Iwaku World - (Mythos) Preserving History

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This will be part of the MYTHOS as it is related to the current plot arcs! Taking 5-6 characters to participate in this subplot.

Since the arrival of Diana's space station, people are finding it harder and harder to remember their past. The past of Iwaku is starting to slip away, like it never existed. This subplot begins with characters trying to recover important artifacts and books that record Iwaku's history and running to (or rebuilding) History Ilse. Where they will attempt to keep history preserved.

Characters can be aware that "something isn't right" either by having something missing from their own memories, or noticing it slipping from others. OR characters can get involved in this quest by accident!

We want people to get some playtime in, so if you haven't posted a reply in 2weeks, other characters can move on without you! 30days missing and we'll put out your char to let someone else play in the spot.

I'll be playing the character called Badriya Bleu. >:D She is a refugee from the dead Moonwings, who fears Iwaku might be heading for the same fate.

So, so, so who wants to participate in this subplotty?
I'm in. All about preserving some history over here. That, and the rest of Iwaku World seems big and scary.
Let's see.

Chaos used to be BASED on that island.
He can't remember shit about his past.
He's trying to find a way to get his powers back.

Count Chaos in.
If the Order of Luna Ashe isn't doing too much, I guess I can tweak my current two(treat 'em pretty much as one) to go with this plot. And if I fall behind, writing me out will be really easy, given what I have in mind.
Wonderful! >:D I'm gonna end up being a bit busy with this move for the next month, so maybe Chaos can help me run this thread a bit. >:D I wanna start this one after the Luna Ashe Founding thread is over, so Chaos is free to get involved in the quest.
I'm just checking in. Any details yet?
I've been too busy to get anything roleplay-ie done. >< But I figure the thread would start off with Badriya leaving Iwaku Castle cause she doesn't like the plans of Luna Ashe...

But how to get her involved with people that are concerned about losing Iwaku History?
I wanna join in, the only question is how Soulless can get there. He can't just walk...
Some form of group transport would be nice. My char would also have a hard time getting there on his own.

Ramses and Badriya could meet up and start talking about Moonwings stuff, and the others could be worked in from there.
Ok, if it's about history, then my character is perfect, since he himself hails from History Isle and is very much involved with the preservation of History. In addition, I am currently with Soulless and have a hovercraft that I can use for transport. So all our problems are solved! :D
That's easy, Miru's going to be all sympathetic when he sees you in the corner, mourning. ^^
So that means most of the Crimson Cadre people are going to be moving on in to this thread? o___o
Now I feel all hurt, Chaos. =x
*Cough cough Miru's only there because he happened to get warped in around their base cough cough*
*Cough cough He only knows what he's been told by Tain cough cough cough cough*
The most interesting kind of enemies are the ones you know the closest.... If we truly are in opposite factions, then the relationships we build during this will only add fuel to the fire ^^
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