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  1. Eeep...

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    I'll post... when you actually get this right. ^^
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    We can remake it...it will be stronger...faster...

    Or just the same as we left it.
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    *Haruhi threw a drunken fit and destroyed the world. As soon as she regained sobriety, she remade it, sans everything else...*

    Ok, so it seems like the world is remade again.... What now?
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    Now we wait for Porg... *looks to the east*
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    Well this sucks... Mattering on which way we go i may make a new character entirely. I don't think i backed up my character.
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    Heh. At least we lost the forum and not each other. =]
    You guys are too negative
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    Oh mah godz...I actually backed up my character and I FOUND him! HAHA!!

    But what happens to the whole ordeal he just went through at the mall.....o_O
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    Do we do a large summary of what's happened thus far and continue or do we have to rewrite our posts if we didn't back them up?
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    McCarthy, for simplicty's sake, once this get's restarted, let's just say that your guys at Firebase Sparta dropped Mabu off at Shapeshifter town.

    @Archetype: So, Chinese or South Seas style? Personally, I'm partial to the Nick Jr. style torture.
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    I would be willing to join this. I didn't last time but now would be a good time to jump in, now that things are fresh!
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    So, the continuing adventures of Mak and his red Freudian super-gunk?

    Porg and the mods are working on restoring and reinventing the plotlines, so just bear with us while we figure it all out and stop Porg from self-harming.
  13. Hey Peeps!

    I'm B L u E s and my favorite anime genres.... Are...
    1) romance 2) shonen 3) action 4) drama

    And the list goes on!
    But honestly, the anime that got me into this world is Beyblade and Yu gi oh
    Naruto eventually became my life long dedication but don't worry, I don't JUST watch mainstream animes -ok maybe I do.

    But I'm open to learn about other ones xD

    Also, I always wanted to do my own manga but wtv xD
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    Now we have to do the real thing all over again.
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    Let Rory do the Re-enactment! He can dress up as all of us and Re-enact what we did so far while we watch and (maybe) cheer...
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    My character has been revised and improved (I hope) and is ready to devour his enemies, lets hope he stays long enough to get enemies this time.

    *Steals megane's coffee*
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    I'll get in contact with Porg as soon as I can to see what I can help with.
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    Something like that....this time with 75% more gunkyness!
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    Ok.. just so everyone knows..

    I have been away for like 5 days.. I was aware of the problem don't worry.. Dunno what you guys are doing soaking a scarecrow in tea though.. doesn't even look like me...

    Now as I write this I've just got back from the Netherlands, been doing things such as going to zoos, hanging out with friends, and seeing Myrn.. oh and complaining about all those foreigners..

    I'm not sure what we're doing with this yet, I have a few ideas, but I need to discuss em with people and stuff and so I'm gonna close Iwaku World for a little bit, (once I can be arsed to grab the Admin controls.. which isn't yet) just.. hang ten guys.

    I'll do my best to make it better this time ^^;
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    hay i thought iwaku wurld was supposed to be all free-form and stuff? WHY YOU GOTTA GET ALL PLOT ON EVERYTHING, ASMO? WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LET US RUN AROUND AND BE OURSELVES!?

    Let Rory do a re-enactment of the entire thing! =D

    Not like it would take away from anything.
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