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Iwaku World - The Barship

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Warmaster Death, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. Barrack room 0137-A (Former Quarters of the Vostroyan Firstborn 6th Infantry Regiments 2nd platoon)

    The General stood, looking at rack upon rack of red Vostroyan uniform tunic and fatigue sets, and the chest armor and helmets that were stored next to them.

    there had to be at least several thousand of these barrack rooms, all empty since the last war, empty except for memories, ghosts and empty uniforms and wargear, the rooms would have gathered dust were it not for the constant cleaning servitor visits, and now even most of the servitors lay dorment, awaiting a time when once more these barrack rooms where a hub of activity and a den of life.

    the silence was broken by the sound of hardend leather boots on the steel central pathway, and Alesia closed her eyes, her imagination almost turning the single set of boots into that of a platoon of able soldiers.
    "Haunting, isnt it, the silence i mean" the voice that carried across the barrack room was that of Inquisitor Gregor Macharius, and Alesia nodded, unable to find words for the immense sadness she felt at the thought of all the empty barrack rooms
    "it is, though soon, Emperor willing, they will thrive again the genetors say that we have enough genetic stock to raise many of the dead troopers back, though most will require refresher training course to give them time to adpat to their 'new' bodies" Alesia said, unable to take her eyes off the massive racks filled with empty uniforms.

    each set a life gone forever if we dont get that artifact she thought and Macharius' face twisted into a half smile
    "Emperor willing General though the strike team has not reported back yet, nor, for that matter, has Silias, though im sure both have their reasons" the smile faded from Macharius' face as he spoke, and Alesia sensed worry lurking at the back of the Inquisitors mind, although she did not actually try to find out what it was he worried about.

    Emperor save us, if we loose the device AND Silias, we may as well fold into one of the guilds or the ISAF - Alesia thought and then she to worried, for normally she could sense Silias no matter where he was in Iwaku, but ever since the beggining of the invasion, whenever shre tried to find him, a dark force outright blocked her, and that disturbed Alesia more than anything else.

    because if the Gaians had enough mighty psykers at their disposal, they could tear Iwaku to shreds!

    Alesia and Macharius ponder the losses taken by barship forces.
    it is revealed that if they loose their present forces, if they fail to take the cloning device from the back of the elder weapon, that the Barship forces as they stand now are doomed.

    it is also revealed that WMD has gone off the Barship detection Grid, with neither Auspex or Alesia's powers able to locate him.
  2. John

    "He advised us against that protocol. All it will do is just drive a wedge between us and the hunter and end with more of our guys hurt."
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