new information and callings.

The Herald Line was harnessed most effectively by Gabriel Zero when he first drew together the borders of the kingdom and spread the word of Iwaku. Since his passing, few others have used this energy effectively, with only passing attempts from Torsty and Asmodeus. The Line allows travel to the realms beyond Iwaku.

A typical herald learns the lessons of history and preaches them to the masses, warning them of the dangers to come.

The Ally Fate Line is a source of cooperation, loyalty and aid. Like the spirit guides of ancient warriors, the Allies represent the noble parts of a hero - the things worth fighting for, such as courage, loyalty, friendship, humility. Only by surrounding himself with Allies can a Hero remember what it is that he is fighting for.

It is currently used most effectively by Diana, who has been a longstanding ally of Iwaku. It has also been seen in Captain Nic, Warmaster Death and Kitti. The Ally Line has allowed Iwaku to survive many disasters through the aid of third parties.

A typical Ally helps his friends with humility, never complaining too much or seeking reward for himself. He runs errands for those more capable than him and knows his place in the grand scheme of things.

The Guardian Line is one of the strongest patterns behind the power of Confluence.

It has been seen in characters such as Razilin, Chaos and Soulless. It is a Line that produces obstacles to the other Lines - hurdles that must be overcome and trials that must be passed.

Many believe that the Nerf Rebellions were caused by an excessive concentration of this Guardian energy. Indeed, many of the pitfalls and challenges of Iwaku history can be blamed upon the Guardian Line, from the Nerf Rebellion to Asmodeus's madness.

A typical Guardian presents a challenge to others, a hurdle that must be overcome. Symbolically, he represents bad part of the Hero - an embodied sin or fear that must be overcome.


Diana - The Rejoicing Hero
Diana appears to be the one we've all be waiting for. Her current fate is to embody hope, to spread joy and kindness, and to assure us all that the struggle is over.

Paorou-Sama - The Guardian Shadow
Paorou is currently the supreme embodiement of the Guardian Fate Line, but still has plenty of the Shadow Line left in him. His current fate is block anyone who would damage the Cycle or stray too far into Insanity.

Porg - Undefined.
No fate line exists for Porg.

Asmodeus - The Wounded Herald
After failing as the Shadow, Asmodeus is now a Herald - a warning to others of the perils of the Cycle. His fate is to reflect on what he has done and inform others of the dangers that are coming.

Rory - The Exiled Trickster
Rory has been cast out and now dwells in shadows. His current fate is to lurk at the sidelines, laughing at the tide of history and dispensing wisdom to those who will hear it.

Grant - The Grounded Ally
Grant is the down-to-earth, no-nonsense, common-sense companion. He has pretty much been there and done that, but has no desire to teach those who won't listen. He has the potential to become a mentor, but for now he just stoically does his part.

Warmaster Death -
Awaiting completion of character sheet...

Myrnodyn - The Cautious Mentor
Myrnodyn has seen much in his time and lost much. He now hopes to raise a new generation of Shifters and teach them to build a better Iwaku. But these are early days, and he has far to go before he achieves the dream of his own mentor, the Lycan Queen.

Jack Shade - The Wounded Hero
Though new to Iwaku, Jack Shade has already suffered greatly in this narrative. He is therefore a step ahead of an Offered Hero, having already felt the torments of darkness. His path remains open, but his past is already becoming a burden.

Tegan - The Shifting Soulmate
Tegan is a perfect embodiement of the counter-gender - illusive, uncertain, challenging and shapeshifting. She offers guidance and antagonism, strengthening others through her counterpoise. Her path remains obscure for now, but as the closest thing to the emanation of a Goddess, the Cycle is working hard to force her into the Soulmate Role.

Karsikan - The Foolish Hero
Kariskan has heroic qualities, but has not yet sacrificed his pride, his arrogance, or his reliance on material protection. He has been through his first fire and has made poor judgments which he must now suffer for. He has much to learn.

Torsty -
Awaiting completion of character sheet.

Jumi - The Cursed Mentor
Jumi has suffered greatly at the hands of the Cycle, and has much to teach the new generation of Iwaku. He now seeks an opportunity in which to apply his lessons.

Zypher - The Eager Guardian
Zypher is the right hand of Diana, an energetic and insatiable Guardian who will block and hinder any who challenge his mistress.

Kaze - The Herald
As the sole survivor of the Temple of History, Kaze has been placed on the Herald Line. He is the bringer of information, the seer of the future and the voice of prophecy. He just not teach like a mentor, but simply relays and gathers knowledge. His current path is the protection of history and the chronicler of the events to come.

Faramond - Undefined.
No fate line exists for Faramond.

The Pop N Lock Kid - The Offered Hero
A newcomer to Iwaku, Kid is at the start of his journey. He currently walks the path of the Hero, but there are many challenges ahead which may send him off on other paths.

Drake - The Penitent Ally
Drake is a great ally to those seeking the light, but he has his own dark history to contend with. He is not willing to be too domineering nor too subservient, for he has witnessed firsthand the perils of each. Drake exists as an equal to those who are willing to strive for a better world.

Acquariana - The Fearful Ally
Acquariana longs to help others, but often feels powerless. And sometimes when she does try to help she only makes things worse. She often hangs back and lets others take action; but she always has the best intentions.

Carl McCarthy - The Armoured Ally
McCarthy is the sleeping giant, a highly capable ally for any aspiring hero, but with no personal ambition beyond his own preservation. If wielded correctly, McCarthy and his army can be an indomitable force. But the challenge will be in befriending him.

Julius Ryker - The Trickster Ally
In many ways Ryker represents the common man, with all his sins and disinterests. He will look out for the things that matter and the things that make sense. He will help you, but don't ask him to believe what you believe. His spirit is never dampened and he treats all things as they come.

Obskeree - The Unexpected Soulmate
Obskeree is a soulmate for Porg - the innocent part of him that achieves great things despite being very small. She embodies a lesson for Porg to learn, and also the feminine parts of his character.

Sakura - The Offered Hero
Sakura has undergone a significant change since her last incarnation. She is now on an open path once more, with her fate yet to be decided.

Arachnion - The Spirited Trickster
Full of energy and up for mischief, Arachnion never takes things too seriously and deals with each challenge as it comes. It takes a lot to make him despair, and in groups he is usually the one who rejects the party line and tries something new. He is a passionate inventor and a vivacious fighter.

Loveless - The Offered Hero
A newcomer to Iwaku, Loveless is at the start of her journey. She currently walks the path of the Hero, but there are many challenges ahead which may send her off on other paths.

Soulless - The Broken Ally
Soulless has suffered greatly at the hands of the Cycle. His current fate is to be a reminder to others of what conflict can do to the innocent. He is the broken soul that must be nursed back into the light.

Sozrosse - The Aloof Mentor
Sozrosse has seen the future and spoken with angels. She has much to teach, but she remains distant from others. Should you wish to learn from her, she will not give the information freely nor easily.

Bloody Roseanne - The Offered Guardian
Roseanne, the cursed cannibal, is currently a prospect of fear. She seems unhinged and wild - more beast than human. Her current fate is to be an uncertain threat to others.

Trance Kitsune -
Awaiting completion of character sheet.

Grumpy - The Rising Guardian
Embodying some of the darkest parts of human nature, Grumpy is currently on course to become a threat to Iwaku. In time he could become a Shadow, but these are early days. For now he will be an obstacle - a force of opposition to those who encounter him.

Chaos - The Wounded Hero
Though new to Iwaku, Chaos has already suffered greatly in this narrative. He is therefore a step ahead of an Offered Hero, having already felt the torments of darkness. His path remains open, but his past is already becoming a burden.

Miru - The Offered Hero
A newcomer to Iwaku, Miru is at the start of his journey. He currently walks the path of the Hero, but there are many challenges ahead which may send him off on other paths.

Kitti -
Awaiting completion of character sheet.

Captain Nic - The Watching Herald
For many decades, Nic has watched the events of Iwaku, recording them like a True Herald but occasionally involving himself as an ally. For now the Cycle is happy for him to observe and avoid direct engagment. He watches and he waits.

Natalie - The Broken Ally
Natalie has suffered greatly at the hands of her demonic possessor. Her current fate is to be a reminder to others of what darkness can do to the innocent. She is a broken soul that must be nursed back into the light.
Okay, this list is now fully updated.

If you don't have a Fate Line, then you need to check your character sheet for red comments. OR you need to convert your sheet to the new format.
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