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Okay, for anyone who's Palonis confused, Drake and Myrnodyn used Asmodeus to power a massive Confluence Bomb.

Unfortunately, this coincided with the descent of the AFTA space station, the crossover of the ROA timeline, the destruction the Temple of History, and the dimensional bleeds caused by the Elder portals.


The Mirror between Insanity and Iwaku is now shattered, and the majority of Iwaku believe that Diana is the True Hero who has come to save us.

The Elders have been stopped and the Noobs are cowering.
This is more of a technical issue.

The YouTube tags for a post I made got screwed up. Any ideas?
I don't think videos display because of the update. You'll have to ask Diana.
If videos aren't working use
I'm going to go out on a limb here, and assume that it's alright if Jumi wanders his way to Soulless's house right?

I mean... it's not like he's got anywhere to be other than the City, but I'd like him to meet up with the first few Crimson members.
Actually, Soulless asked if we would end up going to his house with Asmo, so I think that all of us meeting there would be a good idea. Also, Jumi, you didn't mention Kaze in your post T_T

Also, were we all supposed to go through a transformation due to the Confluence Bomb? or is that something that's optional?
Heh, Soulless went unchanged for some character development I'm having.

I'm praying everyone else changes their characters at least a little bit of my character developement isn't going to happen. >:{

Yeah, Jumi can stop by at Soulless's house. While Asmo's dying we can have a rave. Invite the bread cult for a disco ball of bread and some music and we'll be good.
Also, Jumi, you didn't mention Kaze in your post T_T


*goes back to edit his mistake.*

EDIT: Also, people, if none of you happened to check my Bio, Jumi's a skilled physician, and surgeon. I'll gladly cut the bastard up, and save his life. >: D
Awesome, GO FOR IT! Stitch up his wounds ^^

If you need blood transfusion I'm always here ^^ Just pretend Soulless's blood type is 'E for Everyone' so to speak.
Spam deleted.

This thread is plot-important information only.
I already kinda figured that with the level of manipulation you have over your own blood Soulless.

Anyway, let's get this show on the road, Kinda eager to see how this story is going to go.
*Sees that Jumi completely sidestepped all of her traps.*


*Puts on nurse's hat and goes to help Jumi.*
Hehehehe, best of luck you guys. I don't think Asmo would be pleased if his char died.
Meg, if you get a chance could you edit your last post in E. Remains. Not to sound picky but there were more people involved than just Zypher. THNX.
Since I didn't wanna post in the Character thread and clutter it I'll just say here that yes I accept the acceptance condition on my character bio. The banishing power of Ragnarok no longer works, and I am in fact happy to be rid of it.
question to whoever did the red text edit in wmds bio, elaborate on what?
Thanks Chaos.

WMD, I think that was Jack. Also, the last time I checked you were still in the old format.
Zypher will soon be heading towards Diana's welcoming party. Kitti will be taking the Emerald and doing whatever it is that she does. TK and Rory will be wandering around Iwaku for a while, occasionally giving Zypher advice but staying relatively low from the world of politics during the opening days of this new conflict.
Rory, expect Chaos to drop in at some point so he can get the important details of Iwaku's current status.
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