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"Pratus! What in the Emperor's Name Just Happened"
"It Seems our warp Drives have been burnt out Inquisitor"

The Barship's sensors showed two small Destroyer Class escort vessels drop into real space above Iwaku, both trailing smoke from their burnt out warp drives.

"Tell me this is the right system" The Inquisitor demanded
"It is, that's the wreckage of the Purgation near the palnet's sun, he has to be here" a response came from one of the helmsman
"Good, he has to be down there somewhere, Pratus! Assemble everyone in the briefing room, he's on that planet somewhere and I want him found. No Grey Knight Deserts his post, and I intend to keep it that way."

In the Briefing room sat a myriad of different characters, A couple of shocktrooper Sergeants, in addition to a Grey Knight Justicar, the Archmagos himself Pratus, and an assassin known only as 'Mori' sat around the oaken table as the Inquisitor Entered, he was dressed in his standard militaristic uniform and cloak before he took his place at the head of the table "I'm not going to Lie to any of you, In nearly three centuries of service to the god emperor I've never seen anything like what we're up against here, and in ten thousand years no Grey Knight has ever gone renegade, until now" He paused a moment and let the weight of his words sink in to those present. What he said was true, No Grey Knight had ever gone renegade from the order in it's entire history until Karsikan. "We have no idea how long he's been here, or how many allies he has. So from here on in we must be careful, preliminary reports are still coming in but it appears that this planet is civilized with most of it's intelligent life living on a single large island. That will be where we begin our search"

"Inquisitor, what if The Grandmaster was not corrupted by chaos and still holds true to The Emperor?" The Justicar asked. "Then tell me Kalthanos, why would he abandon his post, why would he desert his brothers and abandon his duty to the emperor if he was not?" The Inquisitor responded, and undetectable sliver of nervousness on his voice

The Justicar, Kalthanos, Seemed dejected "Why Indeed?"

Somewhere within the Inquisitor's Quarters a Daemon Stirred.
In a field of corpses, blasted and shattered, inhuman bones crawling with flesh beetles and flies, scavengers al every description feasted off the noobs that lay broken around the craters where destruction was brought from orbit by the battlestation that ended the war. And sowed the seeds for further bloodshed in the endless cycle of war leading to war.

Bare skeletons cracked underfoot as a weary alien, lost and friendless turned to the only company he had. The echoing voice in his head. He had followed its lead trudging over the corpses it came across the broken form remains of a stone titan, the spiders. Falling to he knees he raised his arms to the skies and the vultures above.

“Look I have found it.” His alien features shone with glee matching the freshly renewed eight-spoked wheel on his chest and stomach. A have of pleasure washed through him as he felt the voice stir within him.

”Well done, you will have your reward soon now the crystal.”

Vay leapt to his feet and scrambled to the spider over its shattered form finding the crystal once used to summon the invaders, it was not suitable to penetrate the warp but many pieces of the shattered mirror swirled unseen in the eddy created in the fabric of reality by its destruction.

The deamon couldn’t help but chuckle, the lynchpin on it’s plan, now all it needed was to get its form onto the world it wished to see burn.

Vay’s body pulsed with power, raw energy of the warp tearing through into his mind and the deamon, no longer content to watch and instruct now moved to possess. His body rose up skin bubbling unable to contain the power coursing though it. Then his form exploded outwards his shape changing and growing to inhuman proportions.

The Deamon prince raised its head and bellowed its presence to the heavens before peering down at the crystal, reaching out a hand to feel the energy of the mirror. Once he had a feel for them he could call more to him, and then when they break the fabric of reality he could direct the break to the eye of terror. He has an agreement to fulfill.
Within his temple, in the center of Iwaku City yet far far beyond the prying eyes of it's citizens, The Prophet raved to his congregation. over three dozen had assembled there to hear him preach, though anyone sane and strong wiled enough to resist would call it a mad rant, today however was different. Their prophet had had a vision and called the entire cult in, Today their work began, Iwaku was ready to fall, and the Power of Chaos undivided would rise. The Prophet spoke of Seas of bile, Walking trees, Mountains made of flesh, and an entire landscape made of hate made substance. For many hours he preached of the glory they would receive of chaos, and each member knew what he or she had to do. at an unspoken signal they left to begin their subversion and murder, in the following weeks people had disappeared, strange illnesses had broken out amongst the population, men and women were kidnapped to serve as some sick pleasure toy before they expired, and other cultists through blackmail and sabotage rose to the upper echelons of Iwakuan society, all for the glory of Chaos.

Iwaku was standing on a razor's edge, the slightest push was all that it would need to fall.


The prophet's body went limp as his sermon came to an end. Chains clinked and drummed softly against the wooden throne he was bound to as twin rivers of blood ran from the corners of his empty eye sockets. His left hand lay loosely on a tome that pulsed with unholy energies while his right clung to an eight pointed wheel so tightly all of the points dug beneath his skin. He head fell to the side as two attendants in dark red robes bearing the same eight pointed wheel moves to his side unfastening the chains and helping him to his feet. But once free he waved them away and as he bent frame rose, robes flowing around his thin body as his feet left the floor.

The entire congregation bowed including the attendants on the dais bowed to the floating prophet as his face gazed eyelessly out over his flock a smile coming to his withered lips. He turned his hand over gazing to where the talisman had been where instead the same symbol was burned into his flesh, a yellow eye at it's center slowly opening and looking at the gathered members.

He held up this omen for all to see and joyous whispered spread throughout the temple. The gods watched.

One of the attendants closed the book and bound it in chains while the other saw to their master. The prophet was noticeably drained but radiated an unseen power none could explain even now. He sunk to the floor and with help walked from the dais, the robes figures one by one making standing and making their way from the temple in silent precession.