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    My loves, Iwaku is in peril. Insanity and War has taken it's toll. People are lost and confused. They can't tell up from down. Citizens have turned against each other. There has been bloodshed and death.

    We have been blessed with a new chance. Through fate, reality is being born anew. Iwaku can now be born anew. I don't come to Iwaku to start a new war. I've come to save Iwaku. Let us not repeat the history of The Admin War, Old Moonwings or other dead worlds. Let us fight to rebuild Iwaku. Bring in a new era of peace and sanity. Yes, SANITY. For I firmly believe that it was madness that led Iwaku stray in to the bowels of chaos.

    Let us erase the pain of our past and shape the new Iwaku.

    So I ask... will you join me?

    Become one of the Luna Ashe Order. From the ashes we WILL have a better tomorrow.
  2. Zypher reporting for duty! For the betterment of Iwaku!
  3. At least there is one brave soul out there that believes in love and peace!
  4. *cue Eminem's "Not Afraid" as grade school children rise out of their chairs, each dramatically proclaming "I am Malcolm X Diana Notacat"*

    One of my characters will join you with a personal agenda. ^_~
  5. Hooray! More groupies! people who want to join us!
  6. Where your minions at, Diana?

    *spits on your turf*
  7. *kicks Asmo out* She doesn't need minions, we're plenty strong without a bunch of help, besides we have all the common folk with us! WE HAVE JOE THE PLUMBER! D:<
  8. Our Chat has 5 pages.

    We're all bonding and shit.
  9. That's because you HAVE to do all that bonding, or your group falls apart. >:D OUR loyalty goes deeper than that.
  10. Rory declares a state of Co-belligerence with this Order. I may support the Order materially, exchange intelligence and have limited operational coordination with this government. However, my aims of this war differ considerably with that of the Order, so no formal alliance is going to be declared.
  11. You're a good friend, Rory! :D Teehee!
  12. tl;dr: He's too cool to commit to anything and wants to be all ballsy and non-conformist. Man, I wish I was too. :'(
  14. *recaps quietly in the background while everyone else has fun down below*

  15. All you space marine types look the same.

    Drake thinks what he thinks
  16. Generally, you can tell people like Sindri apart by the fact that they have black armor, evil spikes, blood stains, human skulls/scalps, etc., and their cultists being horrifically scarred with babies impaled on their back-spikes. They trail blood and organs on the ground.
  17. there is that yes.

    although theKabal Cultists look more like shifters/ISAF/bread Cult/Barship forces all mixed together.
  18. He gave me a present! :D He's my friend!
  19. .....yes, a present.
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