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In Iwaku World, you are allowed 3 powers in your character sheet. These must be ranked from Primary to Secondary to Tertiary.

Powers in Iwaku come from one of 4 styles, or energies, which exist at different levels in different parts of the world. Some areas of Iwaku will strengthen certain power styles, whilst some will weaken them. The four styles are:

CONFLUENCE - Anything based on science and realism.
Confluence is a power-source based on the laws of physics and narrative - two systems which heavily control the story-world that is Iwaku. By "laws of narrative", this means the realistic telling of a story. Confluence stops unexplained things and random events from ruining the plot-line, and ensures total realism.

The weakness of Confluence is that you are subject to that same rules of realism and can often fall foul of them.

The greatest user of this power was Asmodeus, who was able to create an area of effect that removed all unnatural powers from his enemies. He was also unable to be defeated by anyone who had not suffered and earned the right to be a true hero. But in the end it destroyed him, as his own Confluence powers took away his wings and made him vulnerable to the blade that killed him.

Confluence hot spots include Dystopia and the South Gate, where events are ultra-realistic.
Examples: Any realistic firearm and combat training; Any non-magical biological ability for your race that can be explained by scientific laws; Anything that enforces cause and effect.

REALITY-BENDING - Anything that can't be explained.
If Confluence represents the story, then Reality-Bending represents the re-writing of the story. Reality-Bending is where things happen without logic or cause. It is similar to Chaos Theory. The power comes from sheer will and random desire.

The weakness of Reality-Bending is similar to Confluence, in that you can become the victim of your own powers if you let the chaos get out of hand.

The greatest user of this power was Paorou-Sama, who was able to save parts of the old Iwaku and keep them behind the Mirror as the Realm of Insanity. He now rules there according to nothing but his own whims, but suffers from the fact that he cannot exist beyond the Mirror because of the amount of Reality-Bending he has performed.

Reality-Bending hot spots include Insanity, where surreal and illogical events happen on a daily basis.
Examples: Anything that seems to come out of nowhere, like returning from the dead, summoning bizarre objects, making things happen without reason. Or exploiting narrative rules, such as strolling out of a building because explosions only happen when the hero is running from it.

DREAMWEAVING - Anything that uses magical power sources.
Dreamweaving is more along the lines of traditional magic. It is a power drawn from realms beyond the physical world, including the elemental planes, the realm of the dead, the shadow planes, heaven, hell, past, future, and so forth. A Dreamweaver must tap that power and draw it into his own world before shaping it into something of use.

The weakness of Dreamweaving is that it requires a link to the other realm. This link can be severed, hijacked or go haywire if your channeling is disturbed.

The greatest user of this power was Rory, who was a master of time-travel, dream-walking and invocation. His greatest feat was summoning the Goddess of Iwaku into mortal form - a feat for which he earned his place as King of the Realm.

Dreamweaving hot spots include Temple Island, where the ancient magics of Iwaku provide a near-limitless reservoir of elemental, ethereal and temporal power.
Examples: Necromancy, Shadow-manipulation, elemental magic, holy powers, infernal powers, shape-shifting, spontaneous healing.

SOULARTS - Anything drawn from the soul.
If Dreamweaving is the power from beyond, then SoulArts is the power from WITHIN. It is based upon the soul, the powers that are deep within the essence of who you are. The lesser known of the styles, SoulArt powers are often channeled through emotions and desires, and can range from empathic healing to hateful telekinesis. They can also manifest in Soul-Blades: weapons that literally embody a user's soul.

The weakness of SoulArts is that it comes completely from your own body, so if you are injured or drugged or unconscious, those powers can be interrupted. It is also based upon strong desires, so your emotions must be in tune with what you want.

The greatest user of SoulArts was Porg/Jack, who was able to tap a huge range of powers from within his soul, helping him to achieve feats of heroism according to his heart's desire.

SoulArt hot spots include the Forest of Anirune, which was created by strong and sympathetic desire and is now home to the SoulArt master, Jack.
Examples: Second chances, lucky breaks, inhuman endurance, regeneration, great speed, heightened senses, berserk triggers, mind-affect powers.


Name: (We prefer you to play your avatar - i.e. your persona on Iwaku).


Faction: (If affiliated with a cult or business)

Place of Residence:



Drivers: (What motivates your character. What do they want? What are they running from? What cause are they following?)

Equipment: (Including anything stored elsewhere)

Strengths: (What are you good at?)

Weaknesses: (What lets you down? YOU MUST HAVE WEAKNESSES!)

Primary Power: (Including category it falls under)

Secondary Power: (Including category it falls under)

Tertiary Power: (Including category it falls under)

Background: (Try to be concise)

Commendations: (Leave this blank. ONLY Mods can write in this spot, and they will use it to add any rewards or new powers that you have earned. If you have roleplayed well or have a history in the Mythos, then your commendations will reflect this.)

Please refrain from posting until your sheet has been given the GREEN LIGHT symbol by either Myrnodyn or Asmodeus.

Re: Character Sheet Applications

Name: Asmodeus

Race: Angel

Faction: The Knights of Iwaku

Place of Residence: Based at Temple Island, but is a constant traveller


Personality: Ambivalent and ambiguous. Asmodeus was the tyrant of the last war in Iwaku, but has recently saved the people of Shapeshifter Town from nuclear disaster. He is at once gracious, devious, sentimental and ruthless. He seems to care for the people and at the same time seeks to mould them to his will. At times he shows remorse for the genocides he has unleashed, but in the next moment acts with arrogance and contempt. He believes whole-heartedly in the dream of Iwaku, but what means he will take to achieve this end remains an unanswered question.

Drivers: Asmodeus believes there is no one left who can do what he does. With the passing of the age of King Gabriel, Paorou-Sama and the other heroes, Asmodeus believes the dream is dying. He is also been given a glimpse of the future thanks to the Legacy crossover (see Legacy Roleplay in the archives). He is determined to avert the coming darkness, even if he has to do it single-handedly.

Equipment: His legendary sword, Metatron. The sword is forged from four parts: The Blade of Reiki, King Gabriel's first champion; the Blade of Bowiegranap, the King's swordsmith; the Blade of Tel'Nein, the future incarnation of JackShade; and the Blade of Casepheny, a future emanation of the Goddess. The Sword has been fused together by the sheer power of Confluence and the grace bestowed on Asmodeus by King Gabriel.

Strengths: Asmodeus knows almost everything about Iwaku and its history. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge as well as a whole host of connections. He is also a great orator and performer, able to inspire those around him.

Weaknesses: Asmodeus was cursed long ago by one of Grumpy's necromantic spells. He still has nightmares and terriying vision of his war crimes. This is magnified by his angelic sensitivity to the pain of others. He is also completely untrusted by the current Iwakuan generation, who have been taught his dark history as a genocidal war criminal.

Primary Power: CONFLUENCE PULSE [Confluence].
Asmodeus is an epicentre of the powers of Confluence. He enforces gritty, realistic reality in a 100ft radius around him, weakening the magical powers of others and forcing them to fight harsh and gruelling battles at the risk of their very lives.

Secondary Power: ANGELIC PHYSIOLOGY [SoulArts]
Asmodeus can fly, is immune to hunger, poison and disease, and possesses above average strength (to the point of holding up a collapsing roof or knocking down a tree).

Tertiary Power: BATTLE-TRAINED [Confluence]
Years of warfare, training and tactical study have made him deadly with a sword. He has adapted styles for both ground-based and aerial combat, and he is able to predict and counter an opponent in a very calculated way, knowing the trajectories, successions and angles that will play out. This power gives him the advantage against all but the most random of opponents.

Background: Asmodeus was an angel stationed in the infernal realm of Silent Hill, where he spent many years growing weary and despairing at the waste of souls around him. Then one day he heard the call of King Gabriel, Iwaku's first king who summoned the lost and weary to his kingdom. Casting himself out of Silent Hill, Asmodeus fell down the heavenly stairs into Iwaku and there began humble service to King Gabriel. Asmodeus distinguished himself in repelling the Noob hordes and fighting Lord Razilin in the Nerf Rebellions, and in time was promoted with Rory to a Prince of the Realm. But as the King's madness grew, Asmodeus began work on his own empire. He established the Asmodeus Roleplaying Corporation (ARC) and experimented on captured Noobs, eventually developing Prolific X, otherwise known as the Ego-Zombie virus. With this virus, he enslaved thousands of Iwakuan citizens to his will and monopolised the industrial and entertainment heartland of Iwaku. His popularity grew and he began to undermine the King with each passing month. Then finally, when King Gabriel passed from this world, Asmodeus made a grab for power which led to a pre-emptive attack on Prince Rory. The Admin War had begun - a war that would devastate his empire and bring him to a desperate alliance with Paorou-Sama. In the end, Asmodeus was slain by Palonis and Grumpy at Nerf Castle, and when he was finally resurrected in the Mirror Realm his sanity was restored and he fell into the deepest chasms of despair and regret. But in his darkest hour he encountered the survivors of the Legacy timeline - the dark future of Iwaku, and from them he learned how the world would end. Asmodeus swore an oath there and then to prevent this apocalypse, a promise which endures even though his curse has now been lifted.

One of the reasons for Asmodeus's resilient power is the Journey Shield - a particular high-level Confluence Effect. It seems he cannot be defeated by an opponent who has not passed through the mythical stages of the hero's journey. To beat him, an opponent must conform to the literary laws of the character arc (suffering, facing trials, overcoming death, rising again, answering the call, etc). To date, this power has not been overcome by Reality Bending. Those who have pierced the Journey Shield include Palonis, JackShade, Grumpy and Warmaster Death.

Re: Character Sheet Applications

Name: Jack, goes by the name Porg

Race: Human

Age: 20

Faction: None currently

Place of Residence: Porg's Meadow

Appearance: Standing at only 5'2" Jack is very short and really scrawny, a deceptive appearance considering his abilities.

Personality: Jack is a conflicted individual. His confidence in his own morals and convictions is countered by a low self esteem, and feelings of uselessness. He has a strong hero complex, which acts as a drive to protect those he holds dear, however this has pushed him apart from some.
Happy when he's got something to be confident about, he's a determined individual.

Drivers: Mainly Jack is concerned with protecting his friends. However he is also driven by a need to prove himself (more to himself than anyone else)

-Penknife on a chain, used as a weapon.
-Saami hunting knife, kept in the Sheathe of Iwaku
-Large rucksack, containing a change of clothes and some food
-Gummi Ship (In Jack Shade's base)
-Norse bind rune of protection, worn around his left arm.

Training, Jack has trained himself to use his equipment in a fight, and is quite skillful with it.
Trope knowledge, Having been taught by CoffeeCakeSadist Jack has some knowledge of how Iwaku's narrative nature works and can exploit it.

Written out, Jack was removed from the cycle at some point during the Admin war, and thus is unable to affect large scale events the cycle has control over unless it allows him to.
Depressive, Jack has a low self esteem and is prone to bouts of depression or severe loneliness. These usually have to be triggered but can be devastating.
Jack of all trades, Jack is a master of SoulArts (but that skill is fairly unreliable even to masters) but is nowhere close to a master at any of his other skills.

Primary Power: SoulArts [SoulArts] Jack has skills in the most fundamental of SoulArts abilities. His SoulBlade, a manifestation of his soul as a weapon (which resembles a cross between a sword and a quarterstaff in use) is one of the most powerful in use, and can supposedly 'block anything' (it can't). His SoulArts also gives him impressive resilience against blunt force trauma. Under severe emotional impetus Jack can tap into extra reserves of power and receive a boost to his basic skills.

Secondary Power: Physical augmentation [Reality Bending] a talented reality bender, Jack however does not have much scope in his abilities within this field. Jack can augment his physical abilities using Reality Bending, allowing him to perform amazing feats, eg. jumping 40feet in the air, punching someone so hard they fly through 2 buildings etc. These abilities do not work for extended periods of time. ie: he could toss a bus in the air but couldn't hold it above his head.

Tertiary Power: Basic magics [Dreamweaving] Jack has access to a few basic magic spells: Firaja (a single fireball, which is small but powerful, explodes on impact. Aerora (whips up razor winds around Jack, that can cause minor cuts to those in contact and reflect some magics.) Cure (weak healing spell, useful for stopping bleeding, not for much else.)

Background: Jack has been around since the cult wars, appearing as a being of 3 people in one body known as Porg. The three were elevated to second in command of the Shapeshifters guild due to a set of circumstances involving Jack Shade and Lycan Queen.

During the Admin wars Porg was briefly in charge of the ShapeShifters guild after Lycan was assumed captured. When it was discovered that she had in fact joined Asmodeus Porg defected from the guild, feeling he could not afford to side with anyone in this war, having friends on both sides.

Porg was present at the pivotal battle on History Isle, but found while trying to intervene, that others just passed through him and he could not change anything. The cycle had written him out in order to protect it's control over the outcome of the war.

Jack, deciding he couldn't do anything, left Iwaku. He went to the 'Real World' which split him from Gary and Norman, the three now separate entities. Gary and Norman returned to Iwaku and left Jack.

Jack travelled in the real world, training himself to fight in high reality and found that his SoulArts still worked to an extent under those conditions, and focussed his training on beating reality under the premise that if he could beat reality he could beat the cycle.

CoffeeCakeSadist found Jack and became somewhat of a mentor, brining him back to Iwaku at the conclusion of the Admin war, resulting in Jack's acquisition of the Sheathe of Iwaku. Jack travelled in the Real world for another year, (which transpired as 18 in Iwaku) before returning due to circumstances involving an old enemy and a beasty. Upon defeating the creature in the mall he ran from the police, and while running, something weird happened...

Confluence flicker [Confluence] - While in the real world and under Coffee's tutelage Jack picked up a small amount of confluence skill. He is able to create a split second of high reality. Not too useful, but is enough to make most Reality Benders flinch.

Re: Character Sheet Applications

Name: Field Commander Carl McCarthy

Race: Human

Faction: 51ST Armored Division, 'Steel Battalion,' Independent State Army

Place of Residence: Little Baghdad, Scrap Iron City. It reminds him of Riyadh, where he grew up.

Carl typically wears the three color desert fatigues of the armored corps. He also always wears a flak jacket on and off duty and is rarely seen without his Aviator Shades. The above picture was taken after the victory in the Desert of Steel, deep in the Jilachi Desert (Iwaku Desert.)

Personality: Quite the opposite of most other Field Commanders, Carl is laid back and keeps out of the way of his subordinates. He believes that leaving them to their own devices instead of micromanaging them is the best way to achieve victory.

Drivers: Carl knows the four stars on his lapel were put there by the actions of the men under his command. He fights for them.

-TC-19 Crewman's Carbine: A shortened version of the AGR-16A4 Bullpup, the TC-19 lacks the .308 caliber Precision Rifle. It uses the 6.5X28 caseless munitions and has a capacity of forty rounds.

-M-1911A1: Carl's preferred sidearm, this .45 ACP pistol is a proven man stopper. Carl's armorer has modified it to be a nail driver.

-Laser Designator: This tool is instrumental for an accurate artillery strike.

-M-6A4ADV Crusader Advanced
An improvement to the M-6A2SEP Crusader, the Crusader Advanced uses a new Fire Control and Weapons Control System over most equivalent Medium tanks, including the Iwakuan Battlemaster. The Crusader Advanced can be upgraded with a rocket launcher on the side of the turret, giving it improved anti-tank capabilities and moderate anti-air. Although the turbine engine is fitted with a Governer System, most tankers remove it to give them a few more miles per hour. In this case, top road speed goes from forty five to fifty five.

Strengths: Carl is no stranger to overland combat and desert enviroments. He feels right at home in triple digit temperatures. He also has the trust of the men under him. From his Executive Officer to the lowliest Private First Class. They like his 'hands off' approach to the 51ST's day to day operations. It helps keep moral high.

Weaknesses: Carl hates hilly terrain, mountains, and jungles. All three hamper progress of his tanks and provide their own significant challenges. Carl also hates the cold. His humility has kept him from promotions to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Primary Power: Divisional Arty

Carl keeps a unit of M-270 MLRS and M-19A1 Minuteman launchers on standby at any given time. Even when on stand down at least three launchers are available for use. Carl keeps a laser designator handy to paint targets for the 'Steel Rain.' Even without the designator the artillery can still leave a wide swath of devastation. The main drawback is that Carl has to use his tank's previous position as a marker for the artillerymen. This calls for bait and switch tactics, something better suited to Humm Vees.

Secondary Power: Tight Supply Chain

Tanks need gas, soldiers need food, and weapons need bullets. Carl has his rearguard drop beacons for the supply choppers to follow. Quartermaster units stay at least a beacon behind the main force to coordinate resupply operations. The loss of a supply helicopter usually results in the tightening of security, usually via a squadron of Raptors.

Tertiary Power: Chain of Command

If the men are discontented that can lead to fighting among the ranks. Carl has done what he can to maintain high morale among the Enlisted and the Officers. From having pallets of beer among supply drops to eliminating the middlemen that control leave. His hands off approach to daily operations helps keep moral high, as does his tendency to do grunt work alonside the lowliest of enlisted. It's very rare to see a Four Star officer with grease stains on his fatigues sitting with the enlisted in the mess hall.

Background: During the Iwaku War Carl was a relative unknown, a Colonel in charge of an emaciated Crusader tank battalion. During the final assault on Nerf Castle, when Homac had Ryker in his grasp, Carl's tank fired the shot that incapacitated the god long enough for the Commandant to be pulled to safety. Since then he worked hard to claw his way up the ranks, building what would become Dystopia's premier tank battalion, the 51ST Armored Division, the Steel Battalion. This unit was also relatively unknown until the loss of an ISAF-Expetionary Forces unit in the Jilachi Desert. Carl's division and the 84TH Experimental Weapons Battalion, the Growling Wyverns, were sent in to investigate. What followed was a grueling four weeks of trudging through the desert, making fifty miles a day until they reached the Steel Desert. Their actions made them national heroes and put their names in every Dystopian household. To this day he downplays his personal role, referencing his fellow tank commanders, helo pilots, and mechanized infantry.

Re: Character Sheet Applications

((Why isn't age on the sign-up sheet?? I'm including it anyways...))

Name: Shinkou Makurayami a.k.a. Mak (name's in the Japenese style, so family's name is first.)

Age: 26

Race: Human w/genetic "abnormalities" and cyborg parts (see history and powers)

Faction: none

Place of residence: No home yet… He's still trying to get used to everything in Iwaku.

Makurayami stands about average height and build. His eyes are a red color. His head is kept shaved and he also keeps his face clean shaven. Usually he wears long sleeved t-shirts and has full-fingered gloves on his right hand all of the time.

Personality: Quiet and reserved in unfamiliar surroundings, but rather friendly once he comfortable. Can be a tad bit rash and impulsive sometimes, though most of the time he will try to think things through.

Drivers: A need to discover the world of Iwaku and become part of it.

Equipment: His right arm is a cybernetic arm
He also carries around a backpack that has a tarp, a blanket, some money, a mess kit, and a pocket knife.

Strengths: He reacts fast and can think things through when he wants to. His hengenjizai is extremely adaptable to most circumstances.

Weaknesses: Hengenjizai can only come out of Mak's pores, so it cannot come out of his right hand. This proves a little agitating considering Makurayami is right handed. His cybernetic arm can break down and need repair sometimes. Overall, his biggest weakness is being new to Iwaku and feeling a little lost most of the time.

Primary Power: Hengenjizai (Dreamweaving)
Mak's body produces and stores a type of substance that has unique properties. The production of this substance is encoded for by his genes. This substance is always red in color, but has an unstable molecular make-up. Mak can control this matter's make-up, and therefore cause it to go through different forms of matter and take on different properties. For example, he can expel some of the matter from his pores onto his hand and then harden it and sharpen the tip into a blade. Or he could expel it and turn it into a liquid with acidic qualities. Mak can change it into almost anything, but the more volatile qualities (such as the above mention acidic ones) take more concentration to form. The matter can only come out of his pores, and it's easiest to bring it out on his hand. Mak has named this matter hengenjizai.

Background: Mak's parents were both scientists that dealt with creating a new energy sources. One day there was an accident that resulted in an explosion in their lab. They were bathed in chemicals, but for some reason they suffered no adverse effects. The reason is because the chemicals affected their recessive genes and since they had dominant genes in their make-up the recessive trait never showed up. When they decided to have a child, they each passed along their genes, but they passed the recessive genes along, so Mak was born with the defect that should have affected his parents. This caused his body to produce a low level of radiation which the doctors said would literally begin eating his insides by the time he was 30, and would probably kill him by 35.

Mak grew up never knowing about his defect. He was a bright young man and became a scientists like his parents, except he studied the branch of science dealing with molecular structures. When he found out about his condition, he threw all of his energy into his latest project, hoping to complete it before he would have to stop working due to his health. Mak's latest project involving a machine that would teleport something based on the idea of breaking down an object's molecular structure, then reassembling it at a different location.

While working, there was a malfunction that lead to the machine being activated and Makurayami's molecular structure being taken apart. Instead of reassembling itself at another teleporter location, Mak found himself in a back alley of Iwaku City, surrounded by scattered mechanical parts that had once been his teleporter machine. He seemed ok, except for one thing – his right arm was missing. After several grueling weeks, Mak finally managed to build a new arm out of the parts from his teleporter and a few simple mechanical parts that he managed to steal.

Mak began discovering this new world and learning about its myths and history. Along the way, he discovered something about himself – he was no longer dying. The odd radiation that had threatened his body since his birth had somehow changed when his molecular structure had been disassembled and reassembled. Instead of poisoning him, the genetic defect now gave him an ability to manipulate the odd type of matter it now produced. After much practice and trial and error, Mak discovered the basics of his power, which he name hangenjizai.

Now Mak travels Iwaku, trying to learn more about this strange world that has given him a chance that he never would have had. He considers his right arm to be a fare trade-off for his new life.


Re: Character Sheet Applications

Name: Kitti Netsah'

Race: Mahoreopmec

Faction: Shapeshifter's Guild

Place of Residence: Shapeshifter Castle


-Was it Asmo who put this here for me? I LOVE YOU <3

Drivers: Fiercely loyal to her family, as well as those she has vowed to protect. All the people she feels it is her duty to protect have her unshakable protection.

Beautiful sword given to her by her master, an amethyst and silver necklace from her husband, and a ring inset with an amethyst bearing the crest of the Shapeshifters.

Strengths: Agile and quick, Kitti has amazing reflexes and can dodge many attacks, aided by her wings which enable flight. A skilled swordsman, Kitti has a mind even more rapidly functioning than her body, with sharp wit and tactical mind.

Weaknesses: Kitti sacrifices strength for speed, meaning that it requires more energy from her to make her blows have power comparable to other people. Kitti has never had much stamina and must pace herself when fighting. Kitti would sacrifice herself to protect one of the people she loves, often being unreasonable when it comes to their safety.

Primary Power: Reality Marble: (Reality Bending) In a set area, Kitti can alter reality to reflect the desires and ideas of herself or the other person. Alternately, she can delve into the person's mind to affect their perception of reality.

Secondary Power: Time's Flow: (Dreamweaving) Through study under Rory, Kitti has learned how to manipulate time to perform feats of teleportation. This can include shifting time to evade, or moving enemies elsewhere. The people must have, at some point in recent time, been in the place she wishes to send them.

Tertiary Power: Swordsmaster: (Confluence) Kitti is incredibly capable in the techniques of sword handling, able to parry and strike back with ease and grace. Though there are those who have trained more in depth with swords than she, anyone not devoted to the art would be subject to the skill.

Nightmare Onslaught: (Reality bending) Kitti draws the mind of her opponent onto another plane, where she dominates them through excruciating torment and manifestation of fears. The attack is devastating enough to permanently affect the psyche of the victim. This attack is only used by Kitti when she feels a loved one to be in immediate danger.

Regeneration: (Soul Arts) Kitti can recover from minor flesh wounds at a rapid rate, though it still takes some time and life threatening wounds are very painful and take a lot of energy. This ability expends energy contained in her body to heal so quickly

Rory has cared for Kitti since she was young, taking her with him when they fell together. Seperated after this, Kitti wandered alone, unable to recall the memories of him. As she traveled through Iwaku, Kitti heard tales of Knight Chaos and Prince Rory, quickly falling in awe of both.

Kitti traversed the realm of Iwaku with one goal, to find the pair and attempt to gain an apprenticeship beneath them. Kitti made bonds in her search that pulled many to her side, yet others fell away.

Eventually, Kitti was found by Chaos and taken to be a pupil beneath Rory. Soon after, Rory and Kitti became entangled in a war. Kitti, with steadfast loyalty and devotion, carried out an airstrike that forced Asmodeus into peace talks.

Joining with Rory once more, she was spared from the destruction of other airships and traveled to the castle that held Paorou. Kitti fought her way through with Rory, her compassion finding her soulmate in Rory's brother, Orochi. Injured by Nic before the final battle, she was too weak to escape Paorou's attack and, brutally injured, she escaped the castle with Orochi after crippling the mind of one Soulless.

When Kitti found the Shapeshifter's Guild after the war, she helped them reform and rebuild, becoming the head of the guild.

Re: Character Sheet Applications

Name: megane-kun

Race: Human

Faction: -- none at the moment --

Place of Residence: -- none at the moment --

Appearance: He's a mild mannered young adult of average height (5'11" more or less) and a somewhat lanky built. He wears wire-rimmed eyeglasses, black long-sleeved polo shirt and black pants.

Personality: He's a weak-willed young adult who never got a chance to develop a normal personality. Though mild-mannered and cordial at first glance, he can be annoying and obnoxious given the right circumstances. He can be extremely loyal and trusting to his friends, but once his trust in a person is destroyed, he can be cold and cunning. He is most dangerous when cornered, where he often shows unexpected tenacity and stubbornness.

Drivers: Wandering and lost, megane-kun is looking for the reason why he existed in the first place.

Equipment: He carries a short wakizashi clipped around his waist. Though how he ended up carrying such is beyond him.

Strengths: He's perceptive, as well as analytical, and as such, he can easily come up with explanations when needed.

Weaknesses: He's easily distracted, and his thought processes can easily be derailed. Also, he usually has less than normal physical strength and agility, which means he usually runs towards safety when violence erupts.


Primary Power: Mimicry [confluence]
Using his powers of observation and knowledge of the laws of physics, he attempts to analyze abilities he witnesses to be able to mimic them. For him to be able to mimic an ability, three conditions must be fulfilled: first, he must be able to witness the ability he is to mimic; second, he must be able to understand the principles involved behind that ability; and third, he must be able to perform the said ability within his physical limits.

Secondary Power: -- none --

Tertiary Power: -- none --

Background: Wandering from dimension to dimension, he suddenly found himself lost in the forests of Iwaku. Currently wondering how and why he got to Iwaku in the first place.


Re: Character Sheet Applications

Name: Grumpy

Race: Lich

Faction: Unaffiliated.

Place of Residence: None, as of yet.



Personality: Cool, calculating and capable of remaining calm even in the face of certain death, Grumpy isn't fazed by things easily. He has a slightly detatched attitude to humanity and mortals in general, but despite this he does still care for his fellow man, and cannot abide them being hurt. This fact is what drove him to take a role in the Admin War rather than profit on the sidelines. His methods can be considered harsh by some, however; he has no pity or mercy for those who break his code of conduct.

Drivers: Above all, Grumpy wishes to see that the peace that so many fought and died for is maintained, by any and all means necessary. He still trades in magical artifacts, and on occasions firearms, and so he does want to start a successful business dealing in such items (he does not, however, want to go back to what he was before, a being obsessed only with money and profit).

Equipment: - Grumpy's copy of the 'Book of the Dead', kept in a messenger bag at his side

- Staff, 'Iratze', used as a focus for spell-work and soul harvesting

- Two Colt M1911 Handguns, kept in holsters at his side

- Belt holding various soul-stones (used to power spells), kept in messenger bag

- Messenger Bag

- Dimension Key, held on a rope around his neck (a magical artifact that allows Grumpy to turn most doors with a lock into a gateway into the Never Never, a dimension between the conventional one and Undeath, and where Grumpy has spent the last 18 years.)

Strengths: As a lich, Grumpy is an extrememly powerful spellcaster and dreamweaver; in a sense, he has also beaten death, though he would tell you this is impossible and all he has done is come to understand it properly. He has a good knowledge of most conventional firearms, explosives and other weapons, and also knows a great deal about magical artifacts and weapons.

Weaknesses: Despite his skill in Necromancy, Grumpy lacks the highly damaging spells other spellcasters have at their disposal; his magics focus on the minds of his targets, driving them insane rather than hurling huge fireballs at them. Such spells can take time to take effect, which can put him at risk during combat and often meaning he has to fall back on his handguns to defend himself. His demenour can also unnerve some people; despite his appearance, he is clearly not human.

Primary Power: NECROMANCY (Dreamweaving)
Often referred to as Dark Magic or Black Magic, Necromancy is Grumpy's main source of power, and as a Lich he can be considered a master of the art. He has established a link with the world of the dead, allowing him to draw upon the energies that flow from there to fuel his spells.

Grumpy's offensive spells are mostly attacks upon the minds of his opponents, designed to drive them insane. He has a few more aggressive attack spells, such as firing dark energy at his opponents or creating salvos of darkfire, but he doesn't have anything extremely powerful in this category. In terms of defence, he can use his magic to create shields around himself and others, which can defend against coventional attacks, such as firearms, and some magical attacks. Grumpy is also capable of teleporting, though only for short distances. He often uses this in order to chase or pursue enemies, or to escape from others.

Finally, there is the most obvious use of Necromancy; the act of reanimating the dead. This can be done in a few of ways. Grumpy can simply reanimate the bodies of the deceased, turning them into mindless zombies bound to his control. Spirits he controls can possess the reanimates in order to make them more powerful, and with effort Grumpy can manipulate the bodies into different shapes and sizes. The second way is to actually return the soul of the deceased individual to their body. This cannot be done with those who have been dead for a long time, and the wounds or injuries that killed them must have been treated and healed, or else the subject will simply die again once they return to their body. To bring the deceased person back to life, Grumpy must intercept their soul on the dimensional passageway that links this reality to Undeath, which is no simple task.

Secondary Power: SOUL HARVESTING (Soul Arts)
In addition to his necromancy, Grumpy can fuel his spells through the collection of souls. This means literally tearing the souls from living beings to use as energy. This is fairly easy to perform on those with little protection from magic, but the more powerful members of the world of Iwaku (IE. other players) are able to resist the attack unless severely weakened.

Tertiary Power: FIREARMS (Confluence)
Grumpy's background as an arms dealer has given him considerable knowledge in the use and maintainance of many types of firearms, which he is happy to use on top of his magic. He most commonly uses a pair of Colt M1911s, though he will use assault rifles if the need arises.

Background: Grumpy arrived in Iwaku at the beginning of the Admin War, a Necromancer dealing in firearms and other weapons hoping to profit from the war. Whilst initially he remained impartial to the violence around him, he was soon moved to help the civilians around him caught up in the war.

Believed to be lost in the destruction of the Cult Quarter, Grumpy later reappeared at the ARC Tower during the peace talks, and took part in the battle that ended with Paorou wiping out most his army and his enemies with hidden bombs. Alongside Palonis, Grumpy witnessed Asmodeus's defection to Paorou at the end of the war. Together, the pair fought the prince several times, and finally on the gantry of Nerf Castle, after Asmodeus killed WMD, Grumpy was able to cast a spell upon Asmodeus that wracked the Prince's mind with terrible visions, and whilst the spell destroyed Grumpy, Palonis was able to kill Asmodeus.

Despite a new body forming for the lich, Grumpy chose not to return to Iwaku even though the world had begun anew. Instead, he returned to Undeath for a time, communing with the spirits from which he draws his magic, and travelled through the Never Never, spending the next 18 years of Iwaku's timeline absent.

That will change very soon, however.


Re: Character Sheet Applications

Name:Arachnion, or Archy for short.


Faction:Neko Cult, Shapeshifter's guild.

Place of Residence:Shapeshifter Town



Personality:Archy is..rather odd, to say the least. He is bright, happy, and a little bit off his rocker. Tends to be somewhat flirty in catgirl form, too.

Drivers:Achieving happiness without sacrifice.

Equipment: He carries a cellphone and his wallet with him. Other than that, he's got clothes at his apartment, and a small magitech lab in the research facility. Since his time in the ruins the of the mature tower, Archy has picked up a small knife. Previously it belonged to Feral, who used it to kill Megane-kun.

Strengths:Though you certainly wouldn't guess it, Archy is actually a very skilled artificer, easily able to make magical items. He also is not the sort to give up on something, sometimes even if it explodes in his face. Repeatedly.

Weaknesses:Archy is extremely idealistic. If given a choice between saving the love of his life or a bus full of orphans by a villain, he would try to beat up the villain, save the bus and the girl, then take the villain to the hospital for proper medical treatment whilst explaining why he sucks. This, obviously, may not always work out, but he'd still try. In her catgirl form, arachnion is rendered helpless and unable to transform when grabbed by the upper forearm, especially if it's by a man.

Primary Power:magic, Dreamweaving. He can cast destructive spells and create barriers.

Secondary Power:Buffing/healing, Soul Arts. Useful for increasing his own capabilities, or aiding others.

Tertiary Power:Form swap, RB. Archy can switch between his forms easily. It changes his clothes, too, unless there's some interference or he doesn't want to.

Background:Archy just kinda..showed up. The Admin War was nearing it's end when he first arrived, so he was somewhat confused, and stayed out of the conflict. He joined up with the shifters later, as they seemed the most welcoming, and has a position in the magitech research department. This is what he uses to pay the bills, so he can have time off for adventuring. Now if only he could find an adventure...


Re: Character Sheet Applications

((man so mad I lost the backup for this -_- ))


Name: Kaitlyn (Kat or Kate)...but also known as 4got10angl or angel

Race: Human

Faction: Shape shifter guild, Ladies of Iwaku club, owner of The Rock

Place of Residence: Shapeshifter Town


Personality: She has a slightly spunky personality that can vary from sweet and loving to down right sinister. Though she cares deeply about others and is usually willing to help, her actions can be somewhat misleading occasionally. She can also be prone to random bursts of violence for no real reason. She general has a smile on her face, and if she isn't smiling you know all hell is about to break loose. Some think she's crazy, others think she's just rambunctious, but either way her personality is quite varying.

Drivers: Her current drive is to launch her restaurant/bar called The Rock and make it a successful chain! Though currently there is only the one in Shapeshifter Town.

-Her various assortments of frying pans which are used not only to cook but as weapons (if the urge strikes her she will not hesitate to summon her frying pan of doom and deliver a deadly blow...or at least one that will give you a VERY large headache)
-Assortment of shovels, which are used as her secondary weapon choice
-small gold ring with a pink rose colored gemstone setting (use is unknown as of yet, but if it's missing she goes berserk until it's found)
-she wears glasses too (dunno if you want to count that as equipment or not..)

-hard worker/dependable (well usually dependable)
-very skilled at wielding her frying pans as weapons (is also known to bite)

-children (they either hate her or love her but she isn't usually fond of them...only on vary rare occasions...so she tends to avoid them)
-anything tiger related she cannot resist

Primary Power: Summoning her frying pans (most notably her frying pan of doom), or her shovels. This probably falls under the category of minor reality bending as there's no way she can carry her frying pans on her all the time.

Secondary Power: Though she is technically human she has a strange ability to occasionally shift into a cat-girl form of herself (harboring some dreamweaving abilities). However when this happens she 'claims' she remembers nothing of her time in cat-girl form. Also this usually only happens under extremely stressful situations; careful as well because she is usually violent in this mood..

Tertiary Power: Drawing some upon soularts will invoke her extremely violent side which some will call tsundere. As she will be perfectly normal one moment, but if you trigger her right she will go absolutely crazy and violent upon you. No one is really sure what exactly the trigger is just yet...

Background: No one really knows much about Kat's background. Before coming to Iwaku World she simply wandered around in other areas trying to find herself. It was by chance that she came to Iwaku World and found herself in Shiftertown. There she was welcomed with open arms and so she decided to settle down there. Recently she's opened her restaurant/bar The Rock where she works and resides.


Re: Character Sheet Applications

Name: Paorou-sama

Race: Paorou Used to be human, but now, who knows?

Faction: Insanity and all within it. Bread cultists still loyal to Paorou.

Place of Residence: Nerf Castle


Personality: Laid-back, magnanimous, yet still intimidating. He is known to look down on every one else, with a condescending smirk. However, he is known to perform random acts of kindness for certain characters. It is hard to know what he is actually thinking, as he tends to put up different facades of different personalities to suit each occasion. As such, it can be said that he is a scheming and manipulative person.

Drivers: Maintaining his own world. Protecting his dominion over said world. (Insanity)

Equipment: His equipment includes the sword of Iwaku, his bike Crimson Jin, and anything formed from his reality bending.

Strengths: Reality Bending of the highest degree. The mere fact he has true dominion over Insanity is proof of this.

Weaknesses: Paorou cannot leave Insanity. He also is threatened by other Reality Benders or Confluence Users.

Primary Power: Total Dominion over Insanity's Reality (Reality Bending) - Paorou is the strongest reality bender known on Iwaku, and in Insanity, this statement is truer than ever.
Reality Benders will find it difficult to bend reality as they have to bend Paorou's will first. Confluence Users will find that 'realism' in Insanity is already based on Paorou's view of things. Soul Artists and Dreamweavers will find it a test of endurance to simply face off with him. Thus, on his home turf, he is pretty much impregnable.
However, a large enough group of Reality Benders and Confluence Users still poses a threat to him if unchecked, and he goes through great pains to ward them off or to contain them.

Secondary Power: Paorou's Allies (Dreamweaving) - Paorou cannot act outside Iwaku. But when he does, it is usually through his subordinates. As they are commonly utilizing the powers from his realm or the court of Skhone (bread cultists) this can fall under dream weaving. This only includes his common non-author bread cultist agents and messengers. For named characters, refer to their own sheets.

Tertiary Power: Manifold Perception (Reality Bending) - Paorou's trademark ability. It allows him to impose his own take on reality upon his opponents in the form of burning beams of light. These beams are actually his own 'views' being fired in an attempt to overwrite his opponent or his environment. They take the form of golden lights fired from golden eyes that spontaneously appear around him, that travel in varying trajectories or lines. As such, it can be very devastating to NPCs, but Authors stand a chance of surviving it as they have their own will to counter his.

Background: Paorou is one of the longest lived characters in the world of Iwaku. He is hailed as both hero and madman, and caused the events of the Admin War. He is currently in Insanity, watching over his world and seemingly enjoying it.


Cyclic Regeneration (Confluence? Reality Bending?) - It is unknown if this power is Paorou's Reality Bending or an ability granted to him by the cycle itself. This power allows Paorou's body, mind and soul to exist even after completely getting destroyed. This is a sort of regeneration, and can be classed as healing of the highest degree. It started when he was given this power by Gabriel Zero, but he perverted it's use during the course of the Admin War. Now, whether it is his own doing or the cycle still helping him, is unknown.
The only known method to defeat this certain-win ability, that even Paorou admits, is to have an absolute that counteracts it.

Sword of Iwaku (Absolute) - The sword capable of cutting and therefore killing anything it's owner wills it to, for as long as it's opponent exists within Iwaku. When Paorou holds this, it takes the form of a serpentine bronze blade called Ouroboros.

Re: Character Sheet Applications

Name: Tyler Crane

Race: Half-blood Human

Faction: Shape Shifter Guild

Place of Residence: Forest of Anirune


Personality: TC is rather withdrawn from the world, though if asked he will gladly give help. He is also distracted by his sons missing.

Drivers: TC's largest motivation is the Forest of Anirune. He will do almost anything to protect it. He has some amount of loyalty with the shape shifter guild, but has been drifting away from it recently. His main external goal, is to locate his sons.

Equipment: TC's possesions are few. A chain mail shirt that prevents assassination or other dishonorable acts, and a pair of gauntlets. Other than that he has the clothes on his back.

Strengths: TC is a strong fighter and diplomat. He excels especially against large scale combat and endurance in combat.

Weaknesses: TC is weak to ice and cold. The colder the environment becomes, the slower TC can move. Also TC's powers can not affect any part of him encased in ice until that body part has been exposed to flame.

Primary Power: Phoenix blooded(soularts)- TC has reclaimed his heritage and reawakened the dormant Phoenix blood in his veins. Because of this he is faster and hardier than most people.

Secondary Power: Immolation(soularts)- When on the brink of death TC can use the fire in his blood to increase, enveloping himself and those around him in a sphere of flame, incinerating all inside it, including TC. All who are incinerated this way are reincarnated from the ashes left from their bodies.

Tertiary Power: Art of the Tribes(soularts)- TC uses a technique he passed to the shape shifter tribes. by drawing designs and adding a drop of blood to them, he can use bring something from his soul into reality, however this process is very taxing, the smallest transformation exhausting TC to the point that he can not move on his own. The most notable use he has for this is the creation of the Forest of Anirune, however that would have proven incomplete and fatal if TC had not had a boost of power from the magical core of Anirune itself.

Background: Towards the end of the Admin War TC left Iwaku temporarily in order to gain power so that he could make a difference. Going into an area filled with dead realms, there he found his original home, the floating continent of Anirune. Reclaiming his heritage and taking the lingering magic in Anirune's core he returned to Iwaku.

Upon his return the war had escalated beyond the point that he could change the course, so he focused on preparing for the reconstruction that would need to take place afterwards. He did this through planting the core of Anirune, creating the Forest of Anirune and the Shape Shifter Tribes.

TC's efforts and those of his Tribes greatly helped in the reconstruction of Iwaku, but during that time, TC himself disappeared. He left in search of his sons, since he did not truly know there fate.

He recently returned after several months absence and has taken up residence again in the Forest of Anirune.


Re: Character Sheet Applications

<b>Name:</b> Vay

<b>Race:</b> Kroot (tainted by eating chaotic creatures in the warp: the creatures belonged to Khorne, the blood god and Khorne. Vay's taint is under under his influence, though currently the taint has little to no effect as it hasn't taken hold yet)

<b>Faction:</b> None as yet.

<b>Place of Residence:</b> Currently none

Vay's skin in a soft gray in colour, possibly due to the strong bond his kindred shares with the Tau Sa'cea Sept. Similar in height to the average human but with much thinner limbs given him an almost graceful air as me leaps from tree to tree through the forest. Though few see them his pale yellow eyes have a look of warmth that contrasts with his hard beak and flexible quills. The inside of hie mouth, area around the eyes, and tongue are all black. He has a large scar on the left side of his chest that is slightly lighter than the rest of his skin.

<b>Personality:</b> Raised in the traditional kroot manner mixed with their own interpretations of the Sa'cea concepts of discipline and honor the warriors of Vay's kindred retain the fierceness the kroot are known for; while off the battlefield they are polite in a way, and respectful to those who they see deserve it. Vay's own experiences in the warp still haunt him even though he has buried the memories deep within himself and never consciously thinks of them. His respectful nature contrasts to his savage appearance but he still retains some of the roughness of the kroot and will be blunt if he has something to say. Recent events have left their mark on his personality and he may erupt into minor spells of rage.

<b>Drivers:</b> His main drivers are simple survival and to find a sense of belonging. Being the only one of his king in Iwaku and surrounded by Gue'La (Humans, literally meaning lowest beings) he doesn't feel he belongs and is searching for a way home, or somewhere he can call a new home. There are also voices in the back of his head left from the time he spent in the warp that are trying to turn him to chaos.

<b>Equipment:</b> Kroot rifle that shoots charged particles of plasma and has blades on both ends. Hooks for storing pieces of meat to eat later, small leather shoulder-bag. An intricately decorated bonding knife kept in a sheath and never drawn for combat or hunting (For Ta'lissera, the tau bonding ritual)

<b>Strengths:</b> His lean form hides surprising strength and he is extensionally agile and like all kroot can leap surprising distances. He also has strength slightly above that of the average human and has been trained in close combat his entire life.

<b>Weaknesses:</b> As a kroot he can only take a hit as well as a normal human, and his clawed hands naw be ggod for climbing and inflicting wounds but they are not suited for anything delicate and he battles with tools and weapons designed for humans. Then the voices of the warp whisper into his mind he in crippled by pain equal to the strength of the though.

<b>Primary Power:</b> DNA adsorption: This ability falls under Confluence, his advanced digestive system is able to strip DNA from his food and bind it into his own giving his some of the traits of his food. It is a slow process and while skin pigmentation takes days of the same coloured animals something like wings would take months on monodiet and the wings would replace his arms.

<b>Secondary Power:</b> Strength of Khorne: Falls under Soul Arts. While in the grips of the taint he gains almost incredible strength but he has almost no control over this and each time it makes him more vulnerable to the whisperings of the voices. He currently has no knowledge of this power and it has never activated. It is influenced by anger or bloodlust and will cause both when it is I effect.

<b>Tertiary Power:</b> Voice of corruption: Falls under Soul Arts. The taint allows voices from the warp to whisper thoughts into his mind. When this happens he experiences pain, the amount of pain depents on the strength of the thought, when he is under the effect of the Strength of Khorne he can shrug off this pain without much effort. Currently the voices are week but the increase as he slips further under the influence of chaos.

<b>History:</b> Vay's kindred was more integrated to their chosen Sept than any other and had even began adopting some tau ceremonies and culture, most notably the Tau language and the Ta'lissera or bonding ritual or which they invented their own version of the ceremony but the significances remains the same.. while neither adopting the Tau'va nor accepting the ethereals as unquestionable rulers it was hoped by the Sa'cea Sept that they would do both of these soon and thus prove what the Ethereal caste had been saying about the kroot since their first contact. Vay's own history is obscure except that he was separated from his kindred as a young warrior and somehow ended up in the forests in the badlands of Iwaku, his last memories where of the warshere he was in entering the warp using a captured imperial drive, everything after thet is a nightmare he'd rather forget, filled with blood, death, and chaos.The unpredictable nature of the warp and poor knowledge the tau and kroot had of the dangers it holds perhaps explain how he came to Iwaku..


Blood of the Ally [Confluence] - The Cycle seems to have favoured Vay with a highly protective urge. It seems to be a heightened instinct that allows him to sense when his friends/allies are in trouble. He can endure pain and ignore fear when aiding others.

Re: Character Sheet Applications

Name: Soulless/Saneless

Race: Supposedly human

Faction: Affiliated with Paorou (he doesn't care for the cult)

Place of Residence: Nerf Castle, and now he's wandering around.

Appearance: Soulless looks like a skinny and somewhat-malnourished 15 year old. His small for his age, light too. The only significant thing about him would probably be his clothing and general appearance. He wears a straitjacket on his small frame, the long sleeves making him look even more scrawny than he already is. His dark hair is messy and unkept, his left silver eye (the other is covered in an old medical eyepatch) almost shines with an insane but happy stare at anything he looks upon. His other 'self'. Saneless, has a more dull silver eye in the other eye(he switches eyepatch for a switching personality) that glares at anything he looks upon with an untrusting and belligerent glare.

Personality: Soulless loves the world, and makes sure the world around him is happy and pleasant and there is nothing ever wrong ever. To adopt this extreme view of the world, he acts more like a child than his age, constantly smiling and hugging and eating sugary things like candy that keeps his energy level at an impossible high. He is extremely affectionate, completely ignoring any confused looks. His hello is a large hug and his goodbye is an equally large hug. Any emotions or feelings in his mind could be easily determined with body language. He finds some aspect to love in just about everyone and he will ignore any protest to whatever he says about a person.

He does not enjoy being bled and having his blood taken, so doctors make him nervous, as do needles. If his own mind is unable to continnue or he does not want to continue, Saneless will take over easily. Saneless is a belligerent fellow who trusts no one and is only loyal to Soulless. He will fight and make enemies with just about everyone he meets unless specifically instructed not to, and even then he is an offensive person to be around.If someone caused Saneless to take over then that someone is likely not to live long.

Drivers: The main drive behind everything he does is to express 'love' to the world and to defend people that receive his love, like Paorou.

Equipment: A small dagger to make a cut, hidden in a pocket in one sleeve. <3

Strengths: Soulless excels in speed and overall flexibility in his powers and what they can do.

Weaknesses: Soulless is extremely frail and can't do anything to fight against blunt trauma. He also has very little grasp on how reality works, so logical things sometimes bypass him.

Primary Power: Blood Spinning [Soul Arts]
His only fighting ability, it is inborn. His blood will attack on its own will, and he simply directs and gives the blood orders on who to attack and how. He can manipulate his blood to any way he feels like it, but his abilities with blood are limited by how much he can make in a short period of time, creating a black hole for calories and nutrients. He usually does not use the full extent of his abilities for the sake of making sure he won't take too long to recover. Saneless uses his powers to the full extent of what they could do, taking an immense toll on the body and leaving Soulless to recover to potentially months.

Secondary Power: Regeneration [Soul Arts]
Regeneration is more like another play on his blood abilities. His blood can be called back to heal almost any injury he has at will. This can be a double edged blade, for when the blood is busy healing it can't defend or attack. His regeneration is amazingly fast and is usually not too much of a problem.

Tertiary Power: N/A

Background: Soulless claims to have never had a true past with parents and whatnot. Truth be told he can't really remember anything about such matters such as how he grew up. He remembered his eyes being closed as if a game of guess who. When he opened his eyes again he was in Iwaku's Insanity, and he thrived there. There, he grew in his own insanity and discovered his abilities. When Paorou asked him to help, he was more than happy to join in the Admin War and defend Nerf Castle. After the war, he stayed there to think about the War for many, many years. Eventually, he left to wander the new Iwaku and explore it.

Commendations: *blank'd*

Re: Character Sheet Applications

Name: Magdelene "Mag" Blood

Race: Witch

Faction: N/A

Place of Residence: Currently homeless

Appearance: Magdelene stands at a mere 140cm, has brown eyes and matching hair. She loves thick frills and lace, and can almost always be seen wearing some.

http://i472.photobucket.com/albums/rr89/miyuku-niimura/anime/random anime girls-boys/lolita-2.jpg

Personality: Magdelene is rather nonchalant about a lot of things unless she is panic stricken or drunk. When sober, she's friendly and is rather shy around the opposite sex, and is very prudent. She dislikes nudity, swearing and any other offensive behaviour; so much so that some consider her uptight.

However, as soon as she chugs down at least one glass of alcohol, Magdelene unleashes her true colours and becomes an outspoken drunk who LOVES everyone and everything. She becomes extremely emotional and witty, and doesn't mind a bit of foul humour.

Magdelene also has a small weakness for bad boys and cakes.

Drivers: She desperately wants to go home but she can't! Magdelene is having difficulty adjusting to Iwaku and struggles with the fact that she may not be able to ever be home ever again.


Staff with Powered Crystal attached to the top - her tool for performing magical spells. She is powerless without it.

Black hooded cloak - in case it gets cold.

The clothes on her back and a spare paper fan - in case it gets hot.

Strengths: Magic; especially elemental magic and she's fast on her feet. Due to her small stature, she is able to squeeze and hide into many different places, rendering her almost undetectable unless you have a good nose or a good set of ears. She's also quite good at making desserts.

Weaknesses: She can't defend herself physically and will always have to rely on her magic to protect her. Magdelene is also physically weak and can't throw a punch to knock out a fly.

Primary Power: Elemental Magic [Dreamweaving]

Magdelene can use her staff in order to control the various elements around her as defence or attack mechanisms. She can only control the amount she can physically carry. For example, Magdelene will not be able to use her magic to lift a boulder of the ground but she can lift sand into the air with her wind magic. Similarly, she can't send tidal waves towards an opponent, only an amount close to two buckets of water.

Secondary Power: Summon Companion [Dreamweaving]

http://i654.photobucket.com/albums/uu263/saintvalentine/anime cute pet/Anime-Kitties2.jpg
Magdelene is able to summon her two spirit guardians, Itsy and Bitsy. They can't attack (and it wouldn't even hurt if they really tried...) but they are able to turn into wings (one black and one white) that attach to the back of Magldene's body to enable her to fly long distances. They are unable to talk but can communicate through expressive mewing and body language. They both understand the human language very well.

Tertiary Power: Time Bend [Dreamweaving]

Magdelene is currently experimenting with time based magic and can perform the simplest tasks such as slowing time down or speed up slightly (by about 5 seconds). She is also able to open warp holes to other dimensions, though has only achieved this once and doesn't want to try again in case she transports herself to some place undesirable.

Background: Magdelene was a elemental specialist witch who was taking a training course in time magic, something to keep the mind working since she had already mastered elemental magic to a 'T'.

After finishing her studies with 'Speed Up or Slow Down Time: The Basic Principle', she picked up and began learning 'Sucked in - Theory and Practice on Warp Holes' where she fuddled up a step in a particular exercise and warped herself into a strange land she didn't recognise, Iwaku.

Commendations: NIL

http://i472.photobucket.com/albums/rr89/miyuku-niimura/anime/random anime girls-boys/lolita-2.jpg

Re: Character Sheet Applications

Name:King Weavel and Colie

Race: Berserker and Magical Girl

Faction: Whoever they feel like supporting at the time.

Place of Residence: Iwaku City's Resturant District


Personality: Colie and Weavel are comrades in arms and have been with each other for years so they cannot be separated as a team. Colie is a grade A brat with a sharp mouth, so much so that some claim she solely exists to annoy people. King Weavel on the other hand, is a silent battle harden warrior. He shows little to no emotion, suggesting he may in fact be a automaton.

Drivers: Colie's only drive is to make the best damned cheesecake of all time and roam around Iwaku on her motorized bread cart and sell pastries. King Weavel is simply her body guard and doesn't complain for some reason.

Equipment: Colie carries most of her cooking gear inside of her bread cart. Since she is a cartoon based character she call pull out a series of odd weapons such as hammers, bombs, and anvils if need be.

Strengths: Colie can learn how to use almost all sorts of vechiles or mounts but she seems to favor Weavel over everything else. Colie can also change the apperance of her age. Weavel can leap about a quarter of a mile in a single leap, making it appear as if he can fly.

Weaknesses: Colie and Weavel cannot fight characters that solely rely on Confluence as powers, seeing as both of them are cartoon like beings.

Primary Power: Fist of the Lord of Hamburg [SOULARTS]: King Weavel's energy is all focuses into the palm of his hands. Upon becoming enraged, his fist can be flung at super sonic speeds. This power allows him to break throw almost all forms of metals and other hard surfaces. It cannot be applied to anything that is supernatural, such as a spiritual barrier.

Secondary Power: Magical Girl Staff [REALITY-BENDING]: Much like the strangely shaped heart rods characters like Sailor Moon carries around, Colie has one as well. It shoots out large blasts of burning beams, often in the shape of a skull and cross bones.

Tertiary Power: Death by Chocolate! [REALITY-BENDING]: More or less a simple distraction spell used by Colie in case the foe appears too powerful for her or Weavel to handle on their own. A large landslide of chocolate frosting appears from the sky and splats itself on the enemy.

Background: Two beings that date back to the Golden Age of Iwaku during the reign of King Gabe. They have appeared in many plots and are a constant source of annoyance to must they meet. During the Iwaku War, Capt. Nic attempted to assassinate Weavel under the guise of one of Asmo's soldiers. This was the final straw to break the camel's back during the Cult Wars to bring about the Admin Conflict. For most of the war he saw little action because he was disabled. He was briefly brought back by the Goddess in order to be a distraction during the final airship battle of the war. Following this, he and Colie were the first beings to enter the Mirror World.

Re: Character Sheet Applications

Name: Kiru Sarken
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Race: Draakon Seran (Human)
<o:p> </o:p>
Faction: None
<o:p> </o:p>
Place of Residence: None
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Personality: Upon first impression, Kiru comes across as a sarcastic jerk who has probably watched one too many episodes of House. Due to his blunt nature, he often chafes with those who do not understand or go against his intentions.
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However, this perception is a façade. Deep down, Kiru is generally a very self-reflective person driven to understand what is unclear or uncertain. He shows compassion to most and is as honest as a person can get (hence, his bluntness). Above all, he values those close to him and, even against a mortal enemy, will not kill unless absolutely necessary.
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Drivers: Kiru has been flung into Iwaku from his own world of Teronai. His main goal now is to return to Teronai but is fulid in changing his primary objective should there be other trouble he feels he can help resolve.
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  1. The KEUS - The Kinorite Entropic Utility System (Is his Tertiary Power due to its complexity and unique nature)
  2. Argent Blades – Kiru's standard swords from Teronai. They are forged from a powerful metal imbued with the residue of Kinorite, making them yield only to the strongest of materials. (They aren't the badass swords in the pic...they actually look pretty plain).
  3. The Clothes off his back – They look like as though they came right out of a badly designed animé. Of course, what else would a character like this wear? A t-shirt that says "Space Goat Coast to Coast?"
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  1. Compassion – In most cases, Kiru shows an unusually large amount of compassion towards others. Whether it's someone being held up by thugs or a kid who lost his parents in a store, Kiru cannot, in good conscience, just "walk away" from such situations
  2. Inspiring Resolve – Due to his will (See his Primary power), Kiru has a natural disposition to never give up without a fight. Because of this, it can inspire or change the minds of others that a situation is not hopeless, or demoralize an enemy who thinks he has Kiru on the run.
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  1. Heightened Sensitivity to Pain – Side effect due to his Secondary Power. Due to the nature of this power, it has made Kiru highly susceptible to pain. We would easily shrug off a bee sting without too much trouble, but Kiru would flinch noticeably. As strong as Kiru's will may be, he cannot negate pain by will alone. He still bleeds. He still hurts. And he can still die. That being said, if you thrash him to near death, he will still be standing due to his resolve, but he would be in so much pain, he would easily be crushed by another blow or attack. (For those familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, think of the feat Diehard)
  2. Confluence (?) – It would seem that Kiru's form flickers in the presence of extremely concentrated fields of confluence. The after effects are unknown.
    In the presence of strong confluence fields, Kiru's form will distort and glitch. Depending on the concentration or amount of power, this can either leave Kiru to either barely notice anything or cause him excruciating pain (E.G. In the presence of Asmodeus, Kiru would die if he stays near him too long).
  3. Compassion – In most cases, Kiru shows an unusually large amount of compassion towards others. Hostage situations, for example, can paralyze him to inaction out of fear of innocent people coming to harm. If he can act, he will do nearly anything in his power from getting hurt or killed, even if it means saving the one holding people hostage. More often than not, he mostly gets himself hurt, because he gets so involved to prevent fights or other like events.
  4. Singing – Kiru cannot sing. If he gets drunk and sings karaoke, people will become deaf or die (Well…not really, but Kiru might get hurt if he doesn't shut up).
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Primary Power: Seranic Will [Soul Arts] - All Seran have a supernatural quirk that classifies them as such. This quirk is drawn directly from the soul and is typically a reflection of the individual's true self. In most Seran, this comes in the form of a power or ability.
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Kiru's, however, comes in the form of a strong will. Although most would consider it a personality trait, the strength of this resolve is what sets it apart, leaving him to never give up, even in the most hopeless of situations. If someone tries to make him do something he does not want to do (especially if it goes against his character), chances are it will not be effective unless he is coerced by certain methods (E.G. Holding hostages in turn for his cooperation).
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As consequence, sometimes he is unable to balance this powerful resolve with his own reason (the phrase "Stubborn as a goat" comes to mind...wait...). This can cause him to not easily be dissuaded by opinion and blinded by passion.
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In addition, this Will sometimes directly affects his actions. For example, in the extreme case when his immediate physical intervention is required to prevent something bad from happening that is harmful to a person, he will move as though he were an illusion or trick of the light, appearing as though in one place but actually in another.
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It would seem from that this willpower is actually only a part of Kiru's ability as a Seran and that there is more to him than simply being persistently stubborn...
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Secondary Power: Hyper-Enhanced Senses [Confluence + Soul Arts] – Several months of experimental nerve training have left Kiru's senses far beyond a Seran's (let alone a human's) natural absolute threshold for stimuli. In layman's terms, it means that he is quick to move, quick to react, and quick to improvise beyond most standards.
For example, Kiru is able to dodge high speed projectiles IF he concentrates.

This sensitivity is further heightened due to his supernatural qualities as a Seran. From this, he has a sixth sense of incoming danger. This is akin to "I sense a disturbance in the force," but usually at a split second before the event happens. It is NOT Clairvoyance. The danger/threat MUST be eminent in order for this ability to trigger.

With these enhance senses, he has been "wired" to handle the effective usage of dual melee weaponry. However, he was not trained in a set style, and he actually uses his senses to adapt to fights. From this, he has developed a unique (albeit impromptu) style of swordplay that leaves many confused and unable to find suitable counters, as it is random by nature.
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Tertiary Power:
The KEUS (Kinorite Entropic Utility System) [Confluence] – The KEUS is a type of omnitool which has a variety of functions such as storage, material synthesis, audio recording, data logging, and solitaire.

  1. Storage – Kiru can hold roughly the cumulative volume of a large backpack of items in the KEUS by turning its matter into readable data and energy. However, things which are considered alive or sentient cannot be stored, BUT food and plants can.
  2. Synthesis – Kiru can create basic materials such as cloth, water, and nourishment by taking free matter and energy and converting it into something usable by the power of the Kinorite catalyst (Note: the food is rather nasty tasting…). Complex materials cannot be synthesized. For example, recreating Uranium-238 would ironically result in everything within a sphere of a few hundred cubic feet to be obliterated.
  3. Datalogging/Audio Recording – With the right tap, the KEUS can access most computer systems as well as record and copy files and audio. NOTE: It is NOT a hacking utility and Kiru is NOT a 1337 H4xx0rZ. He can only access what security systems will allow.
  4. Solitaire – Shows an interactive holo-screen to play solitaire. Kiru doesn't play with this often; he has no idea why it's on the KEUS.
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Background: Kiru comes from the world of Teronai: a world divided between the natural and the supernatural, technology and nature, and many other ways. With the help of several others, Kiru explored the true history of the world and vowed to stop the destruction of Teronai at the hands of Auralius. Upon realizing the true secrets of Auralius, Kiru and his friends were captured. Attempting to free his friends, the agents of Auralius pushed him back through an ancient portal device, flinging him far from Teronai.

Now Kiru finds himself in Iwaku, searching for a way back home in this strange world.

Re: Character Sheet Applications

Name: Warmaster Death

Real name: Silias Ventris

Race: Space Marine (Warhammer 40,000)

Faction: Barship Command/Dystopia

Place of Residence: Dystopia


Personality: WMD's personality depends on whom he is regarding, to his freinds, he is calm collected and compassionate, tio his enemies he is relentless, stubborn and above all else implacably a foe.

to his allies (such as Ryker and Kitti) WMD is respectful, often adding the honorary prefix of 'Lord' or 'Lady' denoting hsi opinion that he is subordinate to them in terms of rank.

Drivers: WMD desires above all else to right the his failings, to make up for allowing Asmodeus and Paorou to destroy the world.

Lets begin with the Barship, an Emperor class Battleship retrofitted to not only function as a troop transport but as with recreational facilities and advanced medical facilities as well.

on WMD's person, he wears MK VIII Power Armor, with a MK VIII helmet, though he rarely wears the latter.

he always carries a bolt pistol on him (a bolt pistol is a select fire weapon that fires .85 explosive armor piercing rounds)

he also carries a close combat weapon, though this ranges from a humble chainsword/axe to a power sword WMD even has specialised and rare equipment such as a chainfist, Daemon Glaive and force nemesis sword.

Strengths: combat of any sort.
WMD can operate all 41st millenium vehuicles, though he excells at operating superheavy tanks and infantry combat.

Weaknesses: WMD is terrified of archetype, though no one knows why.
WMD will often embark on a course of action with little foreplanning, leaving himself open to manipulation.

Primary Power: Confluence: Space Marine: WMD's armor is thick and will deflect all but the most determined blows, even then his Adamantium shell ixs only known to have been periced by foes of the Calibre of Asmodeus, Coatlbara, Paorou Sama and certain ISAF psychotics.

Secondary Power: Confluence: Barship Forces: WMD commands a force of hundreds of thousands aboard the Barship, these forces rank from standard imperial guard infantry through to specialised units such as Vindicare assasins and even the Imperator Mechanicus an Emperor class titan.

the flaw of having such power at ones command is that not all of it canb be deployed at once, WMD's forces are constantly rotated when they are deployed, and since the destruction of Iwaku, the barship has only 40% of its original troop capacity left alive, 25% of that number are busy training new recruits

Tertiary Power: Reality Bending: Recruits: The Barship never seems to run out of recruits, though they are never trained, so they must first be trained before they can join WMD's Imperial Guard or Space Marine forces


Born Silias Ventris, WMD has fought for over 10,000 years, beggining hsi career in the Alpha legion, with whome he served during the Horus Heresy.

11,432 years later, WMD, who had by that point shifted Allegience to the Golden Throne Inter Forum Militia 10th Amphibious Airborne Armored Assault Group (the GTIFM10thAAAAG) with whom he served in many campaigns, even leading the 10th's expedition to Medusa V, and it was when his ship, the Ominous Drunkardous was returning from this crusade that the entrie ship was lost in the warp, emerging over Iwaku.

thus WMD came to fight for Iwaku in the 1st and second Noob Wars, in which WMD personally slew over 400,000 Gaian Noobs, WMD also served the ARC in the 3rd war for Iwaku, only leaving his mentor Asmodeus' side after that conflict when the Angel created the Ego Zombies.

during the Admin war, WMD appeared to fight for and against Asmodeus, thoughg secretly he served neither Asmodeus, Paorou or Rory, instead intending to set up a 'Moderators Council' an ruling body which he would not be a part of, but instead champion, having great and influention figures such as Transe Kitsune, Arsenal, Ryker, Katsugi, Jack Shade and Kitti to name a few as joint rulers, so that the tyranny caused by the Rory/Asmodeus/Paorou Sama Troika after the Dissapearence of Gabriel Zero would never again come to pass.

but WMD fell to Asmodeus and Paorou's combined might at the Great Lake, and rising from the shackles of death, WMD found and fought Asmodeus a second time, again dying at the hands of his once mentor.

as Iwaku was reborn, so too was WMD and the Barship Command, a group of individuals WMD relies heavily upon both to survive and to ensure that the Barship forces are commanded as efficiently as possible.

WMD's secondary new Iwaku goals (his primary mission is to ensure Iwaku's wellbeing and safety) is to ally with the ISAF once again, and to find a permenant home for his barship soldiers and a mooring for the barship.

Barship Images:


The Watcher [SoulArts] - The Barship was the only major vessel to survive the destruction of the Old Iwaku and it has likewise survived the major events of history. The Cycle seems to protect it from much of what prevails on the planet's surface. If in high orbit, the Barship will usually be ignored by any potential threat. Some PCs may even forget that it's there, the Barship becoming just a figment in their clouded memory.

Re: Character Sheet Applications

Name: Frederick Palonis

Race: A half human/undead hybrid, due to experimentation with dark magic

Faction: No faction

Place of Residence: Iwaku Mountain

Appearance: Palonis is a man of average height with black stringy hair and brown eyes, although it is hard to see either due to the dark purple hood he wears. His ninja suit (a shade of dark purple that almost seems black) is designed to allow full flexibility, so while it is tight, it has a bit of give to it. Moreover, his hood, a separate piece from the rest of his suit, is held in place by a chain in the interior of his collar, so that it doesn't ever fall fully in front of his eyes.

Over his ninja suit, Palonis wears a stylish jacket in the same hues as the rest of his outfit, on which he has attached the sheath for his katana, thus far unnamed. Though he has lost the contract on his Iron Pigeon due to lack of caring, he has compensated for it by forming a contract instead with the spirit of a pond he happened to be wandering by, an Ice Frog named Cher. Cher is like a normal frog, only a shiny light blue, and she breathes frigid air out of her mouth whenever she speaks.

Personality: Palonis believes foremost in neutrality. He supports a particular side not out of a sense of ideals, but more through a desire to see a uniform power across the board. He is highly sarcastic and fond of verbal banter, even in the middle of battles, but he tends to take things very seriously. He swears loyalty to few, only other skilled warriors who command his respect through their actions.

Drivers: Palonis's main motivation, now that he is mostly retired, is to pass on his skills to a worthy apprentice. The one he has is adequate, but what he really wants is an exceptional student who can inherit the abilities of the assassin.

Equipment: Palonis's only equipment is his trusty katana, which he has never gotten around to naming. Forged for him by Jack Shade, it has the power to amplify his ninja techniques when he focuses his Ki through it.

Strengths: Due to the powers of his ninja magic, Palonis is a skilled acrobat and sword fighter. Although personal training has made him a competent swordsman, the impossible athletic feats he can accomplish are only possible through his Ki. He is also capable of performing spells having to do with fire and darkness, albeit mostly small-sized ones.

Weaknesses: Palonis is not very strong at all. A good hit will send him flying, and while he is able to lay down lots of hits, they don't have much power behind them, comparatively speaking. His constant use of dark magic also makes him very vulnerable to anything holy or pure, and his spells all have a delay on them, making them impractical for a frenzied battle.

Primary Power: Palonis has many techniques which would fall under shadow magic, a subset of Dreamweaving. He can teleport, learn people's location, and create solid darkness.

Secondary Power: Palonis is also skilled in martial arts, the blade, and extreme athleticism. These are all Soul Arts, also amplified through focus of his Ki.

Tertiary Power: Palonis's most minor technique is the ability to form contracts with small animals to summon them when necessary. This is a Dreamweaving power, learned through study of Lycan's summoning magic.

Background: Palonis was born in a small city in Mexico, in modern-day Earth. Fascinated by the portrayal of ninjas he read in the comic books imported from America, he decided that he would fashion a new identity for himself and become Mexico's first professional ninja assassin. Stymied in the first few years by his distinct lack of Asian parentage and knowledge of what exactly a ninja was, he nonetheless remained resolute, hoping one day to find the key to unlock his own ninja powers.

The answer came during a Boy Scout campout. Palonis, always the adventuring tyke, went off by himself and discovered a hidden cave hidden in a hidden valley. Looking inside, he discovered a treasure trove of priceless artifacts and books, most of which had nothing to do with ninjas, so he broke them all except one which lay at the bottom of the pile. This was the thing he had been waiting for all of his life: a copy of the ancient manuscript, "Ninjitsu for Dummies."

For the rest of his life, Palonis followed the lessons in that book, eventually moving from his home country and using a hood to convince everyone that he was actually Asian. Over the years, he would become a great warrior, and begin to see the problems that a man with his talents could fix. It was like being a superhero while simultaneously being allowed to kill people. Soon, coming to the land of Iwaku, he became a hidden force, a great equalizer who did his best to keep balance in the world.


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